R-TT Feedback

Assuming 5 is the best rating. New R-Wipe&Clean is fabulous. The new interface is very robust, easy to navigate, and a pleasure to use. Great job R-Tools!
Nov 20 2018, Sam Maggio
Hi, Just wanted to drop a note to say that your software worked perfectly. I accidentally deleted around 400GB of sensitive data, and for some reason my Windows didn`t have a system restore point set. After a little panicking, I searched around and found your software being the top recommendation. And it worked exactly as advertised: I got all my data back in perfect shape! Thank you!
Sep 18 2018, Dustin Kraus
Works like a charm even on 110 GB files.
Aug 23 2018, Jure
Отлично!!! R-Undelete помогла мне восстановить нужные файлы. Очень проста и понятна в использовании.Спасибо!
Aug 05 2018, Людмила
I do not understand whaetver the fucking magic that was, but your software was the only one that managed to recover my file and has done it in like 5 minutes. I am really sorry I cannot afford myself to purchase your product, so all I can give is my sincere gratitude. Thank You.
Jul 24 2018, German
Thank you very much for R-Studio for Linux.
Please pay attention to new Linux package manager `Snappy` => https://snapcraft.io/
Good luck!
May 18 2018, MaximPe
Добрый день!
Выражаю огромную благодарность за помощь!
Прочитав статью `Восстановление Фото с Карт Памяти Цифровых Камер`, я смогла с помощью программы `R-Undelete` восстановить фотографии, удалённые с карты памяти фотоаппарата.
До этого были перепробованы другие различные 5 программ, но они не смогли полностью восстановить удалённые файлы.
Только ваша программа справилась с данной задачей!
May 11 2018, Наиля
Best money I`ve ever spent. Quadruple failures left me with 2-of-4 disks from a toasted ReadyNAS RAID4 and a parity drive from 6 months before the failures. Netgear service gave up, but R-Studio autodetected everything in usb-SATA docks and recovered years of photos I thought were lost. Excellent product.
Apr 17 2018, Matthew Hayden
Hi Respected Sir/Madam

I`m very much glad to give feedback on your R-Studio Data Recovery Software. I lost my whole partition over 700 GBs yesterday and it was a shock for me, it happened during the Dell Backup and Recovery PC Reset to Factory Stat. Then I tried my luck with R-Studio Data Recovery and I wasn`t beleiving that I got all my data back all of it, I must say its 100% recovery, because every file or folder i checked it showed its content as exact it was before even the videos (some movies, songs and my lecture videos etc). Thanks to you guys you made my day. God bless you the whole team. Thank you once again for this great great great software. Thanks!

Muhammad Asif (From PAKISTAN)
Mar 08 2018, Muhammad Asif (I`m Just a Student)
tried many backup products all failed and crashed. this backup made it easy and trouble free highly recomend it for simple easy use
Mar 01 2018, colin (NA)
Saved ALL of the files of a damaged SD card after the computer continuously showing `Do you want to format it?`.
BEST free-of-cost software that offers full data recovery.
Totally recommended.
Keep up the good work!!!
Feb 17 2018, Zahra (N/A)
Great programm, great service, TOP !A+++
Feb 15 2018, Van Den Bosch Jan (Silvester)
Огромное человеческое спасибо за бесплатный доступ и наличие демонстрационной версии R-STUDIO! С её помощью мне удалось восстановить очень ценные данные с флеш диска, который операционная система предлагала только отформатировать). Вы спасли меня от неминуемого позора!
Feb 08 2018, Наталья
Я люблю R-Studio. Было 29 Gb важной информации. Восстановил все (со структурой папок). Люблю, люблю, люблю! Огромное спасибо программистам, создавшим данную программу!
Feb 02 2018, Анна (https://vk.com/panipri)
Замечательно! Прекрасная программа и отличные толковые комментарии. Даже я справилась!
Jan 04 2018, Оксана (частное лицо)
The CRAP-TEN-REVIEWS website has only ONE USE, best I can tell. That is, to discover Other `potential s/w products`, similar to the one we`re interested in.

I performed a lot of data recovery bench work. The CRAP s/w recommended as a `supposed #1 thru #4` by toptenreviews RARELY ever performed, let alone RECOVER any data.
I knew all along it was just AFFILIATE PROFITS that toptenreviews was ONLY CONCERNED WITH! The CRAPPIEST S/W paid the highest affiliate payouts, PERIOD ! So they listed it as the best-to-buy. Toptereviews should have been shut down for FRAUD years ago.
Granted, their list of top ten placements continually changes. But I learned to NEVER buy any s/w, simply because THEY SAID it was a top 1 thru 5 rating.
Nov 24 2017, frank (consultant)
thank you so much for providing access to data recover RUDELETE SOFTWARE IT HELPED ME A LOT in recovering my media
Oct 23 2017, madhav (no name)
São muitos anos de parceria! Agraço por vocês existirem. Recuperei muitos arquivos de clientes.
Continuem assim!
Sep 08 2017, Petronio Alvares
While currently evaluatin R-Studio for Linux i`m quite impressed with how thorough it is.

Regrettably it`s not possible to simply restore the accidently zapped partitions ?

An installer wiped my boot drive without asking and erased LVM and other partitions.
Aug 17 2017, Joris Lambrecht
Hi, we own r-drive image.
Clonning a hard disk feature works great. but is it possible to schecule the clone option? will be great improvement and ease and fast option to restore a computer.
Спасибо за программы!Восстановила фото и видео с отформатированной карты памяти фотоаппарата. Всем пользователям гаджетов рекомендую этот сайт!
Jul 31 2017, Аграфена
Just amazing. I tried several (paid) products but was in vain trying to recover my drive that was accidentally formatted.

Your R-Undelete did what many others could not do. Thanks for saving my day!
Jul 17 2017, Edwin
We have been using R-Studio a few years now, and have now updated our processes to use R-Studio as the most trusted first try recovery software. Quality recovery software!
Jun 22 2017, Alwin Daams (DDRecovery)
Скачала R-Undelete для восстановления фото. Очень удобна в использовании, на русском языке. На сайте очень подробное описание ее установки и пользование. Большое спасибо за мои спасенные фотографии!!! Рекомендую.
Jun 13 2017, Nina
`I`ve been utilizing the R-STUDIO equipment for more than 2 months now and have observed it to be the best data recovery software for NTFS, NTFS5, ReFS, FAT12/16/32, exFAT, HFS/HFS+ (Macintosh), Little and Big Endian variants of UFS1/UFS2 (FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/Solaris) and Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 FS (Linux).
Dustin DeTorres
Data Recovery Specialist
CBL Data Recovery Technologies
May 31 2017, Dustin DeTorres (CBL Data Recovery Technologies)
Thanks so much R-TT Inc. for the tools. Our Company uses your tools for the last 4 years. Since then, we are growing in a consistence basis. Keep up the good work.
Greg Gill
Brisbane Data Recovery
May 15 2017, Greg Gill (Brisbane Data Recovery)
I have a legacy 2TB hard drive that had the file table wiped when I connected it to a new motherboard raid controller.
R-Studio recovered all of my files on the hard drive, and the software was easy to use.
May 08 2017, Gregory (Hatch)
I downloaded my most recent files from the camera SSD drive and having copied them to two places on the PC, deleted all the files on the card. It was only after starting to review the pics that I discovered that the download had been interrupted and several files were missing. After trawling the net I found a free programme called R-Undelete which quickly and easily recovered not only the most recent files but many others going back several months. I normally download using USB but I used a card reader for this.

I am very grateful to rtt for this very effective tool
May 05 2017, Clif Malcolm (Home User)
I used R-Linux to recovery my company files after a RAID 1 failure. Not only did it work great in windows 10 but it was free. You guys are awesome!!! A+++++++++++++ I hope I never need your software again:)
Apr 19 2017, Mitch Maxwell (SmileDog Embroidery & Screen Printing)
I`ve just about used them all. I recently ditched Acronis. Most have failed me when I needed them to work. Only R-Drive Image has been consistently dependable.
Apr 10 2017, Leon Kunstenaar
I used R-Undelete today to reclaim 3 files that I accidentally deleted. I had previously used a few other similar utiliities and none of them did the excellent job done by R-Undelete. Thank You!
Mar 29 2017, Bruce Allen (na)
R-Linux 5.4 восстановил данные c переразбитого и переформатированного два раза раздела, после переустановки ОС дважды! Лучший софт!
Feb 24 2017, Вячеслав (Vista)
Добрый день! Использовал вашу программу для восстановления данных на флэшке! Все данные восстановлены, спасибо огромное!
С уважением, Мурад.
Feb 18 2017, Мурад
Thank you so much!!!!

I am so glad that the pictures of my family are saved. What a great relief!
Oct 31 2016, Mike
I just wanted to say how delighted I am with your data recovery suite. Firstly, I am not an IT professional and yet found R-Studio easy to understand and use.
I had an unreadable *nix HDD that contained my only backup of data that spanned 25 years (Stories, songs, messages, financial information and the list goes on). R-Studio recovered about 22,000 files successfully and was only unable to recover 4 files. To say I was relieved and overjoyed is an understatement. I used the free trial and that gave me confidence to purchase the full version. This suite recovered my files at a tiny fraction of what it would have cost (in the thousands) through a quality service. And I didn`t have to send my precious media across the country. THANK YOU R-TOOLS!
Oct 28 2016, Derek Finch
Огромное СПАСИБО за R-Studio!!! Я вся уревелась, месяц назад не заметила как папку с фотками и видео удалила. Тут опомнилась - нет ничего. А там за полгода фотки моей маленькой дочки. На компе ничего не нашло сканирование, а на карте памяти к фотоаппарату нашлось всё, хотя форматировала карту памяти 3 месяца назад. Как я счастлива! СПАСИБО!!!
Oct 26 2016, Наталия
I Have been using R-Drive for more than eight years. I had my file server wiped out two times in the past 2 weeks due to ZEPTO virus. (Both came from an email attachment). I do an R-drive full image backup each night. Both images rebuilt the hard drive perfectly. I have rebuilt several times over the years but I was in a real situation here and R-drive saved the day.
Sep 29 2016, Bill F (J B Esker & Sons Inc)
When you have TBs worth of data lying around in multiple HDDs, at some point you`re going to make a mistake. Thankfully R-Studio helped me reversed that mistake.
It`s straightforward, powerful, and alot easier to work with then most recovery solutions. Just disappointed that I never had this earlier.
Sep 15 2016, Barnabas
Quero agradecer a equipe pois o R-Linux, resolveu o problema aqui com louvor 100%, parabéns a equipe.
Aug 31 2016, Dalven dos Santos Pinto Junior (Sema)
Consiglio vivamente, R Studio Mac è un programma eccezionale, grazie ad esso sono riuscito a ricostruire un Raid 0 (striped) e ho recuperato 4 TB di files che credevo persi. Avevo provato anche con altri SW ma senza risultato!! Grazie
Jun 27 2016, Max Tatti
I deleted some files by accident on my camera. Your program worked perfectly and quickly to recover those 5 important pictures for me from my memory card. Thank you so much!
Jun 12 2016, Carolien Mermans
Thank you (again) for a most excellent software. I purchased my copy in 2011! Yesterday (May 2016), working late at night I deleted all my wife`s photo`s in her collection by an incorrect operation. After trying more recent `solutions` found on the internet that completely failed, I remembered about R-Studio. After installation, the product perfectly recovered the photos. Every single one of them! This is now the second time R-Studio saves the day and for that I am thankful. I can only imagine what the newest version is capable of recovering. Alejandro
May 22 2016, Alejandro Ojeda-Nonzioli
Lost all foto`s and movies of last months from my Samsung phone SD card(exFAT). `My Files` removes dir`s instead of merging.... Your tool recovered most of what was lost ; ))
If you guys add a donate button for home edition I will donate 20$
May 17 2016, Tijn Gommans
Приятно было увидеть восстановленные материалы!Спасибо! RESPECT !
May 10 2016, Владимир
You people are FANTASTIC. Twice, now, your software has saved the day and recovered `unrecoverable` files...on the first occasion,irreplaceable files (photos shot while I was overseas).On that occasion, a computer dealer and the hard drive manufacturer advised me there was `no hope` of getting the files back...RStudio was a desperate last-ditch effort that has well-and-truly paid off.
Apr 18 2016, Rob Neil (Pacific Wings (when I purchased the software))
Made the classic mistake of working too hard with too little sleep. Working on my own stuff so I didn`t take the precautions I should have.

Needless to say a RAID0 set created using Apple`s Disk Utility was broken and formatted as a new RAID0. I immediately recognized my mistake and shut down the server.

After some web surfing and saki I found R-Studio.

After the other utilities I normally use failed, R-Studio was able to create an image of the broken (and reformatted) RAID disks.

The entire volume was recovered, hierarchy intact. What a beautiful gift. Especially at the price. How generous, thanks!
Mar 25 2016, Ryan (Organisum)
I just used your free R-Linux program to recover some videos from a 2-Tb WD MyBook Live hard drive. I was able to save them to my Windows XP drive. Other data recovery software was not able to even read the MBL data partition. Your program was very easy to use and worked without any problems. I appreciate your fine work. Thank you.
Mar 06 2016, R Ofstun
спасибо огромное. отличное программа все файлы из карта памяти восстановились..спасибо разработчикам..
Feb 10 2016, Тимур
Безмерно благодарна разработчикам программы по восстановлению файлов. Слава Богу, что есть такие одаренные люди! Нам удалось восстановить видео бесценных детских моментов!
Jan 31 2016, Наталия
As Yogi Bare might have said; `R-Drive is something you don`t need until you need it!`
Yep after using it for msny years now I finally met a totally system meltdown. But 1 new HHD and my R-Drive CD plus archive - we were back`n running in no time. Thanks
Jan 30 2016, Robert F Jarvis
The only thing missing from this product is the ability to convert/mount the image to a bootable image. Meaning I could clone a physical machine, every few hours or so, and boot from the RDR file to verify backups. This would allow easier P to V migrations if I could effectively convert the .rdr file to a qcow2 file. For the developer version, it would be worth every penny because as an imaging (differential, full, incremental) it`s a fantastic product as is....
Jan 02 2016, Scott Z.
very interesting function; trying to create a hidden partition where Windows operating system backups .. do something so windows can see that partition but if rdrive. no virus would save future problems with encryption.
БЛАГОДАРНОСТЬ!!!Всей команде кто работал над продуктом R-Driver image версия 6.0.Конечно скорость копирования меньше чем у Acronis true image,но у вас сжатие лучше.У меня 2 раздела на 1ом сама система на 2ом информация.Так вот с Acronis все влезает только на usb объемом в 16Гбт,а с вашем продуктом все уместилось на 7Гбт.ОДНИМ СЛОВОМ М О Л О Д Ц Ы!!!Добавите скорости и цены продукту НЕ БУДЕТ.
Dec 14 2015, Moryk (домашнее пользование)
Не знаю куда написать предложения, поэтому пишу сюда:
1) Возможность упорядочить файлы по типу в папке
2) Безопасно удалить найденный удалёный файл(безвозвратное удаление, типа `случайные данные`,

`Питер Гуман`...).
3) Функция `скопировать название файла`
4) Кнопка `вернуться в предыдущую папку`
5) Возможность скопировать только текст из txt-файла
6)Настройка отображения размеров файлов(измерять битами очень неудобно, я хочу хотя бы

- Или можно что бы при определённом размере файла, отображался определённый размер, например:

Video.mp4 - 25,4 гигабайт// photo.png - 1,2 мегабайт// photo.jpg - 240 килобайт и так далее

(Ведь чем меньше цифр, тем удобнее!).
7) И ещё раздражает постоянное предложение открыть файл в шестнадцатеричном виде, даже после

того как я ставлю галочку в `непоказывать далее`. Зачем вообще это сделано? Я и так могу

открыть файл в каком захочу виде и без подсказок, мне не нужен этот режим...
8) Ещё хотелось бы функцию `Показать превью`, что бы у каждого файла показывалась иконка с

миниатюрным изображением. Например, я вижу список из файлов фото или видео, нажму `Показать

превью в выбранных папках` и там они появляются =) (Кстати, я знаю что есть возможность

предпросмотра списка файлов в архиве, ну по крайней мере в zip-архиве)
Dec 11 2015, Макс
Wow! Your product absolutely saved me! I was sure that I`d lost several hundred documents (and hundreds of hours of work), but after the recovery process completed, there they were.

Thanks so much--you have a great product!
Nov 03 2015, Joseph Kusnick (Joseph Kusnick)
5+ Я мог восстановить RAID-5 20TB для мака. Это пожалуй лучшее решение по восстановлению RAID массива. Всем рекомендую.
5+ I was able to repair my RAID-5 for Mac volume to 20 TB - it`s the best solution. I would recommend.
Oct 30 2015, George
After trying three different file recovery programs, I found yours and installed. Not only did it find the files I had accidentally deleted, it also recovered them in a usable format
Oct 29 2015, Sandra Chung
R Drive image is excellent backup and recovery solution and mass deployment platform which boots and deploys operating systems with in the very less time than any other solutions now available in market today.
I would like the developers to implement centralized management platform, PXE Boot and Hardware Independent Restore in R-Drive Image next release, Please ...

I have been using it from 3.5 years. It`s very greatest program in the universe to say ...

Thanks developers, please consider my suggestion ....
Oct 07 2015, Afsar (Excel IT)
After several attempts to recover data from a NAS drive which had failed to mount, I was doubtful that I would be able to recover my data without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. A fellow computer forum subscriber suggested R-Studio. It seemed too good to be true as they were suggesting I could install it on a Windows 7 machine and recover data from a dying *nix drive that was giving a RAID error when trying a file system check. I the demo of R-Studio and decided to do a full bit by bit image which took about 14+ hours (1Tb drive). I then saw my file structure that I feared might never be seen again. I selected the folders I needed (after registering) for recovery. Despite some warnings, every file I looked at could be opened and was complete. I cannot say how relieved I was to see my precious data recovered. Among other things, I had 25 years of writing on that drive. R-Studio is amazing! It is intuitive, has a clean UI and very comprehensive. Support was also excellent with answers to questions coming late at night and on a holiday weekend. This is also unheard of. I am impressed with their software and support AND I have all my data recovered. To say I am a satisfied customer is an understatement. Thanks guys!
Oct 05 2015, Derek Finch
Прога ,`бомба`, впервые вышло так что при переносе файлов с диска C на диск D не все файлы сохранились, благо что до этого я их копировал на внешний носитель и соответственно удалил за ненадобностью , прога всё нашла и восстановила без всяких `бубнов с танцами`, респект и уважуша.
Sep 25 2015, Дмитрий (PCbackup)
Wow.. what can I say. I don`t usually leave feedback or reviews only in exceptional case where I`m compelled to.

I`m a photographer and upgraded my OS which somehow wiped my secondary HDD containing years of photos, personal documents and encrypted (TC) container files. I went through countless other recovery software (even paid!) and only managed to recover the photos but in a renamed format, needing me to rename thousands of files and still unsuccessful which the other lost documents.

I didn`t give up hope and came across R-Studio. It was more cost effective than the others and restored ALL my files including proper file names and folder structure too!!
Thank you soon much! - keep up the good work, this is no doubt the best software I have ever used

forever grateful.
Sep 24 2015, Dat
I did last night a Oh my goooood Shift-delete. on 2 virtual machines where I had my code. it meant 2 weeks of work gone. I tried 5 to 6 un-delete tools recommended by google search NONE of them could even locate the old file names of the VM except your software. Then I bought the licence, an hour later I was back running, the best 54.99$ I ever spent. Thank you for this terrific product (and BTW very easy to use too), you saved my rump today.
Aug 12 2015, Philippe Watel
I would just like to thank you for an excellent product. I was able to recover nearly a terabyte of data after a raid 6 array failed. My customer was ecstatic over the results
Jul 26 2015, Michael Lohse (Deelen Computers)
Simple yet reliable backup solution. From a single file to whole system restoration can be achieved easily. A trustworthy backup partner worth every cent I spent on this product.
Jul 21 2015, Albert Chan (Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Limited.)
Forensically analysing RAID systems can sometimes be quite challenging. We often find ourselves in situations where our industry standard forensic tools fail to reconstruct RAID drives. We use R-Studio to successfully rebuild RAIDs and complete the analysis. R-Studio software helps us in difficult situations, which we would otherwise not have been able to resolve.

