- A -

Allow to configure encryption options while creating a new disk

- B -


Change Password




- C -

Change Disk Encryption Settings

Change Disk Password

Connect an Encrypted Disk

Connect Encrypted Disk options

Connect the disk as write protected

Drive letter

Emulate fixed disk


Open drive after connect


Show only available drive letters

Contact Information

Control Panel


- D -

Delete an Encrypted Disk

Dialog boxes

Connect Encrypted Disk

Encrypted Disk Password

Resize Encrypted Disk

Disconnect a Connected Encrypted Disk

Disconnect Options

Disconnection options

Automatically disconnect cases:

Computer lock

Disconnect all disks shortcut key

Disconnect shortcut key


Screen saver running

Use computer default automatically disconnect settings

Use force-disconnect for automatically disconnect the disk

Disk Properties panel

Disk Properties tabs




- E -

Encrypted Disk options

Automatically connect this disk after creation

Drive letter

Emulate fixed disk

Encrypt empty space of the disk while creating

File system

Show only available drive letter

Encryption Options

- G -

General Encrypted Disk Information options

Container location

Container name

Disk size

General options

Connect this disk as write protected

Drive letter

Emulate fixed disk

Run R-Crypto management panel at system startup

Run R-Disk Encryption at system startup

Show 'Create New' shortcut item

Show 'Disconnect Disk' shortcut item

Show 'Disk Properties' shortcut item

Show icon in system tray

Show icons in shortcut menu

Show notifications in system tray

Show welcome and completion pages in wizards

Store and show recent encrypted disks list

Use R-Crypto icon for connected encrypted disks

Used cascaded shortcut menu items

Windows Shell integration

- I -

Introduction to R-Crypto

- M -

Managing Encrypted Disks


New encrypted disk...

The encrypted disk ... is sucessfully re-encrypted

The password is successfully changed

- N -

New Encrypted Disk Creation Wizard

Completing the New Encrypted Disk Creation Wizard

Encrypted Disk Options

Encrypted Disk Password

Encryption Settings

General Encrypted Disk Information

Welcome to the Encrypted Disk Creation Wizard

- P -

Protecting Your Data Using R-Disk Encryption

- R -

R-Crypto Features

R-Crypto file container

R-Crypto Limitations

R-Crypto Management Panel

R-Disk Encryption Settings

R-Disk Encryption Settings panel

R-Disk Encryption Settings tabs




Re-Encryp Disk Wizard

Completing the Re-Encrypt Disk Wizard panel

Encrypted Disk Password panel

Encryption Settings panel

Welcome to the Re-Encrypt Disk Wizard panel

Remove an Encrypted Disk from Recent Encryted Disks

- S -

Security Issues

Shortcut menu


Connect Disk

Create New Disk


Disconnect All Disks

Disconnect Disk

Remove from Recent List


- T -



Technical Support

trial mode

trial period

Trial Version Limitations