You may perform most actions from R-Crypto Management Panel. Click the region to learn its functions.

Create new encrypted diskThe New Encrypted Disk Creation Wizard will guide you through the process of encrypted disk creationConnect encrypted diskConnect encrypted diskDisconnect all currently connected encrypted disksDisconnect all currently connected encrypted disksClose R-Crypto management panelManage R-Crypto settingsManage R-Crypto settingsDisconnect all currently connected encrypted disk and exitClear recent encrypted disk listManage auto-connected disks list

You may activate R-Crypto Management Panel:

By double-clicking the R-Crypto system tray icon;
By right-clicking the R-Crypto system tray icon and selecting R-Crypto Panel on the shortcut menu;
From the Start menu by clicking R-Crypto in the R-Crypto menu group.

You may configure R-Crypto to automatically activate R-Crypto Management Panel at each computer startup. Select Run R-Crypto Management Panel at system startup option on the General tab of the R-Crypto Settings panel.





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