Elvidence computer forensics team.
Jul 19 2015, John Webb (Elvidence Pty Limited)
I`d like to think I`m tech savvy, but when my external hard drive crashed so suddenly, and I hadn`t backed up all my families data for a lifetime, I was stunned. I went to a tech store and they told me nothing was on the drive and that I had to send it out to recover the data and it would cost between 800 to 2000 dollars, but it could be done. It was a tough choice to make and I kept doing my research and came across the trial for this product. I was amazed. Great price, did the job perfectly. Recovered all my files! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Jun 03 2015, Ammar Charaf
Good day! I want to appreciate your work at the program R-crypto and say thanks to your team! This free version is useful for many private things on the computer. Before I have used WinRar archiver that encrypt my photos and important documents. But if I had a large volume of files it took a while to encrypt files and decrypt if I would like to see them except that if I extracted them then later I must been destroy them. them from a disc. With you program R-crypto it`s going at once- just disconnect drive and all encrypted, connect- decrypted. No need to extract data and after using safety remove!
Also the R-Studio is one of the best recovery program. Other programs like even Ontrack recovery and many others make the same. But they take a lot of time to recovery data- up to 2 days non stop working. But result sometimes is not so good. R-Studio working faster and clear. Also it is good that R-Studio working with Linux- EXT file systems. Thank you for your hard job!
May 18 2015, Aleksander
ihave a few questions on r-studio; what are ALL the types of payments you accept? do you accept money orders/ or bank checks? Also can it come on a CD? can a person make a personal copy of disk? can your product recover docs, photos, and programs? and last ...upon purchace, does it have an expiration date...thank you
Apr 18 2015, warren power
I choose this way to quickly convey a suggestion regarding R-Wipe&Clean. ¡¡¡¡BTW I do rate it at 5 stars!!!!
R-W&C has a feature that I really could learn to appretiate while looking for ways to speed-up family and friends pc`s: the wiping of the MFT. There is a reduction of the MFT size and an a quite noticeable increase in system response time due to that. Many times I would like to ONLY do the MFT, but alas as it is a secondary option of the Unused Space option, I always loose a lot of time wiping a drive for only getting at wiping MFT records. Now I do not consider a system to be optimized at its max without having done the MFT with R-W&C.

So my suggestion is: allow to do only the MFT if I so choose.
Thanks a lot and best regards,
Mar 26 2015, Roberto Petitpas (home user)
A lifesaver. Thank you.
Mar 13 2015, Bill Foote
What a brilliant piece of software. The instructions and the way the program operates is superb. You have thought of everything.
Not only able to recover from usual places but also when windows failed to save a folder content properly. I did not expect to be able to get my files back so was impressed when R-UNDELETE found and recovered them. Thank you.
Mar 08 2015, Jason Roberts (Respot Software Ltd)
Your datarecovery software (for Mac) turned out to be a genuine diamond. It recovered a complete partition within a total of only 1 day! I`ve tried 2 other software solutions before I read of yours and they both were unable to recover the original file structure and filenames (without crashing). Your software delivered with a very low load on my Mac and it recovered the complete file structure. It`s worth every penny and I highly recommend it to anyone who accidentally lost data.
Mar 08 2015, Sebastiaan (None)
I used R-linux(Windows).
I found this is a great software.
I also found minor mistakes in displaying the time `Second`and `Hour` in Japanese.
This software show `Second` as `月` but it means `Month`.`Second` is `秒` actually,
and it shows `Hour` as `時`.It means `0` clock.` `Hour` is `時間`
I hope correction of these make your software even better for Japanese.
Thank you.
Feb 23 2015, Isao Takeda
Очень хорошая программа
Выручила в трудную минуту
Разработчики молодцы
Feb 06 2015, Сергей
Спасибо вам за такой продукт как RUndelete4 и за то, что есть возможность использовать его легко и просто на домашнем компьютере. Восстановила файлы с поврежденной флэшки, которые думала уже навсегда утеряны! Еще раз большое спасибо!
Jan 23 2015, Елена
Gracias a R-Linux he podido recuperar todos los archivos de mi disco Wd-My Book que se había estropeado. Muchísimas gracias
Jan 04 2015, Jose Miguel Sánchez
Удалила сознательно файлы с карты памяти (видеосъёмки), потом потребовалось восстановить. Очень быстро разобралась в инструкциях и произошло чудо в моём понимании, файлы вернулись, хотя надежды не было. Спасибо. Без рекламы, без регистрации и прочих разводок
Dec 27 2014, Светлана
It succeeded where other programs failed....THANK YOU!
Dec 07 2014, Mike (absolute motion)
You saved my digital life with R-Linux, after several different attempts trying to recover important data from a WD NAS, I have found this beautiful program which, incredibly, is also free. I am advertising this program a lot because I think it is the only solution to a well known problem of this NAS. Thank you very much. Gianluca Ligas.
Nov 25 2014, Gianluca Ligas
Best software ever. Managed to recover some very important files from the office`s camera SD card. 10/10

Many thx.
Nov 24 2014, Christopher Marie
A data recovery service looked at my hard drive and wanted to charge me $550 to recover my data. Downloaded R-Studio and had access to all my files within 5 minutes. Awesome. Thank you very much.
Oct 29 2014, Jeff Liss
This is a great product have been looking for a simple and efficient backup software as a silver surfer. Tried many and then 30 days with R-Drive showed me this was all i needed to protect my Laptop, Photos and large music collection. My tech savoy son thought it was so good he is buying it. Would love this for my mobile. Hope i get credit if R-Tools start mobile back ups. Dont think about this Backup software Try and buy. Tom
Oct 13 2014, Tom
Огромное спасибо! Все восстановила по вашим подсказкам, искренне благодарна! МОЛОДЦЫ!
Oct 11 2014, Елена
Великая программа! Создателей надо на руках носит!
Sep 21 2014, Виктор
Ребята, большое Вам спасибо, восстановил текстовый документ без всяких проблем.
Sep 21 2014, Андрей
Dear Sirs,
Grivas S.A is a Greek company based in Athens and has been established in the market for 25 years.
Our Company specialized in providing intelligence Forensics, Software and Hardware and Security equipment to the Greek and Cypriot Law Enforcement Authorities, Governmental and Private sector organizations.
In particular, we have been the exclusive distributors of IBM -i2 Uk ltd (Visualization and Analysis Software) for 12 years- Guidance Software INC (En case Inyelligence software and Tableau products) for 6 years, -Access data INC (FTK intelligence software) for 3 years, Microsystemations (XRY) for 3 years.

Our customers, the Hellenic Police Labs, who are using yours R- STUDIO wish to
update this license as well as to extent it by purchasing the R-Studio Technician package.
Therefore could you please provide us your quotation for the following?
Description Renewal
1Yr Renewal

Description Qty Renewal
1Yr Renewal
2 R-Studio Technician package 1

It will be much appreciated if you could provide your quotation for the above.

Awaiting for your reply,
Best Regards
Charis Grivas
Managing Director.
Не ожидал так быстро и качественно восстановить случайно удаленные фото с памяти фотоаппарата. Спасибо за Вашу работу!
Aug 12 2014, Влад
You saved my sanity and restored my blood pressure. Your product was Intuitively easy and recovered everything important from a drive that had been repartitioned and partially reformatted. I got back 5 years worth of accumulated stuff. Well worth the miniscule investment. I still have a day of rebuilding ahead; small price to pay for not having a current backup. At least now, I can smile while I work.. Thanks
Jul 14 2014, Phil Horne
TOP NOTCH!!!!! R-image was the only thing that would get past the bad sector on my old drive. I put the new drive in booted up and off and running. It took several hours, but for the saving me from having to do a full reload and install of my software all over again. Love your software.
Jul 01 2014, Leo2
Парни, чумовая прога.
восстановил файл 30 ГБ, другие проги его даже не находили...
Правда, сделали бы вы ключи на разовое восстановление или на сутки там... рядовым пользователям довольно редко нужны такие вещи, а платить полную стоимость за разовое использование не слишком шикарно....
Большое спасибо
May 30 2014, Антон (Дом)
R-Undelete product provide the best results for different file system.
Thanks R-Undelete
May 02 2014, Pooja
Have never been inclined to comment on a product like this, but am so impressed I had to write. I`m a professional photographer. I`ve had several storage drives fail over the years (many before I got smart and did duplicate storage) I saved the drives on a shelf for some reason. A few of the drives had been dropped on a cement floor effectively making them hi-tech bricks. I recently bought a cheap case to convert internal drive to external and downloaded the R-Studio software. R-Studio was able to recover 99% of the files on those old drives. I had previous software that couldn`t recover anything on most of them and those it was able to recover it renamed all the files, deleted all the folders etc. R-Studio kept file folders and names intact as well. R-Studio saved me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in recovery fees. Incredible product. Thanks!
Apr 30 2014, Wendi Pencille (Horsefeathers Studio)
A short note to say how satisfied I am with R-Studio. I contacted a disaster recovery company after my hard drive failed last week. They offered a $1,200 proposal with a six to twenty day turnaround. My friend suggested that I check into r-tools and I am glad he did. With r-studio I was able to recover 240G of important photos, financial data, etc. Thank you!
Apr 08 2014, Anthony Lanzillotta
With the R-Studio for Linux, I was able to recover the critical data and programs from a corrupt virtual server image file after our backups failed. It took a lot of disk space and a couple of days to sift through the recovered data, but in the end, a critical project and several months worth of work was saved.

Thank you!!
Apr 04 2014, Anne Sullivan (SOPAC/IGPP)
R-studio worked for me. It took a couple of phone calls, but valatamire helped me through it.
I backed up my hard drive before we started, onto a duplicate drive, but it worked great! Our raid of 2 drives we were able to take out the 3ware raid card and put the drives onto a regular system and utilise the recovery virtual raid. thanks valatamire!
Our clients have received their product (DVD) in a timely manner because of our recovery process. And now we know to go to raid 5 instead of raid 0.
Mar 20 2014, Brian Bates
I almost lost 126 GB of personal irreplacable files. Norton couldn't handle a recovery that big, and wasn't about to try to recover anything off a drive that Windows said had no filesystem. Other recovery programs wouldn't go near the drive, for the same reason. Disk recovery facilities charge $500 - at the very, very least. R-studio, on the other hand, went in and got the goods, and was able to do it for a very reasonable price. You guys have a fantastic program; I can't thank you enough. Keep up the good work.
Mar 05 2014, Dan Kirkpatrick
I`m annoyed. R-studio in `About R-studio` says the product is registered to me. However Everything but scan is greyed out. If I try to register it says invalid key.
Mar 02 2014, Sherwood Botsford (Sherwood`s Forests Tree Farm)
After accidentally deleting my File Allocation Table, I thought there was no way I would ever be using my harddrive again, but then somebody reccomended me R-Studio, and after purchase and installation, not only was I able to recover every single file and folder perfectly, but I was also able to attempt to recover even older data that had been deleted or accidentally erased long ago! There are alot of programs like this, but this one is nearly uncomparable. I highly reccomend it to anyone who has made such foolish mistakes as me.
Feb 20 2014, Joseph Sullivan
Your product is amazing. after a mistake in one of our NAS servers we ended up losing its RAID. with R-Studio in 30 seconds we had access to the data again, and found out also a great tool to get deleted items. very intuitive
Feb 07 2014, Angelo Gurzoni Junior
I bought a license for Mac. Restored video files, but they do not open player. How can I be?
Feb 06 2014, Valentina
Just a feature request. I`d love to see the ability to copy an object to multiple destinations at the same time. Especially if using it in forensic mode, this would help as generally two clones are required.
Jan 15 2014, Jared Palmer (Data Medics)
Just wanted to thank you for this fantastic product. After a rather unfortunate formatting accident that wiped out data I have been collecting for the past five years, I retrieved 100% of it from a format that changed the file system from FAT32 to NTFS. I will recomend this product to anyone that needs to recover data.
Jan 10 2014, Max Rotolo
I'd just like to say a big 'thank you' to you for the miracle that is R-Studio NTFS. I recently had some problems with 2 disks configured as hardware IDE stripe. The RAID controller failed to see the stripe, although the data was still there. R-Studio seamlessly allowed restore of the data elsewhere without *any* problems - all 200GB of it! Absolutely stunning :)
Dec 19 2013, Dean Ward
R-Studio! What a lifesaver! After days of trying other software to "recover my drive", I found your software and instantly knew what I really wanted was to recover my critical data (Quicken files, etc.), not my drive. I took the leap of faith and removed my primary partition and reloaded windows, then ran your software. It genuinely exceeded my highest expectations. Not only was I was able to recover ALL of my critical files, but I recovered many nice to have files that I couldn't even remember. The money spent for R-Studio was well spent. Thanks.
Dec 06 2013, David Treshansky
Drive Image is an excellent image backup solution. Easy to use and makes same job with expensive softwares. I hope there will be an option to create image files to FTP location.
Nov 16 2013, emrah kasal
Tried SeaTools, no success. WD tools did not help. SMART inspection was useless. After a year of sitting on a shelf, I put the clicking-only drive into my desktop as a third non-boot drive, of course, and waited twenty minutes for Windows 7 to boot. After much clicking it did. (The retries and hardware timeouts finally ran their course.) Windows would not open the explorer, nor would it open disk manager, but I did immediately start R-Studio. Waited another 20 minutes, some more clicking, and R-Studio finally popped up with all my drives including the bad one.

It worked. Got what I wanted off the drive using R-Studio recovery features -- a few of the larger video files are bad recoveries, but I don`t need them.

Good work. R-Tools should develop a license that is friendly for home users with two or three computers.
Nov 10 2013, D N Harris
ALL my data recovered when nothing else I tried would work. Windows refused to assign a "drive letter" so it couldn't see the drive. I tried straight DOS, no luck. I tried competitors products, no luck. R-Studio got it all and is so intuitive it didn't require documentation. Really amazing.
And thanks for your "demo" approach too. I downloaded the demo and it was able to see the missing files, so I was very confident that this was going to work and didn't mind buying at that point.
Oct 21 2013, Tom Archer
Thank you, Thank you. I had just moved all my data to a backup drive that had been working perfectly. When trying to copy the files back it told me the drive needed to be formatted. I found R-Studio on Fileforum.com, downloaded it and it recovered everything. My financial data, pictures, music, and countless other priceless files. I owe you an organ of your choosing. Thank you.
Sep 27 2013, Keith Foster
You ever tell yourself that you're going to back-up that important data tomorrow? I kept telling myself that, and I lost over 360 GB of media files in the blink of an eye! I was devastated. I literally tried a six"data recovery" programs. None of them could find my files, which I knew had to be there. One of them did but estimated a recovery date in a year and a half. R-Studio found all of my files within 30 seconds. It's been a day since I bought the full version, and so far I've recovered 90% of my files. Amazing! Thank you! Thank you!Thank you!
Sep 21 2013, Eric Prince
Thanks a lot for the great tool! With R-Linux, I managed after days of desperation and unsuccessful attempts to recover all of my data from my crappy ReadyNAS Duo. You really saved my day! You should have a `donate` function, even if the tool is free to use, I would like to invite you guys to a virtual beer :)
Sep 12 2013, Bernd (private)
It worked! It worked! It worked!

I had a failed NAS drive (Seagate NAS 110). Just died in the middle of the night for no explainable reason (couldn`t even access the NAS to see what the hard drive status was). I constantly remind people on keeping recent back-ups and here my most recent backup is 1 month old. /sigh. Isn`t this always how these things happen?

I removed the drive from the NAS enclosure (screw the warranty, I just need the data at this point!), and connected it directly to a SATA connection on my desktop computer. The hard drive is using Linux in a software raid array no less (just one drive, but go figure the NAS 110 uses a Linux raid partition... adding another level of complexity to this recovery). I`m using Windows on my desktop, I have no access to a Linux OS either. It`s apparent I need help. After doing some Google searches, I tried DiskInternals` data recovery software. Their basic version said it couldn`t access the disk, and to try downloading another software package from them (a more expensive version of course). This accessed the drive, but after 3 hours of scanning for a 1 TB drive, came back with random file names (0001, 0002, 0003, etc), with a directory structure that was organized into file type (nothing close to the original directory structure). /sigh again. This was going to be hard to recover from using this, since I would have to access thousands and thousands of files individually once restored to try and see what they are and where they belong. This is going to be impossible.

Then I tried R-Studio. In about 5 minutes, I was looking at a fully accurate directory structure. I paid for the full version so I could try and recover the files. I had about a 95% recovery success!! The file names and folders names just like they were!

I can`t express my joy!! Now I am off to make a back-up!!!

Thanks so much R-Studio. You saved me big time today!
Aug 25 2013, Joanna
You guys rule! I was using a utility to resize the clusters on my NTFS drive at home, and of course, longer than my UPS can manage, the power goes out. My girlfriend is at work, and doesn't yet know that the drive, which contains 4 years of digital photos (which I promise I will backup in the future!) is unrecognized by windows.
One download and 15 minutes later, I have all of our pictures back, and all the other utilities that I'd saved on my machine that I want to keep. I don't care about the time it will take to reformat and reinstall the OS and apps on the hard drive (the clustering is still all FUBAR'd, of course), but to get those pictures back is going to save my hide tonight when my girlfriend will get home and be none the wiser - except, of course, the fact that I'll be spending some quality time writing good backup vbs and/or bat files so that I don't have to do something like this in the future.
Thanks for a great product,
Aug 15 2013, Darryl Norton
Used a copy of R-STUDIO to recover some DATA on what appeared to be a hopeless cause of a failed hard disk. Not only did R-Tools recover all the DATA it also recovered the file structure too. One of the only products in this area that, `Does what it say`s on the tin`! Don`t waste you`re time with anything else!
Jul 29 2013, Phillip Thorne (Dorchester Computer Repairs)
hi i had a problem lost my profile on windows before and used ur demo to find it back , really nice program , i will surely buy it in the next days thx for making sutch great software.
Jul 22 2013, Stimpy
I had to write to you to say a great big thank you, my main hard drive failed which i didn't think was a problem because i drive imaged it every 2 weeks and saved the image to another drive as a pqi file. But when my main drive failed it must of done something to the mbr on the other drives and then drive image said my backups had a problem all 4 of them.
If it wasn't for your fantastic program R-Studio i would have lost 7 years of family photos, downloads and all the other stuff you cant put a price on.
The most unbelievable thing was the price $70 or to me about �50, i was expecting to pay hundreds.
Thanks again guys amazing product and feel free to put my feedback on your site, for those doubting sorts(like me) i am a genuine satisfied customer who will recommend this program to anyone.
Jul 17 2013, Frank North
Great utility! It just recovered several crucial files from an unreadable drive for me where a different utility had failed. Two thumbs up!
Jun 24 2013, Geoff
Thank you very much. I have a big video editing project that I was going to burn to DVD. I made the REALLY dumb mistake of authoring the DVD to the same folder as the project...thereby wiping out my project. I bought R-Studio...and my project is completely back. Well worth the $80 I spent. Thanks again.
Jun 24 2013, Patrick Coller
You people are gods! Your product performed FLAWLESSLY and saved every single file I had believed lost for good on a portable hard drive. It included business files from a recent overseas trip and thousands of photographs from both my business trip and a following holiday. I was told the data was not recoverable - yet with absolutely no effort, R-Studio recovered everything and saved the day - I can`t begin to tell you how overjoyed and relieved I was. THANK YOU
Jun 20 2013, Rob Neil (Pacific Wings)
Hi, I love the R-Drive Image product. Its Simple to install and use and a very powerful application. It would be nice if there was an additional option to just make an image of files/folders instead of the whole drive.
Jun 15 2013, Danny (FISI)
I had a 20TB array lose too many drives due to an enclosure failure. After reconstructing the drives with other tools the array was back but Windows still marked the drive as suspect and would not mount.

I`ve used GetDataBack for years and it`s never failed! This time though it showed 12.7 EB to be recovered and got stuck cycling in bad GPT entries

R-Studio showed the same results but by allowing my to Abort my recovery and filter out the bogus GPT entries as i came upon them I got the data i needed back! In a surprisingly simple way!
Jun 14 2013, Adam M.
I just want to write to thank you. R-Studio has gotten me out of two big jams.

I`m a commercial filmmaker - I purchased your software when I had a card go bad on me. I thought I lost my client`s footage when a card got corrupted. There was no damage and I recovered all the critical data without any problem.

Then recently I had a RAID 0 set up go funky on me. The drives were untouched but the controller was reset. I tried a bunch of different things, and then I tried R-Studio. It took 6 hours to scan, but everything`s there and it`s coming back now. That`s EVERYTHING I`ve been working on for the past few months - untold number of hours.

R-Studio is an amazing product and worth every cent.

Thank you
Jun 11 2013, John Hess (Creative Industries Media Group)
had a 2 tb western dig crash, nothing seemed to even be able to make an image, not norton, not pc inspector, nor a few other programs I downloaded. The Western Digital diagnostics said the drive had an error 0777 and send it back, windows could not read it.
Lo and Behold I loaded your program and imaged all the partitions and the program then proceeded to show me all the files and they even worked. Am going to purchase the program tonight and start recovering what I thought was lost for good. Thank you for your dedication and work, as an old General of Mine would say, Ya Done Good.
May 29 2013, Dean Mara
On Friday evening my Seagate Black Armor NAS 110 crashed as a result of a power surge(not the fault of Seagate). The hard drive still worked, but I was unable to access any files. After several hours on the phone with Seagate I still did not have a resolution and could not access critical files for my business. We are an entertainment company and all of our scheduling software is stored on this drive. These are not large files, but they are critical.

