The R-Tools Technology Affiliate Program generates many of the sales for our top products, which is why we've designed it for quick account setup, easy deployment, and intuitive sales reporting. It offers you the following benefits:

  • Free and quick setup.
  • 25-30% commission for each sale of our software.
  • 24/7 access to your affiliate account and statistics of your referrals activity.
  • Flexible payment method:
    • Issue a credit to your PayPal account.*
    • Send you a cheque in U.S. Dollars.**

    * for commission totaling 20 USD and more.
    ** for commission totaling 50 USD and more.

With our Affiliate Program, our goal is to give you the tools you need to generate sales and analyze the performance of your web pages. We've designed the program to be as intuitive as possible while taking the necessary measures to protect our affiliates from fraud and abuse. If you have any questions on setting up or operating your affiliate account, please do not hesitate to contact us.

At these tabs below, we'll walk you through the process for getting your new or existing web page up and running with commission-earning affiliate links for our best-selling products.

Affiliate Account Setup

1. Read and accept the Affiliate Program Agreement. It's a good idea to completely understand what you are signing up for. Then, click the "I accept the agreement terms and conditions" button on its tab.

2. Enter the registration information in the application form.

Application form

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Please note that we do not accept sites that contain/promote pornography, gambling, discrimination or otherwise illegal activities. Moreover, your existing affiliate account may be suspended or even terminated for such inappropriate content, and for the following:

  • Violation of the Affiliate Program Agreement.
  • Inappropriate advertisements (false claims, misleading hyperlinks).
  • Spamming (mass email, mass newsgroup posting, etc.)

3. Click Submit.

4. After we've processed your application, we'll send you an email confirmation letting you know that we've accepted your registration. Your confirmation email will include your username and password. It usually takes us about 2 to 5 business days to send your confirmation email, but occasionally it may take longer.

5. When you receive the confirmation email, log in to your new account. click Account Information and verify the information that you entered. If you notice any mistakes, go ahead and correct it using the "Change to" field.

Account information

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If everything is correct, you can start creating web pages with affiliate links. You can also add your affiliate links to an existing approved site.

Affiliate Program Statistics

For each of our affiliates, we provide a set of powerful statistics and reporting tools. This is one of the strongest parts of our Affiliate Programs; many of our affiliates effectively use these versatile tools to maximize the performance of their affiliate links and generate more revenue. To view your statistics, go to the Statistics page. The metrics are updated daily.

The Statistics page

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The form along the top of the Statistics page shows you the reporting interval for the data below. You can specify a From and To date, or you can choose from one of the frequently used intervals (Last year, Last month, Last week, Last 2 days, Last day).

Each Link ID is listed separately in the URL ID column. The Link ID is the unique three digit number (000 to 999) you've assigned when building your link. The engagement of each visitor is tracked separately according to the Link ID. You can see how many unique visitors clicked the link (hits), how many pages the visitors viewed, and how many sales and downloads each link generated.

This reporting lets you see which links are performing the best.

In the example screenshot, you can see that Link ID 014 is generating more income overall than the other links. However, Link ID 011 is producing the most income per hit. That is, Link ID 014 generates more traffic and revenue, but Link ID 011 has a higher conversion rate.

By using unique Link IDs on each page, you can analyze your performance in order to hone and develop your content strategy. Experiment with various link types and link locations to achieve the best results.

Receiving Money from R-TT

The Sales Report page shows the overall financial results of your affiliate program. The Sales Report provides statistics on Sales, Refunds, and Chargebacks for the whole period or for a specific date range.

A Sale is registered when one of the visitors you refer purchases a product. We take quantity of sales for each product and multiply it by the sales price for each product to get your total Sales USD.

A Refund is when R-TT issues a refund of the purchase price. Our refund policy is published at . Refunds are deducted from your total Sales USD.

Likewise, a Chargeback is when a cardholder disputes the charge with his credit card issuer and reverses the transaction. This is equivalent to a refund, and will also be deducted from your total Sales USD.

The final number we calculate is your total Sales USD, less your Refunds USD, and less your Chargebacks USD.

The sales data is broken by product. The total sales for a reporting period are generated by totaling the Sales USD and deducting the Refunds USD and Chargebacks USD.

Affiliate Program Sales Report

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The Account balance report shows the calculations for determining the amount due to you at the beginning of each month. As you can see from the example below, the Related Sales (USD) number comes from the Total USD calculation in your Sales Report. This is multiplied by your Current Affiliate Rate to determine your Calculated Fee.

Affiliate Program Account Balance

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The due account balance is paid by R-TT automatically at the beginning of each month.


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