You can become a reseller of R-TT products without registering. Resellers can purchase R-TT software at a discount and deliver it to their own customers or end users. Your first reseller order will be discounted 20 percent. Subsequent resale orders will be discounted by 30 percent. High volume resellers can receive even deeper discounts.

To become a reseller, simply place your first order using the form below:

  • Reseller's name and contact information;
  • Product and quantity;
  • CC number;
  • CC Verification Code (the three rightmost digits printed on the back side of your credit card);
  • CC expiration date;
  • Billing address for CC:
  • End User name;
  • End User e-mail for registration key generation;
  • Reseller e-mail for shipping;
  • Cardholder signature.

We accept VISA, AMEX, Master Card and PayPal.

Please fax your order form to us at 1-888-9-RTTCOM (1-888-978-8266) ext. 4 or attach it to an e-mail as an image and send it to Your first order will be processed manually. After completing your first order, we will provide you with an online reseller's account that allows you to quickly and easily place reseller orders. Simply login using your account credentials and the reseller discount will be applied to your order instantly, allowing you to quickly and easily fulfill orders for your customers.

Once your order is processed, we will generate a registration key for the end user and deliver it to you (the reseller) via email. You will be responsible for delivering the registration information to the end user.

Currently, all of our products are only available via download. Upon purchase, downloadable products can be downloaded immediately. Downloadable packages include software setup file, electronic documentation and license only. No packaging, physical installation media (CDs or DVDs) or printed documentation is provided.

Note: For your first reseller order, you will have to calculate the discount manually. To do so, simply deduct 20 percent from the retail price listed on our website. You can also apply the reseller discount to our volume licensing products. Enter the products you'd like to purchase at volume licensing page and then deduct the 20 percent reseller discount prior to faxing your first order. Only one volume licensing discount can be applied per end user. For different end users, orders must be processed and invoiced separately and cannot be combined.

Individuals are also welcome to participate in our affiliate program.

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