I did a web search and found your product. As there is a free demo I decided to give it a try. After downloading the demo and hooking up my drive to my PC. I was very quickly able to see the files I was looking for. Using the free demo I was even able to test the software on a small text file and it worked. I purchased the license for a very low cost of $79.99. Less than 30 minutes later all my files were fully recovered and operational. From initial download to final file recovery I spent less than one hour. I wish to thank you for your product and the very reasonable cost. By the way, I never even read the directions. I was able to figure everything out using the User Interface.

In closing, I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone who has a need for it. I am hoping I never have to use the software again, but I am more that elated at its ease of use, and more importantly the results.
Apr 30 2013, Douglas Death (Suffolk County)
Your product is the best! I thought my data was safe using RAID 5; however, didn't take into account my Windows OS going south and not being able to repair it due to multiple complications (software RAID & Microsofts dynamic disk). Following the recommendations on your site and using your software I'm in the process of recovering my files!
Thanks, you're a life & data saver.
Apr 19 2013, Tim McPhail
YOU GUYS ROCK! My drive crashed and I tried several programs to try to retrieve my data. Many of those programs returned messages telling me that my data was corrupt and unrecoverable. None of them allowed the ability to actually preview the file, or even retrieve a sample. You did, and when I began seeing MY files, I was sold. I was convinced I had lost hundreds of photos of my kids from their birth up to their 2nd birthday along with hundreds of other files that were irreplacable. My last step was to bite the bullet and send my drive out to a data recovery service. You guys gave me an $80 solution, and I am forever grateful!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Apr 13 2013, Andrew Lai
I would like to express my absolute appreciation for your software. I was extremely skeptical about using your software to recover accidently deleted mission-critical data from a RAID5 configuration, but to my utter astonishment, I was able to configure a virtual array and recover most of the important data that I accidently deleted. Not to mentioned that I did a quick scan on the array and saw most of the data...BEST RECOVERY SOFTWARE OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!1
Apr 12 2013, Ethan Bui
You product is simply amazing. I was able to recover data from a 2008 Server that had crashed due to a disk running out of space. This server was at a law office with no backup. Your product has made me a hero.
Mar 06 2013, John Ciardi
I just want to say thank you. I had to reformat my hard drive and somehow also wiped out all of the data on my 250GB backup drive. I was flipping out!!! So, after re-installing software to my hard drive I did a search online for "file recovery software." I tried four different programs before settling on R-Studio. With this software I was able to recover EVERYTHING. I had been stressed out, as you can probably imagine. But this is a story with a truly happy ending. Thanks for being out there.
Feb 28 2013, Rick Fuller
Hopefully 5 means `Best Rating` as this is the FIRST working image software that is able to image-backup a W7 installation (2 partitions, 100MB first partition that I never asked for to create during W7 installation) and to re-image a new HDD and it boots and works as the source HDD one. It did NOT work with other products I tried!

Feb 01 2013, Rolf Voller (HTM)
I have purposely tested the limits of this software. The only limits I can find are if the data was over written, or the disk is physically damaged. I am most impressed by having flawlessly recovered hardware (NTFS) based RAID setups without the hardware RAID controller available! R-Studio is an amazing tool.
Jan 24 2013, Dustin Henderson
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful, easy to use product. My first experience was over a year ago when I had a power failure during a "Drive Image" operation which resulted in an unrecognizable mess on my laptop. R_Studio NTFS fixed it right up.
I hadn't even thought about the software until tonight when I reformatted C: drive and reloaded Win7 my desktop computer and for some reason the F: partition didn't survive even though D: and E: did. I could see it, but not access it so I pulled out my old e-mails and downloaded the software again. A MILLION thanks for still being there because that drive contained MANY hours of video capture. Yes, I have a back-up of it, but R-Studio was much faster and easier.
Jan 23 2013, Karen L. Comer
Отличная программа, благодаря ей восстановил данные с удаленного динамического диска размером 1,5 Тб, использовал программу R-Studio v5.4, правда восстановление данных вместе с сканированием заняло порядка 3 суток, пробовал использовать другие подобные программы, но потратил больше времени, поэтому результат считаю просто отличным!
Jan 20 2013, Николай
Thank you for this great software. It recovered my 200GB external Harddisk where all data seemed to be lost. Windows 7 message was : drive not formatted, .... R-Studio recovered all my files. Great job !
Dec 20 2012, Alex Helmut
I just wanted to heap a little praise on your R-Studio.....I just had a drive go south on me and went to use my $500 Ontrack Easyrecovery package I bought a couple years ago. It has saved my butt several times but his time around, though, I was just not happy with the results of it's drive scan. It detected the NTFS data structure but did not see any of the folders and found only TWO files (without files names too), and this was a full 320 gig drive!
I happened upon a demo of R-Studio somewhere, had never heard of it, but decided to give it a try. It found the entire contents of my drive, with all the folders and files (plus file names) intact....I was way impressed and bought it right then and there. This $80 software did what the more expensive one could not, I will be using your software from now on, excellent job guys!!!!
Dec 17 2012, Robert Kane
Just needed to give you a great compliment (and you can publish this):
I messed up my SATA Mirror RAID and though my 360GB of valuable data long gone before I tried R-Studio NTFS and revovered a total 100% !!! Unbe-freaking-lievable. I am so happy. That was not just a simple undelete what r-studio performed: I had my RAID 1 broken, reconnected, re-partitioned and even started on one side a new copy, connected it to a new controller and ... still finally I came to use R-Studio and it worked! Thanks a lot for the good tool. Functionality 100% satifying. The progress indicator and the whole user front end could be a bit nicer but than again: Recovery is not something you should perform as a computer new comer.
Dec 06 2012, Jeffrey Lai
I was in despair. I recently purchased a Maxtor 1TB harddrive and put all of my important data onto it because I was about to format. After 1.5 hours of transfering data to it, and without making a backup which was stupid of me, I disconnected the harddrives and started a reformat of my Raid system drives. When I was done it showed my maxtor has been unpartitioned, unformated and running on fat 12. I thought all was lost. Nothing I could do with maxtor programs, windows programs, or norton programs could do anything. I tried everything but it kept showing me a busted drive. I tried many programs on the web all being failures. One charged $99 per gig to recover. Eventualy I found this site and this program, and I tried it as a last resport, and as I speak, I am recovering all my data. EVERYTHING I lost, the most important files are being copied from that Maxtor 1TB to my raid. R-Tools will always have my gratitude and my support for as long as they operate.
Dec 01 2012, Franco Soodeen
I just like to congratulate you for your soft R-Studio that i bought this week. It worked very well. I recovered more than 3 months of work (I am a video assembler) which was because of a bad manipulation.
Long life to R-tools technology !
Olivier from Germany
Nov 19 2012, Olivier Spencer
A huge thank-you. I lost one disk in a soft mirror, but could not reboot from the remaining dynamic disk. After reading a number of recovery recommendations for dynamic disks from forums and not really trusting any of them, I found and downloaded your product. $79.99 later I had recovered 70GB of data. What a bargain.
Nov 18 2012, Tony Soper
I just wanted to write and thank you for creating this immensely useful software (R-Studio NTFS). One of my dynamic volumes had no free space and then crashed; when I tried to put it in another computer, Windows wouldn't touch it, nor would the array of recovery, scanning, and repair utilities I possessed.
R-Studio effortlessly mapped the data out on the drive, and is as we speak restoring 120GB of data, fully, completely, and with filenames and directory paths intact. I am very impressed (and thankful!)
Nov 12 2012, Benjamin Waddell
Had a bit of an accident with my backup drive (FreeAgent GoFlex 3TB external USB 3.0 drive) when creating new partitions as I was re-installing windows.
Scanned the HDD with the R-Studio Demo, and bought the full version when I realised I'd be able to get all my files back. Three minutes after buying my own version I'm copying all my stuff off the deleted partition!
Good stuff guys, will definitely be reccomending this program to anyone with these kind of problems.
Thumbs up,
Nov 09 2012, Thomas Larsen
*BIG SIGH OF RELIEF* followed by waves of exquisite joy! What a remarkable product. My WD MyBook Essential external hard drive fell into a state of dementia and showed up completely blank, demanding reformatting - 35,000 files/399 GIGs of data gone. Years of work could have been lost, but I found your product and within minutes, I knew my data was still there. It was completely recovered, error-free. Thank you!! Well worth the cost.
Nov 06 2012, Jesamine Mello
What is the big delay on getting the great r-wipe&clean windows 8 ready you guys get the thing way before its realease so that this does not happen , what s ahame firs webroot let the great window washer slip, now you are such a shame why dont you sell the rights of the programe if your not bothered dont let a good programe die!!!
Nov 05 2012, mark (pc 1)
I just wanted to let you guys know, that I really appreciate your software...
Just recently, had some major problems and Norton Go-Back corrupted my MBR on my main hard drive... Due to I didn't disable it before trying to do a windows repair which failed, so I did a fixmbr... Thought I had lost 80 gigs of my data... I frantically searched the internet for data recovery software, and found several references to R-Studio...
So I borrowed a friend�s credit card, and ordered the software, Put it on my server and hooked up my drive 2 drives (120 gig corrupted, and 200 gig backup drive), and was able to recover about 70% of my data... Which is better than not recovering any, I must say. So I'm thankful I found out about your software.
I did loose some stuff, But it wasn�t as important as my Outlook data files (Which was recovered 100%) and my 15 GB �My Documents� folder (which I recovered about 98%)�
Thank you so much for saving my Life, Data, and making such great software, I�d recommend it to anyone for data recovery!
Oct 21 2012, Zac Peluso
I purchased your R-Studio NTFS recovery software approximately three months ago. I have used it successfully on two major network crashes. It performed superbly in restoring nearly 3 TB of files.
Good Job!
Oct 03 2012, James Kleine
You folks are the very coolest. I lost 7000 e-mails, panicked, found you on the web, downloaded your software and was back in action in less than a half an hour. I spent more time walking in circles feeling sorry for myself than I spent repairing the problem.
Thanks, good stuff!
Sep 14 2012, William Kane
Your program is fantastic! I was able to recover the contents of an entire 160gb drive that was not recognized by 7 and had the click of death. It did take a couple of days for the ap to eunemarate the files on the drive.
Sep 12 2012, Gene Keenan
You've stored your data in a Windows 7 stripe set across multiple disks, you don't have a backup, and you nuke your partition table. Normally your data would be gone. In this case, however, R-Studio is the ONLY product I could find that saved my data. Thanks guys, you've made a customer for life.
Aug 27 2012, John Byrd
R-Studio - what a great product! I had a hard drive that failed without a good backup. I looked at a number of other product demo's, none of which were even able to see the drive, much less retrieve the data on it. Your demo saw the drive and allowed me to create an image file on another good drive. I bought the full R-Studio product and - like magic - there was all my data! This included some very large audio files that were priceless to me - my own digital recordings.
Aug 25 2012, Jon Reynolds
Totally brilliant. My wife had an entire folder of her work on a dead hard drive, and nothing had worked. Now my marriage is saved alongside her work and I`m on a promise!!!!
Aug 09 2012, Peter Cobrin (Apprenticeships England CIC)
Thank you very much for creating Mac R-Studio. It helped me re-cover what I thought was going to be lost forever (~200GB of files) at a very reasonable cost.
Aug 08 2012, Robert Anderson (Home User)
you did a great job guys! The Demo would have been enough to recover all my necessary files for they are only text files an therefor under 64kb. But I bought the full version though.
Keep on rocking...
Aug 07 2012, Robert Hammond
I wanted to recover some important files in a Windows disk that had been repartitioned and reformatted after a Linux install. I thought there was no hope, but I found about R-Linux and decided to give it a try. I was able to recover those files easily. Thank you!
Jul 18 2012, Sofia
Just wanted to let you know, your program truly works, and works well.
I have a SCSI tower with 4 drives in it as my network storage. To my horror, over the weekend, 2 of my drives died. Of the four, one was not recognized by the controller, and one indicated that the NTFS 5 filesystem was gone. Normally, I would have said my data was history. I had a lot of data on there, including some research data, and decided to give it a try. To my amazement, it recovered everything off of that drive.
I would recommend this program to anyone who really can't afford to lose their data.
Great program, and reasonably priced also.
Jul 11 2012, Casper Feld
I would just like to say THANKYOU so much for making such a brilliant brilliant piece of software... just saved me one hell of a lot of redownloading!!! and redoing of coursework!!!
A++++++++++ to anyone else, consider yourself very recommended!
Jul 10 2012, Tom (None)
Just want to say GREAT THANKS to a creator of this soft.
Your product is excellent.
Jul 06 2012, RV3
r-studio is worth its weight in gold! last night after my ide raid striping died i crawled into bed crying. but tonight i am happy once again! life has new brightness and meaning now! and also, it is shocking to see such a powerful program with such a usable ui. You guys have a killer app with a sexy interface and a jaw-dropping price. i am definitely recommending this program to all my friends.
Jul 01 2012, matthew Craig
Congratulations - you've just saved my bacon.
I recently had a hard disk ("D") crash which resulted in my "Family Tree" being inaccessible. This consisted of about 7 years research. Although I had a back-up copy on CD, this would not work (don't ask me why). Anyway, I purchased yoiur R-Studio and yes, I was able to retrieve said file from "D".
Thanks again.
Jun 23 2012, brian peter gower
Your software accomplished in one afternoon what I had tried to do with other data recovery software over the last two weeks.
Many Thanks
Jun 19 2012, Bill Pack
This is one the best directories I`ve ever submitted to. Congrats.
And thank you for accepting my site.
I wonder if you do have an RSS feed for the new listings and articles. Since I have a listing on your directory, I want to promote it using the rss feed.
Jun 19 2012, Chris
I just want to say - THANK YOU. Speaking from a super-techie guru, your product is incredible! Saved me hours of reconstruction.
Thanks again.
Jun 14 2012, Jim Mitchell (Consultant)
I hust had to say that your R-Studio software has suddenly become the number 1 tool i have ever used for recovery, not just undeleting, oh no, recovering lost files and directories from disks that have lost all hope of any conventional tool even attempting anything approaching file recovery.
Just today i have managed to salvage all but 1 weeks worth of email form a hard disk that crashed, not only taking with it my own documents but those of someone else which i had copied there as a backup (some backup that turned out to be!) while i reinstalled an operating system on his machine.
Not only has it saved all of my personal, work and uni, docs but it has restored all of his which included his university work from the last 2 years!
No hitches no questions asked, point, click , presto, all the files are back again.
A definate number one tool in any tech support persons virtual toolbox!
Jun 12 2012, Luke Smylie
Hello from Spain !
I only write to thank your excellent freeware solution (R-Studio for Linux).It saved my life!.I had tried other tools (some of them not freeware), but they didn't work.
I was desperated when I found your software and I could recover (in just 2 days) ALL my files from my HD with corrupt partitions.
I am indebted to you from now on.
Thank very much.
Jun 08 2012, Pedro Fernandez
What a great product!
I made the mistake of first using an alternative recovery program that was unable to do the job.
R-STUDIO came through first time and saved 320gigs of data. Highly recommended.
Jun 04 2012, Jeff Sewell
Amazing! Easy! Fast! It Works!
Incredible, 5 for 5!
R-Studio saved me hours and potentially hundreds of dollars!
My 160G backup drive failed during an upgrade and I was faced with loosing everything. While searching the Internet for a solution, I came across R-TT. Tried the demo, it found my disk and proved that it could recover my files. 1 hour later, everything I needed was back on-line! I'm Saved!
Thank you!
May 21 2012, Larry Herd (Home)
You guys rock!!! I was able to recover all of my data from a corrupt partition. My PC wouldn't even recognize the hard drive, but your R-STUDIO software recovered 5 years woth of data for me!!!! You guys are a life saver! Thanks!
May 20 2012, Chris Grant
Cant say nothing but good; exceeded my expectations. I was able to recover files that no other software will capable of doing so. I personally recommend R-Tools Technology to anyone IT company
All the best
May 17 2012, Pedro Olavarria (NWO Network Solutions Inc)
I have only used the trial version, but I was very impressed. It is user friendly, however you must have a basic knowledge of computers to use this product. It found the file I needed and I am buying the product. Thank You.
May 14 2012, Stephen Cooke
What a blessing of a product! I recently had an uninstall go bad, with the uninstaller attempting to delete every folder in my Program Files directory. I managed to stop it, but not before it deleted over 367,000+ files! Using your Undelete product, I was able to set it running while I slept and awaken to all files restored to a USB drive!
May 11 2012, Charity Slepcevic
I just wanted to say that your software is incredible. I love it, I had a hard drive with a bad volumne and I could not access it. I was about to spend over $1000 plus have my client down for 2 days to get the data back. I found your site and download your r-studio and I was up an running in a couple of hours. Thank you so much I'm going to tell everyone I know about your software and company.
May 05 2012, Harold Connor
I tried various tools also from well known companies to recover my badly destroyed linux ext2 partition but they all failed completely !!
Then i found the R-Tools and this brilliant software recovered all of my data, incredible !!
You could demand thousands of dollars for this fantastic software. a very helpful feature is the choice to convert filenames automatically.
May 04 2012, Manfred Niesser
This is the first time I had to use such a program. I was totally amazed and so extremely happy to find every one of my lost files and folders all intact and restored to perfection! I am amazed at how truly easy it was to use. Thank you so much. A total lifesaver is what this program is! I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking!
May 02 2012, Kathleen Slade
First let me say this is wonderful product (R-Studio). I was upgrading hard drives and reinstalling Windows, it formats the new drive normally, then decides, without prompting me, to start formatting the other drive in my system (my MP3 / backup drive). i stop the format and know that all is lost. i finish the install of windows and look at the drive and sure enough shows up as RAW format, nothing on it, no free space, etc. I search the internet for a little while, found your program, ran it, and was amazed! I had to buy it, i knew it could probably come in handy later on as well. I made a full recovery of more than 8000 mp3s and about 100 gig of backed up data! Thanks Guys! you are life savers!
May 02 2012, Greg Burton
`Just wanted you folks to know that I have been using your product now for about 4+ years now and under some rough conditions. Your R-Studio always gets the job done. If there is a way to recover data your programs will find it...`
Apr 30 2012, Richard Schramm
Your r-studio linux program save my all my personal and company data when a certain windows ext2 driver ate my superblocks for dinner. I tried many different Linux-based solutions, but yours (ironically written for Windows) allowed me to recover ALL my data!!! Thanks so much, and I will purchase any of your other products should I need them in the future.
Apr 26 2012, Stephen Vierling
R-Drive Image has been a great investment as a drive backup/image utility. The software is straightforward, easy to use, and feature rich. The speed with which I am able to create a disk image is much faster than products I have used in the past. I have recommended your product to several of my friends and colleagues.
Apr 23 2012, Fred Rodgers
I absolutely love your product! I put the 2nd email address to tell you it was registered under that email. This story is long and tedious but you guys definately deserve the recognition. Heres how the story goes. I was hired to recover a hard drive that didnt have a valid MBR, EBR, fat tables, boot sector information, and worst of all the root directory folders were deleted. This hard drive was formatted three times repartitioned twice with the incorrect sizes. Someone did a number on this drive. The user knew a little too much to be dangerous persay. Well continuing with the story, I first used a hex editor to check to see if he might have had any information regarding the previous partition information and found that everything was rewritten. I had nothing to go by except what the customer told me. I used partition magic to rewrite the MBR and the boot sector and recovered some of his files with a hex editor. The task was too long and tedious and not worth the money. I was going to give the hard drive back to the customer but decided to give your product a try. I am truely amazed at the time it saved me. Took me some time to calculate the root directory offset because the root directory was permanatly deleted, but after that. I was able to recover 98% of his files and 80% of entire drive. The files I couldnt recover were the files that the user wrote over using norton undelete on the wrong partition and boot sector information. Thank you so much for saving me so much time and effort. I recommend this product to all IT professionals. Actually your product is so user friendly, the average joe could become an expert at data recovery.
Apr 17 2012, David Wilton
R-Studio - A life saving product! After an accidental format of a whole disk you have managed to restore all of my hard work, music and photos of my baby son; all in a couple of hours. Easy to use and worth every penny. Thank you R-Tools!
Apr 09 2012, Mark Spencer (Home User)
Thank you so much . I had to recover some important text files on a native Ext2 partition which had been quickly FAT formatted ( ... ) ... Thanks for providing such good tools and free ones too , indeed .
Apr 05 2012, Johann Sebastian
I must congratualate you upon a Excellent product. I downloaded
the the Trial product and after first use I imediately purchased it.
Two points though,
1, I cannot see how I can update R- Wipe& Clean.
2,I would like to purchase other products and I suggest discounts for
further purchases.
Mar 29 2012, Frank Treanor
This is the single greatest file recovery software I have ever used. You guys saved my drive. Great job, and thank you.
Mar 25 2012, Jason
I downloaded R Studio demo to try and recover some important files from a damaged hard drive. It worked so well that I imediatly purchased R Studio full version to recover the remaining files on the disk. I didn't even have to read the manual to begin using it. This product is worth every penny since it would have taken me much more time and money to recreate the files. Thanks for a most excellent product.
Mar 21 2012, Julius Toth
I am extremely pleased with the performance of R-Studio for Linux, so much so that I saw about getting volume licensing for all the machines at the company where I work. I am only curious as to when you may begin to support some other files ystems such as ReiserFS, as I am begging to deploy a greater amount of linux servers in our infrastructure and would like to protect these upcoming filesystems as well. Thanks for such a great package, it saves me a great deal of effort by not having to resort to restoring from tape as often.
Mar 19 2012, Curtis Turner
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderfull software! I lost my NTFS partition last week after Win7 "blue screened" while I burning a cd. I searched the web looking for a product that could recover my files and I found your website. I downloaded the demo of R-Studio, to see if it would be able to access my lost files and sure enough, there they were! So I reached for my credit card and bougth a copy of R-Studio NTFS. The installation was as easy as it gets and within 20 minutes, my defective drive was scanned and all my files were recovered. Thank a lot!!!
You have made me a very happy camper.
Mar 12 2012, Nicolas Katsoras
Очень довольны вашим компактным, качественным и эффективным софтом. Спасибо!
Mar 10 2012, Женя (Home)
Hi all,
I used R-Studio for Mac for recovering a formatted 1 TB drive. My first try with Stellar Poenix failed. So I purchased R-Studio and the result was perfect :-) Thanks a lot!
Best regards from Germany
Mar 05 2012, ulrich scholz (ulrich scholz design)
After working till 2am two days in a row attempting to recover data lost after fdisk corrupted my partition table, R-Studio FAT came through! I downloaded so many data recovery applications and they all had faults. Some just couldn't find the data, some had limited usage counts and most were just plain too expensive. Yes, we just lost our data, but do we want to lose more money too because we are vulnerable?
Your product installed, took a short time to scan my 60Gig HD sector by sector and gave me access to every single file I would ever want.
I also really appreciate how you allow the demo to restore 64K- files. This truly gave me peace of mind that your product was working. Once I recovered two small files of importance, I quickly pulled out my credit card and ordered the retail version.
With that I recovered over 16 Gigs of work files, personal files and mp3s!
You saved the day!
Thanks for a most wonderful product! I will recommend you to everyone.
Feb 20 2012, Joseph Swingler
Thank you. I have spent a week working on a hard drive with thousand`s of photos my sister feared were gone forever. I paid much more for a different product, which didn`t retrieve any files. I wish I`d used R-Studio first and saved myself a lot of pain. R-Studio scanned a 1Tb drive in less than half the time of the other product and saved almost every file. Strangely, my Vista PC kept crashing, but an old XP machine with 1/8th as much RAM worked fine. Regardless, thank you for a fantastic product.
Feb 17 2012, John Moss (Private use)
Awesome software! Thanks so much! I downloaded the demo version of R-Undelete to see if it would recognize a .MOV video file I recently SHIFT-DELETED. The file was 4.3 GB in size on my NTFS/Windows 7/SP1 64 Bit system. It found the file, even allowed playback in demo mode, so I purchased R-Undelete and recovered the file in a matter of seconds!!! Thanks again, that answered my question about recovering files larger than 4 GB with this software! I will highly recommend this product to friends/co-workers! Thanks for saving me from my own stupidity!
Feb 13 2012, Sean Boyles
I've used R-Studio Mac to restore all of my files in a partition of my harddisk, which was damaged by a hardisk diagonsis and fixing program.
I really appreciate the help of your product to recover my invaluable data.
Feb 02 2012, Dennis Mak
Not only did this save a very important server at a critical time, the user console even allowed me to redownload the app after I needed it a few months later and couldn't find it.
Great product, Great service.
Feb 01 2012, Gordon Robinson
Es una pena que R-Drive Image no este disponible en mi idioma.
Jan 30 2012, malena_gar_fer@yahoo.es
The harddisc of my homecomputer crashed and by accident I formatted my external back-up disk. So I lost hundreds of (family)photographs and important documents. Technical service from a computerfirm tried to recover the data, without succes. They used the program Get data Back. Searching the internet and reading reviews about R-studio I did'nt give up the possibillity to get my data back. Running R-Studio demo the first time, all the lost files were found on the formatted disc!
With the online bought R-studio program I could recover all my files (99 %) back.
The technical support from RTT was excellent! I've send twice a mail for questions and problems and I received in less dan two hours the right answers. Thanks for the great and helpfull assistance.
With regards, a happy user of the R-Studio program in the Netherlands.
Jan 27 2012, J. van Mastrigt
Amazing, recovered all of my data except for one file from a drive that made clanking sounds (head crash) and that i had to repeatedly slap in order to get the bios to recognize it. amazing. thanks.
Jan 27 2012, Randy Kalb
I had already lost all hope of recovering the files I accidently deleted. The recycle bin was defect so I couldn't undo the action!
I tried several tools, but non was able to find the files. Your demo program found them all and I immediately purchased the full version. I take the price as a kind of "punishment" for acting before thinking ;-) I just want to say that your program is definitely worth the money. Please keep up the good work!
Jan 19 2012, Robert Neumann (Privat use)
Thank you for great free program for data recovery, R-Linux! I saved few times some lost files with it, and I think you should place a `Donate` button on the page with R-Linux, so people can thank you that way. Best regards,
Jan 16 2012, Sasha Erceg, Belgrade (Serbia)
I just wanted to say how your product saved me a lot of pain today. I had just downloaded all our Christmas pictures from our camera and I accidently deleted them(all 105 of them!). They were completely gone. My wife was in tears and I was in the dog house.
But a quick search on google.com for "restore lost files Windows" lead me to your site. I bought and downloaded your software and within 20 minutes I had almost all the pictures back(I think 5 of them were corrupted by the time I retrieved them).
It was easy to use and well documented.
Good work.
Jan 07 2012, Rob Jacobs
Thank you for making an excellent NTFS recovery tool. I highly recommend your software!!
Dec 23 2011, Brewer Shettles
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My wife is once again talking to me. I used your R-Linux program to recover our family photo`s after my D-Link DNS-323 started to format the wrong drive. Amongst many other things on the drive, we had 23Gb of family photo`s. I used your product and would highly recommend it to anyone. It was very easy to use. Again, thank you so much!!! We are absolutely ecstatic with the results. I lost only 1 file from the hard drive. That would be something like a 99.999% success. That file may well have already been corrupt beforehand.
My highest regards,
Steve Haberfield
Dec 09 2011, Steve Haberfield
Just purchased your R-Studio yesterday. I recovered everything from 2 hard disks I had inadvertantly striped (0).
I talked with another software company, dti data recovery. They said that they could not fix it with software and wanted a minimum of $1,500 to recover the data. I tried their demo next, and could read one of the two drives. Called 'em back and they said, maybe software would do one, but not the other.
Then I tried your trial on the disks. Read 'em both. So I purchased and spent a good part of today recovering over 310GBs of data.
Just thought you'd like to know.
Dec 07 2011, Joe Dizio
for some time I`ve been using your Wipe & Clean program. I find it excellent. There is one question I`d like to ask though. Wouldn`t it be a good idea to change the cleaning routine that the program runs through? I was wondering if scrubbing the filetable and the empty diskspace would make more sense after cleaning all the other traces then before.
Wondering what you might think about this.
Kind regards,
Dec 03 2011, Vokt Bef
I have a 120GB hard drive that was accidentally fdisked that contained tons of school and graphic work on it. I held off on writing over it because I heard that there were means of recovering this very important data. I bought your software and was able to recover ALL these lost files...approximately 16 gigs of what I thought was lost work/school/personal files. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to do this on my own. After researching other means of recovering data I found that your company offered these services/software products at a very affordable price. Thank you again...this definately was a lifesaver!!!!
Nov 29 2011, J Bottone
One thing that kills the purchase of R-Drive Image for us is the all important function most other commercial grade backup software suites have, manual initiation of backup without a schedule. R-Drive Images STILL has no way to initiate a backup scheme manually, outside of the schedule. Biggest reason our company cannot refer it to our client base. Add the simple feature, and that would change.
Nov 24 2011, Steven (Ray)
What a wonderful ethical concept for a directory. I`m in the process of re-designing my website on WP. Trust you won`t mind me mentioning you on my new ethical businesses page. My existing site shows where I came from, I`m now re-inventing myself and business. New site is due for launch by xmas.
Thanks and best wishes to you all. I`ll add my site when the new design is up.
All the best,
Nov 18 2011, Derby Stewart-Amsden (Ashwhin)
Tried out R-Studio
when working as pro, BEFORE to star the final recovery of customer files, it is necessary to transmit one files and directories list.
The customer must approve it, and next the copy starts (think about 2.5TB data with 975.000 files, it could take ages)
With R-Studio as it is, you must first copy all the data and later with a tool like
`Directory Tree List Maker`
create such file and directories list.
I think that such feature should be `included` in a PRO Tool like R-Studio, to allow PROs the generation of a files and directories list .TXT file and this should be allowed AFTER Scannings or RAID reconstructions but BEFORE starting the recovery/copy.
Hope my description could improve your product.
Nov 16 2011, Roberto Gini (www.fastec.eu)
My hard disk crashed on me and didn't show any files on the partition. It has all my baby's pictures from the time she started crawling and walking. She's 2 now. I had no backups and I just freaked out. I got a reference to R-Studio from the Infrastructure Team in my company. I bought it and tried it - had all my fingers and toes crossed. IT WORKED !!! GOD BLESS YOU GUYS !!! I LOVE YOU ALL !! THANKS A TON !!!!!
Nov 11 2011, Rachit Gupta
Excellent product you have. But image compression option should be alike your emergency boot disk (four option=quicker to select=slider no goodor give both options)
Oct 17 2011, John Donne
Just thought I`d send you guys a quick note. I just purchased a copy of the R-Studio from your site and it was well worth the 79$. I was able to recovery all data from a corrupted partition on my external 1.5 T drive. I plugged in the drive to my windows 7 box and let it run with amazement. I had data nearly lost from a year long music project and you all saved the day. I read a brief article about your software and purchased it directly from your site.
Here is the url to where I read about the top 8 hard drive recovery utilities for MAC. I did a quick google for it and viewed another users video on youtube.
I will be using your software exclusively from now on.
Thank You!!!!
Oct 16 2011, Charles Maze
You saved my life...or at least a really big hassle.
Product works great. Thanks.
Sep 19 2011, James Burke
Your product is not only easy to use, it saved me from certain disaster this afternoon. Following a total disk failure, I was able to scan and recover critical data that didn't make it to last weeks backup.
Thanks rtt! You saved my bacon!
Sep 10 2011, Nathan Boccia
Dear R-TT,
I am writing this to thank you very much indeed for making R-Linux available for free.
My ext3 partition suddenly got corrupted in places and I was totally unable to boot up Linux. It's a 40 GB partition with many gigs of downloaded files and many megs of my own creation *without backup* sitting on it.
With R-Linux, I was able to recover about 4 GB of the most important irreplaceable data. It was a bit touchy once or twice in the beginning, but when it started working, it was the only program which helped me in the end.
Thank you R-TT! :) May your good karma grow!
P.S: Please do not publish my email ID on your website, though you can quote my feedback if you want.
Sep 09 2011, Shriramana Sharma
I thought I had lost over 200 hours of work in music recordings and school research papers by one mistake of formating the wrong drive. RTT saved me!! It restored every single file that I had lost. I can't thank you enough for creating such an incredible software package!! Thanks, for saving me hundreds of hours!
Sep 07 2011, Matt Vey
Thanks! Your software made my day !
About several months ago my external hard drive which stored over 4 years of digital photos failed. I asked all the IT professionals I knew and everyone advised to find a data recovery company which on their quotes ..the
low being 400 and high being over $2000....were not in my reach....
and so I began to search the net..
and I found R-tools technology
Dan.....you are the very best ..
I thank you for your patience and
consideration.....and your ultimate
persistence in making sure that my files were recoverable....before I
Five stars ***** rating for this
company....and for Dan !!
Thanks.....is not enough for the happiness I got .....in getting my photos recovered.....
Aug 24 2011, Sandra Allan
Text translation from Spanish to English automatically.
Dear friends of RT Tool Technologies.
On the day yesterday to buy the product R-STUDIO NTFS 5.4. 134130
to retrieve data from a hard drive SEAGATE 1.5-Tb.
After trying various `demos` of other companies engaged
the development of software for this purpose, I found the program
RTT without doubt the best software on the market.
When I was a `particular` check with private companies
dedicated to the task, and its dubious conclusion to carry out
the task of recovering all files stored on that disk.
R-STUDIO But the problem was most simple.
Because after the scan by running the disk, all appeared
folders and files within them, in graphic form and textual
as they were before losing the configuration and format of the same
being recovered in full.
As stated, I give you my congratulations and thanks.
They have developed a very very good soft and valuable compensate for the cost
John R Tobia - San Luis - Argentina
Aug 21 2011, Juan R Toba (Particular)
Hy why you dont add you soft to ubuntu sowtware center (there is buy possible) i think many users wants to but try it from ubuntu software center, and in here dont exists any other good software.
Aug 12 2011, grek
Just wanted to say thanks. R-Tools for Mac could see and recover my LaCie 4Big RAID disk where Diskwarrior and TechTool Pro could not.
Jul 18 2011, George Bray (VideolaDU2NQQ6O1L: DU2NQQ3JSY)
I just would like to thank you for your R-Linux tool; I was able to recover all the photos of my little boy (more than 12 GB)!!! This was so important for me!
Thanks to all the developers of this tool and to R-Tools Technology for providing it as a freeware.
I wish you the best for the future.
Jul 16 2011, Vincent SAINT MARTIN (None)
I purchased R-Wipe&Clean & have used similar products over the years. They were nothing but trouble. I have deleted files thinking it was safe to remove them as they were in the list. NOT SO. Your sofrtware R-Wipe&Clean is user friendly and leaves the others for dead. Thankyou
Jul 11 2011, Scott Lake (Private Home Use)
great piece of software(R-Studio). Thank you!!
I had an RAID 10 array with 4 drives. The NAS box where I took the drives had failed 2 of the drives. I could not mount the ext3 filesystem anymore. The system said it hasn`t got enought raid members on it.
I took raw copies of the drives and started to work with the copies. I tried to rebuild the raid by adding the failed disks to the array, but it never recognized the filesystem on the array (bad superblock).
The only program I was able to recover the files was R-Studio! And believe me, I tried all the software I could find with google (with ext3 support). Any other software could not find even a directory stucture, or did not detect the filesystem!
I will definitely recomend your software when it comes to datarecovery!
Best Regards,
Jul 09 2011, Sampo
I hereby simply want to thank you for the great software.
So far I recovered one out of two harddisks that failed and with great result.
I decided to buy your product after I downloaded the demo and it was able to relocate my files. I saved a couple small ones and checked them. They were perfectly restored.
Thank you once again. I'm still pretty amazed how well it works :)
Jun 18 2011, Vincent Henderson
Dear Sirs,
I would like to express my gratitude to the RTT team for the R-Studio that enabled the recovery of my data. Data to me is the second most valuable aspect in comparison to life, it represents a lifetime of hard & passionate work.
My stressful ordeal began 4 days ago during the usual backup routines, one of my 2 year old D-LINK DNS-323 on RAID1 failed suddenly & the hardware is irreparable.
I realized that there was still hope in recovering the data after recognizing partitions on the HDDs with EXT2/EXT3 drive/IFS readers under Windows.
However, I needed an application to detect & extract the data from the HDDs. There were several recommendations in the forums, after reviewing them I decided to demo R-Studio.
R-Studio performed to my expectations & the learning curve is not steep. I was able to recover 100% of my precious data without a flaw. I am really glad that I have made the right choice & investment.
Thank you very much RTT, the stress is gone.
Jun 16 2011, Mr. Tan Peck Loon
Thank you so much for your product. You have helped me to recover some important data that was lost to a client running a recovery before letting me know what was happening. Both they, and I, are very pleased.
Jun 15 2011, Andre Manuel
I would like to take a minute and Thank your Tech Support. I had a small HD to recovery for a customer and found your site on the WEB. Tech Support went above and beyond in getting me aquianted with R-Studio. I have purchased R-Studio after seeing what it was accomplishing just a DEMO. Please pass along my Thanks to the Tech Support Person.
Jun 13 2011, James Shipton
Excellent program! I dropped my laptop `destroying` my hard drive. Once I received a new hard drive I used R-Tools to retrieve 99% of my data. Would have been lost without it.
Thank you!!!
May 24 2011, Don Peaslee
Thank you for the nice product. Just started using V 4725 of R-Drive and noticed when copying drives/partitions HDD to HDD or to a mapped drive that the status bar was not statusing, it remained at 0% for the whole copy.
May 18 2011, Andrew Schulze (Video 2000)
Assuming 5 is the best rating. Sales support and questions were quickly and promptly answered. Made the decision of purchasing this software easy.
Apr 12 2011, Jeff Kuo (Crossroads School)
Thanks to your product I was able to recover 10 years worth of work that I had erased from floppy disks thinking that I had successfully copied them to CD. I downloaded R-Undelete and recovered all of the files (which were zipped) without a problem. The program was easy to use and worked like a charm. Keep up the good work.
Mar 31 2011, Mark A. Klug
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how delighted with your 'R-Studio' application I am. Yesterday, a hard drive with over 2 weeks worth of digital video on it became corrupted and would not be recognised by the operating system. However, after downloading and purchasing your 'R-Studio' application I was able to recover all of my digital video within about 5 hours of losing it rather than have to lose all the 2 weeks data (and time!) and start over - your product is worth every penny and I would have no problem in recommending it to anybody unfortunate enough to find themseleves in a similar situation to mine.
Keep up the great work!
Kind Regards
Phil Higgs (UK).
Mar 30 2011, Phil Higgs (UK)
A quick thank you to the team of developers of "R-Studio" I have just purchased & dloaded the program to help me recover extremely critical financial data from a pc I was working on when I deleted an entire directory by mistake. I used 2 Programs called RecoverAll & Easy Recovery Pro which both failed. After the data recovery with R-Studio I was able to retrieve exactly all that I needed. I cannot Thank you enough I am extremely gratefully to this more than excellent data recovery software.
Mar 18 2011, Ian Kendall, South Australia
this facilites is very good.i thought i had lost my data but this ficilites is give me my original data. i thank for all staff.bye bye.
Mar 15 2011, pavan ptael (gil)
hey guy, working with windows 7 64 bit version and your imaging software. but can`t restore data with reboot. having non-standard boot loaders issues. can you fix this?
Mar 14 2011, Jim
An excellent piece of software, well worth the money. I was able to recover 65Gb of files on a failed HDD. Quick and easy to use.
Thank you.
Mar 05 2011, Gerry Murphy
It may be a clich but having tried recover tools from N to Z, R-Tools Technology's R-Studio left the rest standing at the boot sector. On a scale of 1 to 5 I'd rate it a 6. Highly recommended!
Feb 15 2011, Phil Hall
I want to say thank you. Your recovery tools did EXACTLY what you said it would do and recovered 8 years of photos that included bringing both of my kids home from the hospital and the most important thing, made my wife happy.
My data drive got wiped by a recovery disk. After it installed windows onto the drive I lost everything I used that data drive to backup. I was researching a company that was offering to do the recovery for AT LEAST $500 and 10 days. PC Magazine recommend your product and OnTrack`s product however yours was cheaper by a huge magnitude and the demo showed me that I could recover the data without having to pay for the software. Both of these are excellent selling points and I will recommend this to all of my friends.
Thanks you.
Jan 22 2011, Corey Frasure
R-Drive image works flawlessly in a vmware esxi environment...I have used it to backup and restore virtual servers without any issue.
Is there a chance you could add scheduled a restore feature.
Dec 31 2010, Brett Duncan (Fundy Computer Services)
This program is a great tool for all parents.
Dec 20 2010, Brittany Coburn
I like your r-drive product and will likely be buying it for my clients.
One thing that bugs me... When i use the GUI to do a backup on Windows Server 2008 r2 (virtual machine under HyperV) the `looking for CD/DVD writers` takes a long time. A couple minutes at least probably 5. It gives the impression it is hung. Maybe a skip button would be good to have, or if you can tell the server is running as a VM then don`t even scan for burners.
Thanks for your time and a product with a price my clients can afford.
Nov 13 2010, brent welke
You cannot imagine my gratitude and relief. I had gigabytes of irreplaceable data restored within minutes of installing R-Undelete. I will certainly share my experience with others. Thank you for a great product.
Oct 04 2010, Jeremy Shantz
Monday morning came in to a system crash - both internal hard drives (the primary and the backup) were hosed... 10 years of design data.
As a former IT guy I have seen this situation a number of times, and it usually played out poorly... Anyway, I did some research, tried out the demo, and then made the purchase late last night - today I am back up and running, every bit of data was recovered... I owe you guys a beer :)
Ryan Dunn
ToadWorks USA
Sep 22 2010, Ryan Dunn (ToadWorks USA)
I am disappointed that you do not have a home license option for your R-Drive Image product. Many companies provide a flat fee license for multi-PC home users that allow all or a few PCs to run their software. 45 dollars a crack adds up pretty quick when you have 5 or six PCs to manage in your home.
Jim Grissom
Sep 09 2010, Jim Grissom
Best program I`ve bought in 20 years!! Worth every cent! R-Studio recovered 60GB of very valuable data in about 10 hours and made someone very happy. Thanks.
Aug 28 2010, Gary Simmons (Silvergold Systems)
Drive image is so cool. I set up SCHEDULED imaging in like 10 minutes.
Elegantly simple-Just the way I like it too. Extremely fast cloning drives as well. No more ghost in DOS mode! (for the most part at least) $50 is way too cheap. I can`t wait to purchase when the trial runs out. It is not very often that I am so excited about a software product. Small and fast too, only 11mb!
Aug 05 2010, John Hill (IMC Computer Consulting)
Just a note to say thanks for writing R-Undelete. I had copy-pasted about 80 photos from my camera to my hard drive (pictures of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Manhattan, etc.) and then deleted the directory on the memory card. I accidentally selected Undo on the Explorer and without thinking, clicked Ok to the warning ("Undo copy?"). My pictures were irretrievably gone -- the operation was done without going through the Trash Can. I bought Norton Utilities 2002 because I'd used Undelete years ago with some success, but the Undelete Wizard took about 2 seconds before telling me that there were no candidates to restore on my 7 GB NTFS drive (running WinXP Pro). It seems you have to install the protection BEFORE you can retrieve accidentally deleted files. Duh!
As a last desperate measure, I went to Google and searched for "Recover Deleted Files" and came up with your web site. I downloaded and installed the demo (to a different drive ;-), scanned my disk (which took about 20 minutes), and there they were -- my deleted pics and Quicktime movies! Of course the demo wouldn't restore any of them -- even the ons that were less than 64K -- but I trusted the utility enough to buy the real R-Undelete which promptly restored the files.
The only thing I have left to do is take Symantec up oon their 60 day money back guarantee.
Jerry Jaworski
Jul 07 2010, Jerry Jaworski
About a month ago my Fedora Core Linux web server started to experience boot problems. One of the hard drives would sometimes not boot causing a kernel panic on boot. Initially after a few restarts everything was fine but just last week the drive would not boot period. I tried live Linux cd's to pull the data off but nothing worked. At the time I did not realize that the partition tables were corrupt and at that point I was just wasting time trying to see if I could get the drive to boot. I was almost about to trash the drive and start with a brand new website but I finally stumbled across R-Linux which saved my day. I only have a week before I leave and I need to get my website backup and rebuilding it from the ground up would take days. Thank you R-tools Technology you really saved me! Thanks to R-Linux the site should be up in the next day and all ready before my trip!
Jul 02 2010, Slava Markeyev
Suggestion on r-drive image that would in my opinion make the product much more valuable...
When running the CLI version (scheduled for example), write a hook in the window version that would communicate and display a status, current functions, and percent complete of the running cli process. As it is, it`s difficult to tell how long it`s going to run, what stage is in.. etc.
May 27 2010, David Bryant (Interdict-IT Technology Services)
why no XFS support?
it is so popular because of buffalo....
May 13 2010, Calvin (Nil)
I just wanted to share a little story about your product.
I recently came across an external drive that had been sitting around for over a year and wanted to back it up to ensure that I had more than a single copy of these files.
When attempting to copy this, I ran into a number of problems with directorys containing pictures from a family vacation about 5 years ago. This was about 2.5GB of images and there were errors and they could not be copied. I tried a bunch of different solutions and then remembered that I had R Studio on an old laptop that I had used for work. The software was able to recover all but a single file and I was so happy that I wanted to sent you a message to tell you. Thanks for the great product and I am going to seriously think about purchasing it for my Mac too.
Chris H
Apr 08 2010, Chris H
Just wanted to say, thanks very much for R-Linux. I just used this superb utility to recover my data from a drive that had lost its partition information. I very much appreciate that a lot of effort went into making a superb program, and then to release it for free is just amazingly generous.
Apr 08 2010, Irish
I am in the process of buying a new PowerMac G5 to replace my old G4. I just sold my G4 and backed up my iTunes music (about 40GB) to my Linux server. Today, the drive hit errors that I couldn't correct with fsck. I found your program, put my drive in my windows machine, and am now recovering my music library. You guys are life savers! Thank you so much for the R-Linux program and for publishing it for free.
Mar 21 2010, Andrew Carter
Amazing! I was able to recover all my data from a 2 disk raid 0 arrangement after a system crash left one of the disks in an unrecognized state. In my desperation I formated the drive yet I was still able to recover all my data!
It would have been a better experience though if the software could automatically determine the raid configuration via a series of questions in a wizard with an auto recover of a single file to verify.
Well worth the $49!
Mar 06 2010, Andrew McMahon
Drive Image is outstanding. I downloaded the Demo and within 2 hours I had 4 machines backed up. Very well though out and extremely easy to use. It`s time to give up the True Image and Ghost forever. Nice job and keep up the good work.
Mar 03 2010, Michael E. Hansen (AlarmLink, Inc.)
On the suggestion side of things, the only minor things I can recommend are to have file type selection optional, and perhaps also to have a stronger encryption system.
Thanks for a great program!
Feb 15 2010, Ray Beck
R-Drive Image is in my opinion the best disk backup software available! VERY user friendly, great data compression, tons of options, the ability to recover broken image files, the ability to split them into certain sizes, the ability to do a sector by sector backup, the ability to encrypt your files, it`s GREAT!
I`ve restored data to my drive no less than 3 times so far from cases of my operating system corrupting itself and needing to go back a few days. Works perfectly!
Feb 15 2010, Ray Beck
Your R diver image and r studio software`s are fantastic.
Feb 15 2010, Maruti Yadav (Nucleotech Medical Systems International Ltd)
I want to let you know how much I appreciate how R-Studio was able to perform a full file recovery from a disk that had been accidentially re-formatted and partially re-imaged. The only files Windows saw were the logs left behind by the aborted re-imaging process. We tried using OnTrak Data Recovery and Open Source TestDisk without success, but R-Studio was able to recover the the entire folder structure and all the user`s files. We would be happy with the product at ten times the price (but don`t tell marketing that a customer has said this). Thanks again.
Feb 11 2010, Glen Pullen (Portland State Univ. School of Business)
Thank you R-Studio! I`d given up on recovering data from an Iomega RAID0 drive formatted for Mac, but after several attempts I got all the data back. YAY!
Feb 08 2010, Roy (IBE)
I like your products. I used the trial of R-Wipe & Clean. I just think they are a little on the high priced side. If this product sold for 14.95 to 19.95 I would probably buy but $29.00 is too expensive for what it does. Just my opinion. There are several freeware versions that do similiar.
Jan 31 2010, Bob Bell
I just wanted you to know that I really like your software, it allowed me to help two of my siblings recover lost data, once on a camera SD card and once on a hard drive. I admit I pirated the software at first because I didn`t want to pay the money until I was sure it did what I needed it to (and the demo is too limited for that.) But it performed beautifully and I`m a properly licensed, paying customer now. Thanks again!
Jan 25 2010, Jared
Hi guys, been checking over your tools and I think your an awesome software house.
I`m a programmer by trade, I am the owner of the business I work at and venture and cross over into such things as forensics, live malware assessment, software and hardware reverse engineering.
I came across the program r wipe&clean and can say pretty much gleaned nothing useful from the machine in a traditional approach. What a great and thorough tool.
Actually what I wanted to ask was have you guys made a standalone version or a more common name these days `portable` version of r wipe&clean?
Kind Regards, David.
Dec 29 2009, David Sykes (Sykes)
Just a short note to thank you helping save my data.
I happen to instal a new XP in 1 partition on a 5 partition 500Gb data HD losing all my data.
I waisted 2 days using Ontrack, that could only find the first partition automaticly and recovered a lot of files broken .
Then I could use your software and scanned all 5 partitions in less than 2 hours. And allmost all files recovered unbroken. Copying this amount took a lot longer ofcourse.
Just a last remark. Saving the scan for later recovery of the last partition was not as user friendly to make me do it right, so I had to rescan. I had only saved the first partition scan(??).
Dec 09 2009, Mark Mannesse (@home)
WOW, the product works great. It was too simple (compared to other products i tested), I kept checking for additional steps. The code is so `light weight` and the program so simple. The best part is the results! I copied disk to disk and imaged one from a file share, and both worked as avertised!
Nov 22 2009, Roy
Morning! I just wanted to say thanks for creating a great tool. It copied EXACTLY my 500GB drive to the new one I bought in about 90 minutes, EXCELLENT stuff :D
Nov 14 2009, Liam O`Flaherty (N/A)
Your R-Linux tool is really, really nice. I had a hard drive crash and your tool allowed me to recover almost all of the files - despite the fact that several sectors were bad, the MBR was corrupted and the partition information was gone.
Thank you.
Oct 29 2009, Jeremy Roth (Bigshoe)
R-Studio recovered all my data on a flashdrive that I had formatted on accident. I tried several other programs that claimed to recover data. None of them worked.
R-Studio is amazing software. Thank you R-TT your software is a blessing. As the data I recovered was so very important to me. Sandra Witkoe
Spokane, Washington
Oct 25 2009, Sandra Witkoe
Hello R-TT,
Just a line to let you know that R-Drive Image has our backs covered.
Rock solid when things go wrong.
Thanks for the time you have invested in the development of the software.
Rose and Andrew
Oct 11 2009, Rosemarie Knabe
Thank you very much for R-Studio. I was able to retrieve most of the files of a `dead` hardrive that I was about to put in the trash.
Unforgetable souvenirs were recovered and just for that, I will never spread enough the good that your tools can provide..!
Yours truely,
Sebastien Tremblay and Isabelle Michaud
Sep 22 2009, Sebastien Tremblay
Thank you for making an affordable product that works well. I have used R-Studio now several times even on large raid systems and you have saved me both a lot of time and money. Thank you!
Sep 18 2009, Chris Kleeman (The Karuk Tribe)
Recently, my main hard drive on my Windows XP box crashed, wiping out the MFT. My last backup was corrupted, and I thought all was lost. I spent a holiday weekend downloading and testing about a dozen different product demos to see if anything could be recovered.
R-Undelete was by far the fastest and most complete utility I tested, so I bought and downloaded the full version.
It recovered every important file, including my e-mail folders, and several directories of digital photos that did not have recent backups. Thank you R-TT!
Aug 10 2009, Brian Abernathy
This program is amazing! My computer had been accidentally reformatted and repartitioned- I lost everything! I tried many other data recovery software, and we even took it to a specialist, but I saw this and bought it...it recovered almost every single thing I had lost, fast and easy. Really really exceptional! I wanted to cry when I lost all my things, I can`t tell you how much it means to me to get it all back.
Aug 07 2009, Raven Cradock
Dear Sir/Madam
Your records will show that i have recently purchased a number of your products with the most recent being R-Studio (with the R-Studio Emergency attachment). I am by no means a `computer person` and pretty much need a program with minimal input from me to complete its tasks. The programs you have provided do exactly that and i am extremely satisfied with their performance and user-friendliness. The real purpose of this short letter is to express my thanks with regard to your provision of an EXCELLENT program being R-Studio. My purchase came about after a destructive crash wherein i lost everything on my hard drive and was unable to re-start Windows. Again, not being a `computer person` i had no idea what to do to rectify the situation. Enquiries with a computer `expert` revealed that the entire content of my computer was lost, unrecoverable, irretrievable, no chance whatsoever of any form of recovery. His advice was to re-format the hard drive, to start again, to acce
pt total loss. Those contents are somewhat valuable to me in current legal proceedings and to lose them totally was inconceivable. After much anger, despair and hair-pulling, i downloaded R-Studio - which has a price of less than 5% of that quoted by the computer `expert` to attempt any recovery or even look at my hard drive. R-Studio (Emergency) without missing a beat got it all back. Everything. Not a file missed. Nothing corrupted. An EXCELLENT program indeed and quite possibly, in my case,a life-saver. I cannot thank you and your team enough for the provision of such an easy to use program and one which does exactly what it promises, nothing less. I thank you sincerely. Roy.
Jun 15 2009, Roy Remick (Bri-Tar Home Maintenance)
You`ve just earned a product registration. My heart sunk when I discovered that Windows 7 System Restore decided that not only was it going to restore an image from a an external USB drive to an internal laptop drive, it was also going to crawl through ALL external Firewire drives and reformat 12 years of data stored as FAT32 as blank NTFS partitions. I cried, literally.
I tried a few recovery utilities that couldn`t see past the filesystem changes and reformatting. But along came R-Studio which was able to find the 120,000+- files of data, and restored them! THANK YOU! You`ve saved me!
best wishes,
Jun 04 2009, Darcy Baston
This works great! All I needed was to copy an image of my hard drive to a new one and it worked perfectly! No problems! I wish I had found this software first; it would have saved me a half day of headaches!
May 11 2009, Ed Marshall
Dear R-Tools,
R-studio just saved my bacon for about the 5th time. I was converting videos files, and I unintentionally erased the main folder with 7 unfinished projects in it!!!! These are huge folders that are deleted instead of going to the recycling bin. So a lot of times the files are just gone!
This time fortunately the main folder and all 7 subfolders of my projects were listed using `open drive files`, and recovered FLAWLESSLY.
THANK YOU a million times, for your WONDERFUL product!!!!!!!!!!!
May 10 2009, Steve B. (N/A)
I purchased the standard R-Studio software as a final attempt to recover files from my daughter`s failed hard drive. It worked so much better than I could have hoped. It recovered better than 99% of the files on the drive, many of which were pictures, videos, music and financial records. I just got a chance to use it again, and once again it recovered better than 99% of the files in the bad area of the drive. Thank you for a product worth buying.
May 01 2009, Terry Martin (Home User)
I have been sending e mails all day to your tech support people...no doubt they are trying to help...but to be frank...their answers are confusing...all i ask for is a phone conversation that would no doubt take up MUCH LESS of BOTH our time.
I`d like to thank you for this marvelous tool! R-Studio has saved my skin three times so far - I`ve lost gigabytes of work by accidentally deleting folders, formatting my hard drive and due to bad sectors; but I managed to recover them all to the last byte! Thanks again to the team! Keep up the good work!
Mar 15 2009, Silviu Filip (Aquila Publishing House)
I was very disappointed with this product. I scanned the drive and it showed a good deal of files, but after purchase and attempted recovery, I reallized that there were huge amounts of data that was still lost. I feel that I wasted my money. When I can afford another program will try again with a better recovery service. I don`t think it will be hard to find.
Jan 27 2009, John
Hey people, I`m using R-drive image and I think it is very good.
The Ability to create a Live USB of R-Drive Image would be very cool, are you thinking about it?
And try to avoid ruining the product like Acronis did, with nasty DRM!
This even works as a portable version and even on Wine! Way to go!
Keep up the good work.
Best regards
Jan 07 2009, SF007 (none)
It appears there isn't a lot of FAQ and troubleshooting information for RDrive which is the product I purchased. It would be most helpful to have a pdf version of a manual for RDrive also - the help files are very sketchy and do not ellaborate on what to do if you run into problems - which I have. Thanks for listening.
Jan 06 2009, Tim Grim
R-Wipe&Clean is a very good application, but it cannot scramble file and folders properties (name, size, date).
In that case it would be a perfect program (imho).
Best regards
P.S.: in the main window of website program the first (and same) phrase is repeated two times. ;)
Jan 03 2009, AI Michalsky
Thank you very, very much!
R-Undelete just saved my life
(or at least three days of it)
Jan 02 2009, Werner Gress (arso GmbH)
I thought we we covered with a Raid1 mirror. No need for backups. Somehow the mbr/partition was damaged (still not figured it out) but luckily R-Studio managed 100% recovery of all our family digital images and files. Superb and well worth the money.
Dec 20 2008, Dave G (Home user)
As an IT contractor I have been using R-Image and have found the app to work extremely well. However please could you advise me if you have an app that can re-adjust the size of working partitions sizes on the fly.
Dec 18 2008, Doug Beard
Have you ever considered making a linux recovery tool that operates in linux???
I would be in the market for your R-Linux, except that it's Windoze based. Consider this;
point R-linux towards a target voume,
unemerate the desired data,
Watch as Windows copies all the regular folders and leaves behind THE DATA.
Linux email clients make files that contain :, and other characters that are taboo in the Windows world. Windows DOES NOT GET ON WITH OTHER FILE SYSTEMS.
If only; if only R-linux was ported to linux.
Then there would be no FAILURE when the data recovery tool is put to recovering data.
If only.
Dec 18 2008, IAN DELANEY
Great product! 5 Stars out of 5! I had a broken RAID 5EE array, consisting of 8 sata disks (total of 2TB) on a Adaptec 2820SA card. The disks and the controller where physically OK, but my drive-letter was gone and the partition-table seems beyond repair... No other recovery program was able to get my data back - an I tried quit a few... R-Studio regocnize my array immediately and managed to recover all my data. Thank you so much!
Dec 17 2008, Gertjan Westerlaken
Love the new resize feature, however it would be great to be able to go the oppoisite direction. Often I am trying to image a 500GB drive with only 10GB of data to an 80GB drive. I have seen other software do this (I think older versions of Norton Ghost).
Dec 08 2008, John Andrea (Mobile Technology Solutions)
R-Drive Image is a great product! I recommend it to everyone!
Here`s an idea. How about a utility to make a bootable R-Drive Image DVD but with the option to add some image files? It would be great to have a single DVD with program and images on it.
Nov 06 2008, Edward Krach (Avocent Corporation)
First of all thanks for a splendid product that really helped me out. Recently I lost my RAID 1 for reasons I`m not sure of yet. But thanks to R-Studio I could recover almost all data from the disks.
A little feature I could use if it ever happens again, would be the opportunity to unclear all files of a specific size, e.g. 0 kb files. There is no reason to restore them ... Another feature you could consider.
When scanning a RAID drive, finding several of the same files, only present one of them, the newest, larger than 0 Kb.
Maybe a feature of recover entire structure, again only one of each identical files, larger than 0 Kb .
Minor things, but again an improvement worth to consider.
Nov 01 2008, Kristian Krejberg-Larsen (Drabant IT)
Thank You! I had a portable harddisk that I use to offload my camera compactflash card images while traveling. On returning home and connecting this harddisk to the computer I found that the logical partition had been damaged. Thanks to your application I was able to download the demo and see what could be recovered. Then I could simply and quickly purchase online, use the activation code without a reinstall, and recover all my 90GB of files. All recovered in only a couple of hours!
Many thanks for this excellent product and service.
Oct 24 2008, John Lafferty (lafferty.com.au)
Fabulous program, very easy to use, and `oh so fast` I am glad that I could not find my Symantec Ghost program disk, and needed a solution now. I will purchase a copy as soon as i finish this comment.
Oct 01 2008, Darrin Jenkinson (Vanns Inc.)
I hope you are aware that the installer of the R-studio demo is blocking on `ERROR opening file for writing` ... even when installing as an administrator.
Sep 19 2008, Wim
Hello -- I need to take the time to commend you on an EXCELLENT product - R-Undelete.
I am in the IT Staff for a law firm, and I'm here on the weekend trying to recover some deleted files. Browsing around for demos to try, there are other programs that you compete with that didn't even SEE THE FILE I needed to recover, making me nervous - some even needed NTFS permissions changed / emergency disks handy, etc etc... I then found your site, downloaded your demo, and it saw the file ! Man I was relieved. I knew the demo was limited to 64K, and I immediately bought R-Undelete from your website, and everything went as you specified, even on the weekend ! This is to be commended.
Thanks very much for providing a product that actually works, and is very easy to use, as a side !
Thanks for your smooth purchase/install/use format, that really saved me a lot of time from having to restore from various backup tapes. Worth $55 ? You bet ! I'm recommending it to everyone.
Jun 15 2008, Ryan Monahan (SKWWC)
Your latest build of R-Drive is a work of art. I had to replace a boot drive. I couldn`t format the replacement drive with Western Digital`s own Lifetools. Your latest build of R-Drive rebuilt the drive anyway and it booted flawlessly.
Many thanx
Jun 12 2008, Doug Kochanowski
I am a recent customer of R Studio when my raid0 set crashed on me this weekend. My system wouldn`t boot, so I installed a new drive, installed windows to that, but still could not get properties on the raid drives, let alone read the contents to do an emergency backup.
I figured the $50 bucks was worth it to give it a shot and try and recover my data. Of course, I was running fast and loose with my raid 0 set and didn`t have a very recent backup!
However, once I figured out R Studio, not only was I able to recover every single file that I cared about, I am now back up and running with a fresh install, and as good as new! Of course, with a more sophisticated backup scheme now in place.
I am so pleased with my $50 investment, that I didn`t hesitate to tell my IT manager at work about the discovery.
Thanks again for helping me get my lost data back!
If you ever need a 3rd party endorsement, I`d be happy to provide one.
Jun 10 2008, Peter Roberts
I`m writing to thank you for putting out such a fine product. R-Studio was been a lifesaver twice now - - once after a brand new external drive somehow became corrupt half-way through a system migration / massive file transfer, and a second time when I accidentally reformatted the wrong partition on one of my media drives. Both times, R-Studio was able to recover 100% of the data.
That data was worth 1000x more to me than the cost of the product.
Thank you!!
May 30 2008, Vince P in Seattle (Axis Analytics)
i tried R-Wipe&Clean for 15 days. I must say it`s one of the better of its kind. One key cleaning feature was missing tho: To clear the `Past Item` list of `Hidden Inactive icons` which can be found under `Taskbar and Start Menu Properties`->`Hide inactive icons`->`Customize`. It is possible to see all applications that have been run previously by its icon.
You can`t use the wipe list function in r-wipe and remove appropriate reg keys, since the explorer.exe process must be killed afterwards.
This would be a nice feature to be able to clean in the next version.
May 16 2008, Harry Malloy
R-Studio for Linux is a nice tool, BUT on my 4,8 GB notebook harddisk it can only find die WinME-partition (2,8GB) and doesn't find the 2 Linux-partition and the one Linux-swap-partition. What can I do to get access to the Linux-partition, because my linux partition are corrupted?
May 04 2008, Josef Glidden
I am blown away at how fast, easy, and reliable your software is. I`ve been ripped off by several other software companies in the past, and was very hesitant to be fooled again. Your software works. It will be the only software I recommend to my clients.
Apr 10 2008, Laura Friedman (Mighty Geeks)
I downloaded at least 15 data recover programs in the last week to try to desperately recover extremely important family pictures from a hard drive that was going out.
NONE of the program were able to recover any of the pictures and I spent over $500.00, unless I found the R-Studio NTFS program.
Not only was I able to recover ALL of the pictures, I was able to do it in less than 30 minutes.
I`m so happy that I was able to recover all the files, and I honestly have NEVER been so happy to spend $50.00 in my life.
I just wished I would of bought the R-Studio software in the beginning. I could of saved $500.00!
Apr 06 2008, Josh Alexander
Wow. I had a networked LaCie Ethernet Disk mini, d2, which crashed on power failure. Even though it was running through a surge protector. I had about 130+GB of various music files on it. Nothing I tried could recover my lost data with the metadata intact--except for R-Studio. Best recovery software, period! Too bad you dont make an OSX version. I`m glad I still have my old Dell laying around, or I would never have gotten my data back. Thanks for the great software at an affordable cost!
Apr 04 2008, Thomas Mekeel Jr (Mekeel industries)
As a programmer and IT manager, I often have people ask me to recover their hard drive data. I just purchased your software and it works great. You`re about to make my life a whole lot easier. And it`s a plus that you`re Canadian.
Feb 04 2008, M Chenier
My hard drive went south just before christmas, and pretty much made life a wreck. I did a search on the web for data recovery software, and pulled down the demo, since it would show what it would get back, and then I could buy the license. Well, it showed everything, and I bought the program. Out of over a quarter million files, only 6 or so didn`t make the trip back, and I think that`s due to naming conventions and duplicate files. All my data is back, on a new hard drive now, and also backed up, but I can`t thank you enough for your software, for the ease of use, and for what it did for me.
Jan 14 2008, bill ribas
During a Linux removal that went horribly, horribly wrong, I managed to nuke the MBR and (it seems) the MFT of my wife's WindowsXP machine. Although backing up the machine prior to the installation would have been the smartest move, after the disaster I used some tools to lock the dead partition and fresh installed XP on another. A brief search of the net led me to rtt, and purchasing R-Studio NTFS has allowed me to recover every last byte of data from the other partition. Thanks for an excellent product that does a fantastic job! This sits in the "must have" list of utilities!
Jan 12 2008, Neil O'Rourke
Hi... just some positive feedback. R-Wipe&Clean is great - I think it`s the best alround shredder out there. I have compared with alot of others. One thing you might want to include is the ability to shred the deleted emails,notes etc in the Outlook pst file. Alot of people who want to clean their pc but continue to use outlook need to do this. SafeIT offer a product which does this, and they have a shredder product, but you have to buy them separately. You could be the first and only (?) shredder to have this all in one, and surely that would increase your sales? Certainly it would have made RWC more attractive to me and my friends.
Another idea, and not sure whether this is feasible, would be the ability to log into pc as administrator and apply the shredding tasks to ALL users on the PC... this would save alot of time by not having to log in to each user and run RWC there.
Just fyi... all best, Scott
Jan 10 2008, scott tucker
Your product has been great, but it lacks one requirement: detection of USB-keyboard (-mouse). Nowadays computers are shipped without ps/2-ports and there's no way using R-Drive Image without.
Could you confirm to me if this has been taken into roadmap and when it is possibly due to release?

Nov 21 2007, Vesa Jarvitalo (Capricode Ltd)
I should like very much to thank the people at r-tools technology for a truly remarkable product. In the space of a few hours your program has restored 196 gigabytes of data that was completely irreplaceable, from a badly corrupted disk.
Where no operating system could see my hard drive r-suite 4.2 put it at the top of the list and effortlessly restored and saved it and myself. I both thank and salute you.
Nov 16 2007, Desmond R Lewis
Your R-Studio software is awesome!
I tried Stellar Partition recovery: Software dumps after 2 hours of extraction. A waste of time.
I tried nucleus: No USB devices are accessable. Great if your only change to access the 2.5" drive of your notebook is USB.
I make a backup every single weekend. But one week of lost data in business can make you lose your head or job or both if the data is critical and only 2 weeks to project go-live.
R-Studio is faster than the other two products I tried.
It has a great image feature, which allowed me to reinstall the OS on my notebook while recovering my data in parallel on a different PC from the image (only filesystem was totally corrupt, no physical damage on HDD).
Its intuitive. The best is the feature to save the structual information of you drive seperatly. Once scanned you can recover without rescanning, even days later if you missed a file. Saves you hours!
Its good, its fast, its kick-ass!
Nov 09 2007, Hendrik Bahnen (Bi-insight.com)
Just finished a month of scans/crops/image adjustments on 600 photos and my HDD died. R-Studio is trundling away on my other machine, pulling files off which were untouchable/unreachable by other utilities. You guys have saved my backside... thanks for your great product!! Mick
Nov 07 2007, Michael Pitt (Vision DCA)
Had a disaster with reloading xp onto a system with nvidia array and dynamic disks. Your software has just recovered all my data. Wonderful!
I think the instructions could be a little better but otherwise could not be happier. Best dollars I have spent on computer software in a long time. Thanks!
Oct 14 2007, peter baldwin
I am impressed, R-Linux is top-notch.
Oct 04 2007, Frank Z (ASIT Consulting)
I have tried R-Studio version 4.0 on several drives. When it works it is great but on several occasions when trying to open drive files the application just locks up. There is nothing else running and I tried several times on all drives to re-open the drive files. I have even tried to scan the drive first then open the drive files and I get the same result. What I had to do was remove version 4.0 of R-Studio and reinstall version 3.8. After the reinstall I had no problems opening the drive files. The only thing I see wrong with version 3.8 is it sometimes will not show the number and size of the files that are tagged to recovery.
Sep 24 2007, Daniel McWhinnie (Advanced Data Solutions)
Almost forgot. Whe are you going to port this to run on a MAac :-)
Sep 19 2007, Duende (Duende Vision Studios/ New Chapter Productions)
Your product saved me $1700 in recovery fees. Competeing products were failing to even read the disk or were going to rename tens of thousands of files. Thanks Much
Sep 19 2007, Duende (Duende Vision Studios/ New Chapter Productions)
RS 4.0 is a major improvement and I'm glad that it is finally out; however, it would be nice if couple things can be addressed with the next update.
The extra space created for the "_Root" folder needs to be addressed when saving the data to a target location, this was the issue after 3.1x. RS v. 3.0 did not have that issue at all and worked very well. This issue might become an issue in the long run down the road.
The search for the next item of interest does not start at the correct point of interest when manually jumped to a different point of interest. It will continue from the last search result. However, version 3.0 of RS did not had this issue. This would be a nightmare if I have to go over a large deleted temporary internet folder where all I want is to locate a few JPG file from a point of interest at a specific location.
Aug 06 2007, Vincent (ADR Data Recovery)
I tried out R-Image more than once (Yes, I admit that but I'm paying now) , but I just have to register this now because it made me feel guilty for abusing that. I think that's the best tool out of the bunch for 75% of people coming to this site. They just want a cost-effective way to deal with disk images and mirroring drives! No one needs the whole suite for that, but it's nice that it's an upgrade path in the future. The software was easy to use, did just what I needed and nothing I didn't want it to. It also is easy to find test out and see if you like the other software, if you need that extra functionality lator. I'm not a business owner or have an IT department (I AM my IT dept.), so I'll probally not need that other stuff. Thanks for the great products, especially the disk image tools! I also liked how it didn't go nuts that I had a server OS that I'm playing with (2003 Beta tester) - it allows me to experiment and to buy licenses over time instead of making me start from scratch just because of a flag in the registry!
I'm glad that they have a beta test - I read and at least partially agree with Bill Gates' open letter to hobbiests. (Read it, it's pretty straightforward on his position) :)
Sincerely, Joe Whitehead
Jul 24 2007, Joseph Whitehead
I own several of your products, you need to make a new version of your wipe and clean to wipe servers, I would pay alot for it.
Jul 21 2007, James Bruce (Jamesnet)
Hello, your product looks like an awesome piece of software. My only problem is that you claim ..... "All data transmitted over network are encrypted with a strong algorithm (3DES) for data security." Anyone now a days would definetly not regard 3DES as secure. You guys should switch to something like AES or Blowfish (blowfish would have better performance).
Jul 18 2007, Reza Ambler (R&D Computing)
After seeing your advertorial in PC magazine, I visited your web site and tested your drive image software, version 4.0. Every once in a while I try to test drive image software to see if *anyone* out there made things as easy as PowerQuest did in their 2002 version of Drive Image.
As you may know Symantec bought PowerQuest with the express purpose of killing PowerQuest's Drive Image because it was superior to Norton Ghost.
In any case, here's what PowerQuest's Drive Image 2002 does on my system and what no other software does. (I hope you accept my frank criticism): I partitioned my hard drive to C: (Windows XP) D:(Windows Millennium) and E:(where I keep all large programs installed as well as Drive Image files.)
If I can, I usually boot into either operating system to within seconds re-image the other. I start PowerQuest Drive Image 2002, and then this happens:
Restore Image > Finish > Yes > Yes
Four clicks (!) And in fraction of a second the operating system partition is being restored.
Why four clicks, because it retains the information on what to do from the last time it was used, allowing the user to do Restore Image > Finish > Yes > Yes.
It does the same for Creating the image files so they too can be created by simultaneously clicking on Next a couple of times.
*No other Drive Image software can do that.*
Also, Image creation restoration is done without rebooting. Why can PowerQiest Drive Image 2002 lock the drives and perform imaging without rebooting while others cannot, including your program?
Your program works under old Windows Operating systems, this is great, because I do not use Windows Me but it's convenient to reimage my Windows XP by simply rebooting into it to do so.
And I noticed a fine feature in your program where I can double click on the Drive Image file itself, then perform the Image Restore from there. This is an improvement over PowerQuest Drive Image 2002.
Now if you can just get your program to remember previously used settings and get it to be able to lock the drive without the need to reboot the system...
Either way, studying performance of PowerQuest Drive Image 2002 is the key to beating Symantec. Good luck.
Jul 17 2007, Jason Fletcher
This is the most thorough disk cleaning program I have ever encountered. Believe me it will speed up the performance of the computer not to mention cleaning all the clutter that gets accumulated on the hard drive from everyday usage.
Jul 08 2007, Christopher White
Your product is magic...you saved me from ripping my whole hair off.
I did something silly with my harddrive: I copied the MBR of another HD and obviously windows didn't want to read it...
Best spent 50 bucks ever!
Jun 15 2007, Andrea
I just wanted to say that your software works wonderfully... I had a client with a corrupted disk system and was able to quickly and easily recover ALL of their requested data. On behalf of myself and my cient I thank you!
Jun 07 2007, Keith Mattes
What a wonderful product. My WD 40GB hard drive lost all data from what I believe was a power failure. The drive was still functional, but in trying to access it I would get the message "drive is not formatted". I took the drive into a local pc repair shop and they felt confident they could retrieve the data. Two days later they called to say they had no luck. In a last ditch effort and with little hope left, I downloaded R-Studio and performed a scan on the drive. R-Studio was able to find the data and when I did a recovery on the files, everything that I needed was restored; family photos, financial information, tax return files, everything. This was definitely worth the investment. Not sure if it will work for everyone, but it worked great for me. Thank you rtt!
Jun 06 2007, Rod Kluin
I just wanted to drop you guys a brief note thanking you so much for this excellent product. When Vista suddenly decided my 1.5 TB of home video was no longer valid I was devastated. Your wonderful product saved all my family's memories.
Thank you so very much.
May 10 2007, Alan Watson
Hi, few days ago my linux disk suddenly crashed and I really needed the data from it. I had another disk with Windows installed, so I started looking for some Windows-based recovry software. I found two or three, but they were all demos. One of them could read the data, but it wanted $50 for recovry. So I looked further, for some free software. And I came across R-Linux data recovry. I wasn't hoping in all data rescue, but when I ran this program, I couldn't believe it! I saw most of my data and I was able to recover them! For free! I recovered around 48GB of my 50GB partition. Thank you guys for this really great program. The best thing is, that it's free. Keep the good work going.
(Feel free to correct my language-mistakes when publishing this:)
Apr 28 2007, Martin Klapetek
Hi. I bought R-Undelete several years back (ver2.0). That purchase a few years back was one of the best investments that I ever made.
Your software has saved my files from trojans/virii and my own personal stupidity (del happy).
You have a great product...
Apr 19 2007, Castor Uycoque (*personal use*)
My laptop hard drive crashed on Friday (30 Mar), and I had one MS Access Application that I hadn't backed up to the network (40-80 Hours of work to recreate), using the R-Studio Emergency CD, I was able to recover all of my files, and, therefore, won't have to recreate the application. I'll remember to backup to the network in the future, though.
Apr 01 2007, David C
I think this software is brilliant for those like myself who use window's and know that the only real, way to recover from a sysem crash is to give the hard disk a skinhead and re-instlal from a drive image.
Mar 19 2007, Eric Cartmel (None)
R-Studio rules- it is perfection. It has never failed to amaze me by working effectively regardless of the condition of the hard-drive. It's obvious that you guys are VERY serious about providing the best possible tool for hard-drive recovery. I recommend it to everyone!
As I type this it is reading an external Western Digital USB Drive. The repair software that you can download from Western Digital for this exact drive was useless. Chkdsk was useless, and of course Windows XP refused to even recognize it as a valid drive. But R-Studio properly identified the drive and recovered everything on it including the directory structure (onto a new drive as recommended).
In the past I needed to look for something on a drive that had been reformatted and partly re-used, yet and it was able to find and recover most of the old stuff. Just amazing!
I run the site gametalk.com and will recommend your software there. I haven't tried R-Firewall yet but if it works as advertised, and I expect that it is as great as everything else, then the free version will be useful to a lot of our visitors. So I want to thank you in advance for that.
Thanks again- as a long-time PC user I can't remember when I've been this impressed.
Mar 10 2007, Mike Pooler (gametalk.com)
I could HUG you guys, KISS you and giva a million thanks Bought your software several years ago and only needed to use it once or twice...but the TWICE was a big one....I had over 4000 karaoke songs in one format, saved them to another drive when I obtained another karaoke program that required another format. Thought I had all those 4000+ songs saved. Lo and behold, when I learned the new pgm wasn't good, and tried to find my OLD formatted songs on the backup, it said the entire directory was corrupted. Oh my, I thought "there went 3 years of work"...But thanks to your recovery program, I found that missing folder and recovered every bit of those 4000 songs. AMEN and thank you.
Feb 03 2007, Mariann (MDS Computer Pgm Svcs)
Your product did not work. None of my files were recovered and although your tech support got back to me very quickly, there was nothing they could do. Thank you for wasting my time and my money.
Jan 29 2007, Scott Wholley
Your software that I have had for for quite awhile now is great! So good that I now have questions about some of the wash and erase software that R-Studio seems to see through, so to speak.
I try to use frequently Webroot Window Washer that I bought awhile as well. I assumed that it and Norton's similar tools were doing a reasonable job of washing and erasing old files. However, recently I ran a scan with R-studio after running one of the washes of free space and many files that I had previously assumed were being properly erased. Not true!. Even though the names had of course gone but literally hundreds of files could be recovered with R-studio. Are you guys that good or are they that bad. I have tried several and have similar results. I even ran the Webroot Gutmann pass which is 35 over writes and still got files I could recover.
Is there an answer to this???
Jan 29 2007, Ron Willoughby
R-Studio & R-Wipe&Clean are the business. Excellent, five ***** products, thanx.
Jan 26 2007, Peter Mare
Fat32 worked well--saved 5+ years of family photos. Thanks.
Dec 26 2006, Jeff Hicks
I just had a hard disk crash and lost all the photographs taken by my wife over the last three years. Thanks to RSD, they're all recovered. You probably saved my marriage :-). Many thanks.
David Parkinson, (Old) York, UK
Nov 16 2006, Dave Parkinson
My wife and I recently returned from a 3 month stay in Bryce Canyon where I took almost 1500 photos. When we got home I transfered the files from my laptop to my desktop. I then removed the partitions on my laptop in preparation to reformat the harddrive (which I still haven't got around to yet). Unfortunately, I didn't check to see if all the photos were transfered and it turns out they weren't. Needless to say, I was more than upset with myself.
I purchased your undelete software, plugged in a portable harddrive to the laptop, and recoverd all my photos. I'm a VERY happy camper now! Thanks for the great, easy-to-use software!
Nov 12 2006, Robert Stermer-Cox (Dancing Clouds, LLC)
I used the demo version of R-Studio to recover my deleted Yahoo Messenger .dat archive files and it worked marvelously for me!!! I had almost given up hope when my usual 'Handy Recovery 1.0 (Built on March 26, 2004)' failed to recover files from my quick-formatted harddrive. Awesome tool! I'm grateful. Its on my shopping list :) - Mathew K J
Nov 10 2006, Mathew K J
While attempting to recover lost files I realized that the Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) is not listed in your known file types. This is a common file type of today's digital cameras and thought you might want to add it.
Some other problems I ran into using your Emergency Recovery software was that I couldn't get an image of my drive to work with because writing to FAT limits the file size to 4GB. Supporting NTFS would be the better solution but the ability to save the image in chunks would be good too.
Nov 09 2006, Johann Thorsson
I have been working on and building computers since my first Tandy computer back in about 1983 and I must tell you! I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes. You R-Studio software managed to recover all the files from my customers failed hard drive. The drive had been to two other shops for recovery with no luck and then came to me. I tried three trusted drive recovery programs and was about to give up when I discovered your program. Not only did it recover the files, it did it at lightening speed. Thank you so much for the program. I am actually looking forward to the challenge of my next unreadable drive!
J Shad
Leeds, New York
Nov 09 2006, John Shadley (Computer Support Solutions)
Thank you very much for fixing the R-Drive Image icon. R-Drive just gets better and better!
Oct 25 2006, Jeff Long
You guys rock - 5 hours trying to recover a unhealthy dynamic NTFS mirrored system, getting worse every try. Fired up R-Studio and all recovery in 1 click.
YAY! Thankyou.
Oct 21 2006, Ben Trinder & Steve Gordon (TDF)
Just wanted to let you know, we had a USB external drive that we could not access with a destroyed FAT. We purchased your full version software and were able to recover more than 90% of all files on the drive, and 100% of what we actually needed. Great product and the customer service response prior to purchase was excellent!
Oct 05 2006, Kenneth L. Kinkopf
I just thought I should let you guys know that, just like all the other happy customers, you've saved a huge amount of data that I would otherwise have lost. Thanks! You are awesome!
Sep 17 2006, Dan Mitchell (n/a)
You guys just saved my bacon. My main data drive just crashed. It caused my computer to reboot. Once rebooted, there was only one file on the drive (there was 300 Gig's of data before it freaked out). Every time I clicked to the drive through explorer, reboot. I tried to chkdsk from the command prompt, reboot. R-Undelete to the rescue. The 15 gigs of my most needed and critical source code and client backups are being restored as we speak. Seriously. Thank you guys for your software.
Sep 14 2006, James Reichardt (Northstar Internet, Inc.)
First I'd like to say what a fantastic application. I recovered nearly 240Gb from a broken hard disk. I was so relieved to retrieve the data. Thanks guys! I'll definitely be recommending this software to friends and collegues.
I do have some feedback from my use of the software. Please find the issues below. I hope you find the feedback useful.
Product: R-Studio NTFS
Version: 3.5 (Build 123503)
System: Pentium 4 (HT) CPU 2.60GHz, 1024 Mb RAM
OS: Windows XP Home Build 2600, SP2 (fully patched)
Title: Dir structure not properly restored when top-level dir has no normal files.
Type: Bug
When I restored files from a specific tree, if the top-level directory of the tree contained no normal files, then the top-level directory was not created. In my specific case, I had to restore the "Documents and Settings" tree. I marked the D&S folder and chose Restore Marked. The recovery process did not create the D&S folder, it created folders for each account at in the specified target dir.
To workaround the issue I had to manually create the D&S dir in the target location and move the recovered files.
Title: Read-only attribute on directories not preserved.
Type: Bug
After recovering data I noticed that the Read-only attribute originally set to some directories was not there. Specifically, this was on the Windows Special Folder: My Documents, My Music, Shared Documents, etc. As a results, the directories do not appear as Special Folders anymore.
To workaround I manually set the read-only attribute.
Title: Add balloon tips on rollover of trucated text in UI
Type: Enhancement
Whilst using the R-Studio UI many fields had their text entries truncated due to length. Particularly where the text was the fullpath to a file. Please can we have a balloon tip to show the complete text entry when rolling over the field with the mouse.
For an example, view a directory in Windows Explorer, viewing in Detailed mode. Rollover truncated text to observe a balloon tip showing the complete entry.
Title: Log file creation - option to dynamically update log.
Type: Enhancement
Not sure about the potential risk of overwriting data here, but.... Please add an option to enable logging after a log file has been setup. All activity is then entered into the log. An icon to enable logging in the toolbar would be great. If the user wants to recovery from the same disk and the log location a warning alerts the user about writing to that disk.
Title: Add "Time To Complete Operation" info in status bar
Type: Enhancement
When performing tasks that require a long time to complete, it would be nice to have an ETA of the completion time in the status bar.
Title: Preset preference for file renaming/overwriting
Type: Enhancement
I had to recover 240Gb of data. I started the recovery and left the tool to carry out the task. During the recovery (while I was away from the machine) it has prompted me to rename or overwrite a file and whether to keep this option for future occurances during this recovery. This meant the recovery process was idle for several hours. It would be nice if could set this option up before starting the recovery.
Sep 10 2006, Simon Law
I just want to say....
I have an 80GB Western Digital External USB drive. Last week, the thing quit being recognized when I plugged it in to my laptop and was getting a message that my hard drive was not formatted. I have 8 years worth of pictures and a large music collection on it, and needless to say, I was feeling rather devastated.
I made phone calls....$400 - $3,500 to recover the data without guaranty.
I tried other software at $100 per license...no luck.
I then had a friend suggest I give R-Studio a shot. 1 scan and about 6 hours later, I have all my photos and music without losing anything!!
A fan for life,
Chris A.
Aug 28 2006, Chris Astle (VirPack)
I am very impressed with your software. I have tried other programs from companies such as iolo and they didn't work at all for a full disk scan. I left it overnight and it didn't even increment past 12%. With R-Studio I was able to get the drive scanned and the files recovered in under 2 hours. It was fast and reliable. Plus I am using Windows XP x64 Edition and the program runs flawlessly in 32-bit emulation mode. Thank you for such a good product.
Aug 20 2006, Joshua Scoggins (Datastream Solutions)
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I used R-Studio to recover 1.2 gigs of data that I lost. And the partition had even been deleted! This is remarkable! You guys are AWESOME!!! Thanks again.
Aug 14 2006, Jim Tuckey
Your R-Studio recovery tool was able to recover a number of important files (including my Turbo Tax and Quicken files) when no other product I could find online could do so. Your $50 price was higher than most....but it sure was worth it to not have to try to recreate these files from scratch. Good show!
Jul 24 2006, David Cowles
Hi just bought drive image. Software is good but has one serious shortcoming, the bootup version of the software does not support writing to NTFS drives. Having only support for FAT drives is outdated as most people on the windows platform use NTFS now. You should make this limitation clearer before people buy the software.
Jul 12 2006, Mike Remington
I simply wanted to say I used your product with GREAT success. I thought that I had lost all my files since I reformated my drive and then to top it off I continued to use the hard drive! When I tried to recover the files weeks later I did find that some were not able to be found. More then likly due to me writting over them but feel I got more then 90 percent back and I sooo happy.
The price was very inexpensive as far as I'm concerned.
Thank You
Jul 04 2006, cyril bauer (private party)
Dear Sirs,
Many many many thanks!!! With R-Undelete I recovered all my lost source files (each under 64kB) within a minute (including the installation of R-Undelete). Your program is easy to use and it does what one wants it to do.
Jul 01 2006, Ludek Nerad (Eqisoft)
R-Studio certainly saved my bacon - quite a product. A repartitioning product crashed midway through and amongst other things, there were five years of family photos which I had not got around to backing up, which had dissappeared into unallocated space.
My only criticism is that the boot disk is tied to one machine. I think it would be much fairer if it were limited to a one machine "at a time". The machine I have is due to be replaced shortly so I am reluctant to tie my license into it. I realise that a more relaxed license would make it easy for users to cut unlimited CDs for lots of machines and you need to protect against that. A better model might be to have a (say) 24 hour license. When a user needs to use the disc they need to generate a one off key from your website which expires after 24 hours. I think this would provide a more reasonable compromise.
I welcome your feedback too.
Jun 29 2006, Mart Thomas
Hi Team R-Studio
Just wanted to drop a big thanks to you all. I wanted to readjust my partition sizes with partition magic 8.0 but some error made me end up with having lost the 2 partitions i wanted to modifiy. R-Studio though made it possible to retrieve all my personal photos,videos and loads of other material. Good memories not lost to the awesomeness of your little programm.
Thanks again
Jun 08 2006, Peter Steiner
lower-case profile CAPITAL performance. I rebuilt my 30Gb drive laptop in three hours including backup and restore of data with no errors. I would have no hesitation in recommending you.
Jun 07 2006, Ian Feekings
Found my school work again!! This program has the ability to recover .java files, which lots of other programs can`t do. This program saved me ours. THX R-studio!
Jun 05 2006, Werner van Westering (student)
I was looking for a replacement for Norton Ghost which I used for so many years when I came across R-Drive Image. I was so amazed how fast it was able to create a partition image "on the fly". I literally moved different OS's (Win2K, WinXP and Win2K3) in minutes countless times and flawless back to the C: drive. This is great for me as I need to test software sometimes on different kernels/OS. I was so impressed being a developer myself.
The above was all done by creating the OS on the C: drive then from within Windows and R-Drive creating an image on a separate partition on the same disk. In this example it's a 250 GB Raid 1 Server. I also created a Bootable R-Drive disc and countless times was able to change out the C: drive to a different OS without any issues using the bootable version of the software. And you know as well as I it's the best way to restore an image because nothing is running.
End of Story right? NOPE:
I was so please with the above that I almost was going to suggest our IT Department to switch over to your product from currently using Norton Ghost which we are having some issues with mostly the time it takes.
Before I could suggest R-Drive image, I had to do some final regression testing and that was with creating and restoring images using the bootable version. This is were it stopped me dead in my tracts to suggest using it for our IT Department it failed miserably in several areas and restore environments.
I am hoping the following regression testing report will help the developers fix several bugs I have found with the bootable version. I basically really liked the GUI in the Windows environment, BUT, it is just as if not more important that I can restore images that have been burned onto CD or DVD.
Here are my findings with the Bootable Version of R-Drive Image.
Issue 1:
R-Image will not write an image to an NTFS partition from the bootable version. I kept getting an error message stating it could not write to a protected or read only drive. Took me awhile to figure it out and I changed the volume to a FAT32 partition and the Bootable R-Drive successfully produced an image.
Issue 2:
This issue caused me to decline suggesting this to roll out the product at a production level because it failed on all accounts to successfully restore an image from CD's
Here are the examples:
Example 1:
From within in windows, I burned a restore image that comprised of 5 discs. This were done directly to the writeable CD burner and R-Drive successfully created them. Now to restore it back to the C: drive and here is where I have found several bugs.
I then placed the bootable CD of R-Drive Image in the CD Rom and then rebooted the machine. In a few moments the GUI came up like it has before and presented me the start-up screen 'Select an Action'.
I selected 'Restore from Image' then hit the 'Next' button.
I am then at the second screen showing a list of partitions as well as the CDO (CD Rom).
Next I took out the bootable CD and inserted Disc 5 (last disc) of the set I burned directly to CD and mounted and opened the image (Win2k_CD5.arc). then click the 'OK' button.
Now I'm at the next screen 'Select Source' (isn't the CD image and above and Source the same?) but it's showing me the C: drive partition as an option. This screen makes no sense at all. Anyway, I tried several options even going up levels to show the partitions. When select the option 'C:', I am advanced to the 'Select target Object' screen.
I know select C: like I did when I did it from restoring an image from another partition then advance to the next screen.
The screen now gives me a warning message 'You selected the existing disk or drive as the destination place' which is normal as done from restoring an image from an image on a partition. I click the OK button.
I am now advanced to another Error message screen 'Please select object of the same type as source one' then I click the 'OK' button.
Now I am presented with yet another Error message 'Please select at least one appropriate disk object then am returned back to 'Select target object' (get stuck in a loop).
Finally, click cancel to get back to the original screen but now there is yet another issue. Seems getting back to the original screen, R-Drive Image has lost the partition information. Now I can't even eject the CD and end up having to hard boot the machine and quickly remove the disc before it completes the boot sequence.
I reboot the machine then give it a try again but end up stuck in a loop and am unable to restore the image from CD's.
Example Two:
In this example I first burned the images to another partition then burned the 5 image files to CD then went through the sequence
Only this time I got stuck in different loop where it countless times bounced me back and forth between asking for disc one and disc five. After several attempts I got fed up with it and aborted the try.
Example Three:
I thought maybe the images I created may have something wrong with them when I created them on the separate partition so I then stuck the bootable CD back in the CD Drive and selected the CD5 image file on the Partition and R-Drive was able to successfully restore the image back to the C: drive ' hmmmm. That tells me the 5 images I created from the Windows environment were all good.
Example Four:
Now I am going to try this on another system. Got the same results would not restore the image from CD's
Example Five:
I now was going to try this second system another way. This system has the OS on Partition C: with 19 GB space (9 GB used up) and a blank Partition D: with 8 GB. I created an image file on the Drive D: which compressed down to 5 GB then tried to restore the image back using the bootable CD again it failed and a few times the system just froze up on me
Your product works great to produce an image to another partition (on one system it did not) from a Windows environment or create an image using a the bootable version to another partition. Restores where always successful on the one machine.
Restoring a image from CD's was not accomplished no matter what options I tried or selected.
It is critical and absolutely important that I or any IT department be able to create and restore an Image from media. R-Drive Image failed on all accounts to do this and give it my 'Thumbs down'. Not only did it not successfully restore images from media, the GUI seems to have a missing screen when using this option as mention in the first example.
I know this last section sounds hard on you guys, but, I was so looking forward to using the software based on how it functioned restoring images from another partition.
I spend I think 44 dollars and it is worth it to me for my machines for my small business, but can not recommend or suggest nor buy additional seats until all the above have been fixed.
I certainly hope this length evaluation and my time will help make R-Drive Image better than Ghost in future builds.
Mike Klipich
May 02 2006, Mike Klipich
OH MY GOD! you guys have just saved my life! i was resizing 2 partitions with partition magic when it just decided to F*CK UP and left me with an unbootable drive and an unrecognisable partition, which just happened to contain MY MAJOR ADVERTISING FOLIO which id been working on for four months... needless to say i was slightly distressed, i tried various programs which all sucked untill i stumbled across yours which absolutely saved the day, i cant belive how simple it was, thanks soooo much for creating such an awesome product and preventing me from getting rather violent at my PC, p.s. partition magic sucks balls, cheers :)
May 02 2006, michael drohan (student)
Many thanks for a product that easily recovered my data from a drive that had lost its partition info and could not be seen in Win XP. Partition Magic etc saw the drive as a blank raw drive with no info.
So, an excellent product.
A. Daly
Apr 26 2006, Anthony Daly
Dear Sir;
I am a systems and kernel developer. I have worked on SysVr4 at Bell Labs, AIX at IBM and Linux on various consulting assignments.
My wife just trashed several important files and I thought I had 4 to 8 hours of disk recover ahead of me.
I downloaded the trial version of your product and it found the deleted files and recovered them with no loss in data.
I went directly back to your site and registered on line.
No wonder you provide a free trial. After seeing it work it's irresistible.
Yes I have the skills to recover a disk, but why should I go to all that work when you have solved the problem so well.
Thanks - I figure I saved several hundred dollars of my time for the small price of your product.
Apr 15 2006, John W. Marland
R-Studio is an excellent product. It recovered everything from a crashed harddisk, even deleted files.
The fact, that it also recovers the directory structure correctly, is very impressive.
Apr 07 2006, Alexandre P. Masson (Masson Engieering Ltd.)
Awesome software (Image), really like the virtual drive feature!
How about an incremental image feature, so I can do backups as well?
Thanks for a great product!
Apr 04 2006, Doug Armstrong (Ratio DesignLab)
Hi, how about producing a 'limited hit' version of your software for consumer level use who may only suffer a serious hard drive failure once every few years. I have a 320 GB drive that the MFAT died on about 3 years ago and just never got round to recovering the data because the price has always been a bit too much to stomach. A weekend ripping my CD's vs the price of the software for one use hasn't really appealed because I have been on a limited budget. Your pricing is great for corporate use, I can see how for small businesses and the like your almost giving the software away but for consumers its a bit more expensive. It could maybe work in the way that you purchase a serial number for each recovery you do, i.e. a consumer scans the affected drive, the software builds a recovery profile and then builds a key that they give you and you build the serial from the key. they pay a nominal fee say $5 for the recovery and you increase your profits by targetting a demographic you might not have been doing before. Just an idea, may be a crap one but you never know. Anyway, here I am on your site looking to make sure your still here and making the software and hoping one day you might lower your prices. ;o). Great product, keep up the good work on a more corporate level. Best regards, Sean
Mar 27 2006, Sean Lewis (none)
I recently purchased and downloaded your R-Studio product. A previous attempt with another product created more problems than it solved. I am more than pleased to let you know that you R-Studio saved my daughters extensive photojournalists files, after she downloaded a virus from a friend. I found the R-Studio practical, and very very intuitive, even for a not overly computer oriented person like myself. Thanks again for a superb product.
Mar 20 2006, daniel m jenkins
I don't even know where to begin, this product is AMAZING!!!
It's merely 5 days before my wedding and I have been working hard over the last few weeks on a slideshow for the reception. I had some Windows problems (imagine that!) and had to reinstall. Well, for some insane reason, my "video" drive that I use to store all my Adobe Premiere Pro work was corrupted (it showed as an unformatted basic disk when it was a 300GB dynamic disk!!!). I scoured the web in a state of utter hopelessness and somehow ran across your site.
I ran the demo version and it found nearly 2000 files that were otherwise lost to me, so I purchased the NTFS-only version of your software and went about recovering the wedding slideshow to make sure it would work.
I just finished installing Premiere again and lo-and-behold NOT A SINGLE FILE WAS MISSING OR CORRUPT!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I'm seriously nearly in tears of joy writing this, because I thought the entire project (along with other irreplacable video of our son) was lost! You may have just saved a marriage (ok, well, maybe not that far, but you saved the reception entertainment!!)
I cannot wait to let the software finish scanning the drive to see if I can get 100% recovery (I'm very hopeful, since nothing has been written to it since it "disappeared").
I'm one of those all-around geeks (I'm a PHP/MySQL programmer by day, digital videographer/photographer by night) and it's not often a piece of software FULLY lives up to my expectations. You software has not let me down!!!
I see you have an option below for me to allow you to use my feedback on your site. PLEASE DO!!! I will be telling all of my "geek friends" about your software!!!!!!!!
Mar 20 2006, Jesse Kaufman
This is just a nusance issue. When you recover marked files, the program will unmark the files and folders as it recovers them, unless it is an empty folder. I wish it would uncheck the empty folders too as it runs the recovery.
Mar 08 2006, Frank Ray (Cactus Computer Co.)
I love your program other than one thing. I frequently have to work with HDs with bad sectors. I really wish when it ran into a bad sector that it would tell me what file it was unable to recover due to the bad sector.
Mar 08 2006, Frank Ray (Cactus Computer Co.)
I'm a huge supporter of shareware and freeware. I also have spent thousands on commercial software. Once in awhile I come across a jewel in the rough like your well designed R-Drive. It's a possible contender that could stand up against TrueImage and Ghost ... but for one problem. It's simply priced way to high.
Ghost 10 is going for $29 (with rebates) and TrueImage 9 is between $29 (NewEgg) and $49.
My humble advice, "lower your price to $29". It will sell better and word-of-mouth will build a larger user base. You can always raise the price on your next major rev-cycle.
I hope you listen to me. I'm 60 years old and retired early from high-tech 5 years ago. I've seen these pricing mistakes before and they all cause an early demise to their respective products.
- Steve
P.S. I would have bought R-Drive over TrueImage or Ghost in a New York minute if not for the pricing problem. I've got the bucks, it's the principle that stops me from choosing your product.
Mar 03 2006, Steve (Home)
Great product!
I wound up with lots of lost data after trying to merge a partition using Partition Magic. It created a subdirectory that was not accessible and did not show up in Windows Explorer.
I tried posting to experts-exchange.com and I usually get good results there but not so this time. I removed the drive and set it aside for a while until I could figure out my next move.
Then I saw your ad in PC World magazine. I downloaded the demo and was amazed at what it was able to find. I gladly paid the subscription and soon had back all my digital pics and music.--with all the original file names and folder structures. WHEW!! What a life saver. I was afraid I would have to take it to a personal data recovery specialist and pay hourly rates in the hundreds.
Thanks for a great product.
Feb 25 2006, John Jensen
Hi R-tools people. r-undelete hjas just rescued 2 weeks of work in an accidentally truncated powerpoint presentation. a fantastic tool, worth every dollar. thanks.
Feb 18 2006, Jerry Evans
In a late night, last minute crisis on a vital project that pushed my stress levels to their limits, I never counted on a boot cluster of my hard-drive to become inoperable also. After 6 hours on the phone with tech support and a new instance of WinXP on a secondary hard drive, my 40gb Toshiba with the documents on it just mocked me, unable to be accessed by windows in safe and regular modes. For all intents and purposes, just closed for business.
Determined, I searched the web and RTT came up as one of the first products on Google. I ran R-Studio, and recovered my data successfully, archived it to CDROM and reformatted and finished my project. Thanks so much!
Feb 13 2006, W. Scott Hinds (Student)
You mention on your site that R-Studio is capable of recovering files from a hardware based RAID configuration.
This is NOT the case because I tried your software and it is not possible to select the startsector of the RAID.
Software RAID's usually start at sector 63, but Hardware based RAID's usually start at sector 0 or 128 or any other combination.
Feb 03 2006, Manfred (ITPS)
I'm testing R-Drive Image. I really like the product, though i do have a request. I would like to be able to back up the image to a ftp server protected by a user name and password. The restore would need to get the image from the ftp. Is that an addition you are looking to add?
Feb 02 2006, Brian Meyer (CCPI Inc.)
Great product but not acceptable as hostageware. Per machine is NOT acceptable for on-the-go professional who use a multitude of machines. If you ever offer a per user product, let me know.
Wake up to what your conpetition is doing. Not MU as they are losing market share quickly.
Feb 02 2006, John R Franklin MBA PhD
Honest, fair and at a good price! Thanks to R-Studio I was able to rescue my 200gig external harddrive. I was connected via a USB 2.0 wire and one day was just not recognized by Windows XP (SP2) anymore. As a professional photographer, I take so many pictures, that backing up would almost become a daily chore. Just when you let your guard down, it all hits the fan. Thanks to R-Studio (NTFS) all my files were rescued onto a working disk and then backed up. I tried several demo packages that promissed to do the work, but the hidden fees were enormous, such as VirtualLab, which would cost me over $400 eventually. I did the same thing now, for only $50.... thanks RTT, you saved my skin, the best money ever spent for data recovery!
Jan 29 2006, Matthew Niederberger (SideMedia.nl)
Most amazing software. My RAID went down on Saturday morning. Needed important data from the drive that day. Your software restored my files to the new RAID drives from the old ones with absolutely no effort at all. Emergency drive recovery can take several days and up to $1500.
Thanks are not enough. I will tell all my associates about your software.
Jan 26 2006, Joseph Lull (Cogent Forge)
This is very good, but I'll need time to understand how it all works. It did a nice job recovering info from a kaput notebook drive.
Jan 11 2006, Daral Makahusz (SNHBA Record Services)
Thanks for a great software program. I was installing Linux with win XP as a dual boot OS and I accidentally formatted my drive with the Linux ext2 File System, and it over wrote all my NTFS windows files. R-studio was able to recover ALL of my data and keep me in the good graces of my wife, who was not pleased by the whole ordeal. Thanks!
Jan 06 2006, Keith Armstrong (Manvel, TX)
I bought the program of recovery email, but i have some comments
I have more than 500 folders in my Mailbox, i can't find the folder that i want to recover. Also, if more than 500 folders, they are not in alphabetic order.
Moreover, I can only use the program to view my lose email, but why i can't save the mail directly to folders. I need to open every mail and save it to a folder. If i have two thousand mail in a folder, image how many times i need to open all the mail.
I hope the above message is useful to your company and make some impovment in next version
Jan 03 2006, Ringo
I recently rebuilt my computer and added a 300GB Seagate SATA drive. I moved all my archived data to this drive using it soley as a data drive..no OS. While installing a program update, which has been known to adversely affect users' systems, (I won't mention which one), the partition record got corrupted and suddenly Windows could no longer access the drive.
I tried a number of freeware and shareware data recovery programs, but none of them could see all the data, just small portions usually with gibberish as the folder name. I tried demos of a few other recovery programs, but R-Studio was the fastest to find ALL of the data, and after recovering one very small file as a test, I bought the software.
Within minutes of installing it, I was recovering virtually every irreplaceable file on the drive.
I now have every file I want to save safe on an external drive. This product is fantastic! You have allowed me to recover from a disastrous situation. I can't begin to praise this product enough. By the way, I'm a computer consultant and have been working with computers since 1979. I'm a Windows NT4 MCSE and I do private consulting, mostly for home users. I will recommend this product to anyone who has a data recovery problem. And I am very pleased with the low price compared to some of the other similar products available. Thank you very much.
Lindenhurst, IL
Dec 18 2005, Rick Spadoni (Branes Consulting - Owner)
The R-Wipe&Clean is a great cleaner program, a little expensive but ok, you dont need any other cleaners when you got it. ! . I couldent be without it again.
Regards Erling
Dec 01 2005, Erling (Compubiz.dk)
There seems to be a bug with R-Studio 3.0 (Build 123017): After running a scan and quitting the application, the rs_un.bin process remains running, using almost 100% of CPU. I am not sure of exact conditions to reproduce, but simply running and quitting R-Studio without running any scans does not show this bug. Hibernating the computer with R-Studio running may be related.
Nov 22 2005, Vince Lordi
It is a nice programm, but if you have 100 or more megabyte todelite it taks some time.
I tink ther cud be 2 ways to delite?
One like it is now, and one fast, delite not wipe.OK
Tank you
Nov 19 2005, Arne Hermansen (Privat)
With SATA drives becoming the standard, do you intend to add the capability of imaging a SATA partition with R-Drive Image? On build 3029, I can write an IDE partition image to a SATA drive. However, I cannot create an image of the SATA partition. Thanks! By the way, R-Drive Image is an outstanding product!
Nov 16 2005, Greg Steward (Arapahoe Acres Nursery, Inc.)
Simply Awesome!
R-Studio provides recovery features like those used by Ontrack and other data recovery services for a fraction of the price. I highly recommend this software!
Nov 11 2005, Jim Spaloss (Personal Computer Express, Inc.)
Hi I want to thank you for emailing me about the new update for R-STUDIO new 3.0 version and to let you know that your software cam in handy recovering data off my hard drive when it crashed.
With any luck I won't need to use it agene.
Thank you.
Nov 10 2005, j wrightman
Unfortunately, I have had to use your software twice now, on two different computer systems. Fortunately, your software helped me to recover nearly ALL of my lost data!
I am new to working with RAID 0, and when my main set of drives failed, and then my backups as well, I thought for sure everything gone. About 7 years of pictures, documents, music, email, and all sorts of irreplaceable stuff - your program saved a part of my life that I was not ready to forget. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
A few months later, a friend almost lost all of his info when his computer crashed. Again, R-Studio pulled through, but in this case we recovered ALL of the files.
I can't thank you enough. It was the best $80 I spent this year. Times 2!
Andy Adams
Columbus, OH
P.S. One little suggestion for futer updates - I had hundreds of thousands of files on the first computer. When it began searching for the lost files it appeared to have frozen. It was not, but it ended up taking almost an hour or so to find everything. It would be nice to have some status indicator, and maybe even flash file names or numbers (as in norton virus scan) just to let you know it's still working.
Nov 09 2005, Andy Adams (Rain One, Inc.)
This has got to be the absolute best data recovery software available to the public that I have ever used. And I have used many! I have had much success pulling data off dead and or corrupt drives with your r-studio package. I recently had a user format, reinstall windows, reinstall multiple applications, and then bring the drive to me looking to recover files from before the first format. Amazingly I was able to get most of his data back!! Please give all of your staff a big round of applause from me and my company as I would have had many failed recovery attempts without you!!!!
Nov 09 2005, Anthony Ionno (Net Works, Inc.)
Hello. I recently purchased R-Drive Image 3.0 and have found it to be quite useful in archiving my development environment on my laptop. However, I would like to know if there are plans to introduce better compression imaging as I am finding that the resulting 15Gb image for a 40Gb drive is just too large to store on a file server for archiving.
Factor Records Australia
Nov 06 2005, Mike (Factor Records)
We had a power spike a few days ago that knocked our linux ftp server off line. When I tried to reboot the server I found the server was unresponsive. My system was unable to mount the 2nd partition on the hard drive. This partition held all our non important data. This data was not mission critical to our system so it was not backed up. We wanted to play around and see if the data could be recovered. The partition was on ext3 fs. I downloaded R-Studio and loaded it on my XP computer. WOW, we recovered all the data on the bad partition. I will have to admit I was very impressed with this product.
Oct 28 2005, Ricky Crocker (Toccoa Clinic)
Dario Zgrablic
Oct 20 2005, Dario Zgrablic
Many thanks, your poduct R-Studio Fat is great, after loosing my time with other products that claim to "recover data" I discover R-Studio, download the demo and in a few minutes I realized that it was THE recovery software I was looking for, so I get the full version and in a matter of 60 minutes of work I got my lost files back to life, saving me a lot of money.
It rebuilt my old 30GB FAT32 jammed and horribly fragmented working drive fast and accurately without loosing a single byte.
Be shure I'll talk about you people.
Thanks again and keep on building this superb quality software.
Oct 07 2005, Agustin Vezzani (PolarSoft Informatica Ltda.)
No two words have more meaning or can sum it up better than -
...two words that repeat over and over in my head like a favorite tune as I witness what I thought was lost forever... and now returned safe and sound thanks to RTT.
Sep 25 2005, Dan Karcher (www.bluedaniel.com)
Hello, I'm not accustomed giving feedback replies, but since starting a new business I know how nice it is to receive a thankyou note. Can I just say, your software is probably the best thing I have bought in a long time - and I buy a lot of software! On saturday I was thoroughly depressed because I lost not one or two hard drives but three within minutes of each other. I still don't understand why, but I was more than grateful to discover your software while searching the web. It has completely recovered all the programmes and data lost and has enabled me to resume video editing on premiere pro where I left off- brilliant!.
Thankyou very much to the software developers and the organisation for providing such a simple but effective program.
I'm rambling now so I'll just say
I have no hesitation in recommending this software to anyone. Thankyou
Sep 05 2005, Ian Davis-Cooper (Finishing touch)
Great Product BUT ! ...
Many of my clients use 1.44Meg stiffy's to back-up their data...
The rest use CD-R's or CD-RW's...
I cannot get your prog to work on either !?
WHY ??!!
Perhaps I am doing something wrong ?!
Please advise soonest...
Kind and concerned regards;
South Africa
Aug 26 2005, Laurence Steven Smith (CyberActive)
Forgot to add on my previous feedback. R-Studio 2 found a bunch of other info that I thought was previously formatted and even from a previous linux distribution on the disk. This was quite an eye opener for those interested in security and protecting there indentity. Also, hope you plan to add Mac OS X support and Ext3 file ssytem support in the future!!! Thanks again for such an awesome priduct and saving my butt!!!
Aug 24 2005, Ryan Lynch
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Your Data Recovery product (R-Studio 2.0) saved my butt!!! I thought I had lost 50 gigs of priceless (to me) data when my external USB hard drive took a dump. It showed up as the drive not initialized. A quick look on google lead me to forum discussion where your product was recommended. The recommendation was to download your demo, and if it said it could recover to then buy the licensed copy and go for it. I did just that and I know have ALL 50 gigs of my data back!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! You guys Rule!!!
Aug 24 2005, Ryan Lynch
I lost my NT server system disk 1 - 4 gig partition NTFS Mirrored configuration. R-Studio was the only tool(out of many tried) that I found to work well at getting some of the data back. It was easy to use, never crashed and did not harm the old drive further, during the process of extracting a useful quantity of data to a new disk. Thanks.
Aug 15 2005, Peter Meagher (Asset Underwriting ltd)
You are really SOMETHING!!!
As I wrote above, in the 'Company' space, I translate. I work nights, from 8-9 p.m. till the sun comes out, which depends on the time of the year, but where I live the difference between Summer and Winter Sunrise is only about two hours. I tell you this because it is kind of a foreword of the story I would like to tell you before I get in touch with you for the purchase of some of the INCREDIBLE options you offer for data-recovery. I have FOUR computers and had to have them completely emptied and renewed on account of 'Trojans on two feet' who introduced themselves in my Machines disguised as 'Nice, understanding and helful P.C. Technicians' before I realized that their Nickname was 'Hacker'.
A warning advise for every P.C. user who reads this if you happen to publish my Feedback, which more than a 'Feedback' seems tu be an exposure of a 'Maffia' of Systems experts who use every Machine they can access to, for their illegal information interchange. They are not interested in your personal files at all, but in the benefits of having absolute control over your Machine.
And (Finally!) here comes the Feedback. This early morning I discovered that, thanks to your Technology I might be able to recover some of my work`s backup and some pieces of my life that were gone in the disk-partitions my Machines had to go through when they would not work any more because all their disk-space had been used for Material the invaders had downloaded into them.
Thank you for having made my day!
A 'Hijacked' Victim.
Aug 07 2005, Nicky Sierra Cerloh (Free-Lance Translator)
Congratulations, i really experienced a situation where I will find myself for sure in the future. I made the image of the C drive.
I tried to convert the partition FAT32 to NTFS but, by mistake I erased everything.
I must admint that I was a bit exceptical on recovering it, specially because the image was on on an external USB drive but I made the boot CD, which I could not do in the very first beggining... and I followed the steps and TACHAN!!! system is up and running!!!.
Again: congratulations.
Jul 31 2005, Carlos Juan Cantera
I downloaded the trial version of R-studio to see if it could recover my Flash card (I removed the partition by accident) and it seems like it can "see" the images but I don't know if it will work because a limmit of 64K is redicullously low ,even for a demo! You can't expect my to buy something when I don't know if it will work!
Jul 23 2005, ERwin (None)
Tank you for a god program R-Wipe& Clean.
But I miss a fast cleaning of internet traks.
One lik it is now and a fast method if you under stand what I mean.
Jun 28 2005, Arne Hermansen (Privat)
A word of thanks for a tremendous product. Have just invested in R-Studio (NTFS with Remote Agent) to recover all but 1 file out of 190Gb of data i thought was never going to get back! Having a 250GB drive attached via USB or directly as a Slave unit was BSOD any Win2k/XP i attached it to, being able to connect to it using the remote agent was the only way of accessing and getting back my data, that i could see. Having the Demo option before commiting to the purchase was a big plus given the number of solutions out there which claim to do the job but have no "try before you buy" options. Thanks again.
Jun 27 2005, Paul Hope (UK)
hi, like a fool i deleted all my documents, i downloaded the trial version of your R-Undelete software, and it worked AMAZINGLY!
i tried about 3 other before stumbeling on yours, and i have to say yours is the best by FAR!
nice intergration within windows, and a fantasticly easy to your GUI.
it would of been 10/10 if it was free ;) :)
Jun 14 2005, olly (Maxxd LTD)
I'm deleting your program from my computer. It's beyond my skill level. Thanks for letting me try it. I.ve decided to get another computer and trash this one.
Jun 13 2005, Dave Ranck
Just a note to tell you how much I value r-studio.
I recently upgraded my computer motherboard, processor and main drive. In the upgrade I migrated from USB 2.0 being supported by an Adaptec PCI board to all USB 2.0 being supported directly from the motherboard.
I had as a storage medium for my personal video files, a Western Digital 120Gb USB 2.0 drive. In the old setup it ran from the Adaptec board, but when I attempted to use it from the new arrangement, I found it had lost its identity. When I then tried to use it in the old configuration, it was also effectively blank. It showed up in Device Manager on both systems, but not in Explorer.
I contacted WD and was told, rather rapidly - like I wasn't the first to have this problem - the only option I had was to repartition the drive and go from there. Not wanting to give up on the video I had been working on, I contemplated taking the drive to a data restoral company, but the cost of doing that was scary. I then started looking for a web site of a software company with a product that would recover data from a drive in the condition mine was. It turns out you were the only one I could find. I tried the demo download, found it worked for the <64k files, and then purchased the full version. Needless to say that worked, too. I recovered over 40Gb from the drive - all the video and support files - and then repartitioned, formatted and put the data back on the drive. Just as advertised.
Thanks for making such a great tool.
Jun 03 2005, Mike Richardson
Thank you so much. We pride ourselves in not loosing our customers data. We had a hard drive go from FAT32 to RAW and the data was there but not accessable. We had 4 customers data on that drive. Everything from family photos to their business docs. For a very reasonable price and a few hours total of learning and using the program, ALL of our customers data was back. None of them the wiser about their lost data. THANK YOU.
May 17 2005, Derek Ball (Derek's Computers)
hi, i've recovered files using R-STUDIO and its seems like whole of the data is recovered but when we open any picture file it come up with error, even i try to open word oe excel files they come with unreadable cracters. if you can please help or advice that how i can make then readable. thanx
May 11 2005, Ali (Computer Highway)
I accidentally began to reformat one of my hard drives and thought all of my data was gone forever. So I began to search the web and found your site and looked at your available products. I chose R-Studio NTFS. I was able to restore ALL of my precious files. Thanks for a great product!
May 07 2005, Joe Giancola
Curious why there have been no updates on your R-DriveImage product. I am getting a new SATA based workstation and hope to use R-DriveImage on it, plus I have noted some bugs, I do hope you keep working on this nice software.
Thanks, Don
May 04 2005, Don Rodman (Don Rodman, CPA, MBA)
Dear members of rtt,
I would like to give you a feedback for your software, called "R-Studio". Please excuse my English, but I hope, you will understand my statement: last weekend I got a message from my computer, that something is missing and therefore windows xp cannot be startet. I thought, that there is no problem... just copy the missing file and everything is ok. Then I had to realise, that my harddisk must have had a headcreash! There was no way to get an access to that drive and its files. More than 5000 DigiPics and hundrets of docs were gone forever, even a database with my online banking of the last 5 years. I first installed a new harddrive. Then I tried freeware tools, no success. I learned from the internet, that there are companies, who can save lost data... for 1.500,-- Dollars minimum. Then I found your software, ordered the full version as last hope. Yesterday I installed the program R-Studio, after 4 hours it has created an image, after 20 minutes it has restored all (I must repeat: all) files, although it has reported hundreds of destroyed sectors! My lost of important data: zero! I can not say, how happy I am and how satisfied! So I would like to thank You for this fantastic program and wish You all the best! You have done an incredible job!

Apr 30 2005, Kurt Wallat (Germany)
Word's cannot express how thankful I am to have found out about your software. I lost all of the files stored on my external USB drive. I thought there was no hope. The files lost included a completed MANUSCRIPT that I had been working on for more than a year.
I called many companies for help ... I was quoted prices I could not possibly afford to pay -- and absolutely no one offered any advice. After searching the web, I ran across your demo software through an advertisement that linked me DIRECTLY back to your site. I tried to demo software ... and recovered a file. (BY THE WAY ... I'm NOT A COMPUTER TECHIE OR ANYTHING. Just an average JOE.)
I ran the program ... followed a few simple steps and recovered a file. When I saw it worked ... I purchased the software and downloaded it.
Well nearly 24 hours later ... I've recovered more than 60percent of the files I'd lost - INCLUDING THE MANUSCRIPT!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 25 2005, Theresa Johnson (Voices of Christ)
This is the one amazing product that came to my rescue when I thought all hope was lost. I had around 5 years of data (very critical) on my drive when it crashed on me. I used other products to try and recover but was unable to do so. I thought of contacting 3rd party recovery vendors. Some of them quoted $1000 USD and up. I was getting prepared to do that when I searched online and read about R-Studio. I immediately tried it and it worked. I simply could not believe it!
This is truly an amazing product!!!
Apr 14 2005, Kuruvilla Mathew
currently the program is not working for me - it sees the files but won't recover them. The program also wont "stop" without haveing the ctr-alt-del the software which appears a poor program.
Query has been logged with helpdesk.
Apr 06 2005, Colin Barlow
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Partition Magic v8.0 blew away my partitions when I did a "merge partition."
Symantec support did their best but couldn't figure out what happened.
I almost bought another recovery product but found a user on the web who loved your product.
In less than one day I recovered 25 gigabytes of data for which there was no backup and it *all* came back intact. This was after Partition Magic forced a CHKDSK and fixed lots of problems (which you warn against doing).
I would be looking at MONTHS of work and now I'll be back in business tomorrow.
This is the most satisfactory software purchase I've had in years!
Thanks again.
Mar 30 2005, bill noel (netheads)
R-Studio NTFS is a great product. My laptop crashed and it had been about 2 weeks since my last backup. XP Pro would not boot into safe mode, Windows Recovery Console could not repair the MBR...it was looking really grim. That is where R-Studio comes into play. I searched the Internet and found you product. I was able to recover ALL work performed since my last backup. I'm happy to have this product in my arsenal of tools. I'll be sure to spread the word.
One note: I did not have a 3.5 floppy for the R-Studio Agent Emergency. I think you should post a "How To" on setting this up for a bootable CD. It would have saved me about 3 hours of research.
Kind Regards
Mike Koyne
Mar 27 2005, Mike Koyne (Koyne Technologies, LLC)
Last week my logical partition went dead, I couldn't read or see at all any data contained on D:. As it was valuable data for me, I tried all programs I managed to find on the web. These were: 'Bad Copy', 'GetDataBack', 'SpinRite', 'Zero Assumption Recovery', 'Final Recovery', 'MediaToolsProUnlimited', 'MHDD v4.0', 'HDDL v2.0', 'Copyr', 'DiskPatch', 'Drve Rescue', 'Easy Recovery', 'eDATA Unerase', 'HDDLAB', 'Recover It All Professional', 'TestDisk v5.7' and 'Unstoppable Copier'.
None of these worked for me. Most of them didn't access my problematic partition at all, few managed to access it, but hanged my system completely so I had to reset many times. I also found on the web R-Studio Demo, which could see all contents of my seemingly lost partition as it was all OK! But, it restored files of size <64k only. So, ass I have no money to buy this very good software, i spent 5 days trying to get cracked version from the internet. Finally, when I lost all hope, some dude mailed me URL from which I downloaded R-Studio network edition full, and it worked like a clock, no hnging, NO LOST DATA! It actually restored all files from seemingly dead partition in just few hours of relaxed work :)
So, as R-Studio did really grait job for me, unlike all other software (many of which is described as 'best for data recovery' or 'leading data recovery software on the market' or 'does wonders for your hard disk'), I felt I must send some response, as I did not payed for it.
What can I say, keep up the good work!
Mar 24 2005, Milos Thiffault
The most important feature of your software - the ability to completely restore a system from your boot cd, is not featured in your trial.
How can I verify that this software even works? The bottom line is I can't - which means I'll buy elsewhere.
Mar 18 2005, Matt Brown (Watchfire Corporation)
Just wanted to say thanks. I am in an internet band and we have produced 1 cd via the internet and we are working on our second cd. Last nite my main music drive failed and I thought I had lost all my recent projects. I cannot tell you how hopeless I felt and how panicked I was at the thought of losing a years worth of work. It would have been a real disastor. I bought your product online last night and was able to recover the most needed files so far....Within 2 hours I was back in production mode with our latest track.
Big thanks folks from all of us at Azureth....
Mark Connors
Mar 07 2005, Mark Connors (Communisat)
Thank You!!!!
I just wanted to drop R-Tools a note saying how pleased I am with your R-
Studio product.
I have a client that had a catastrophic failure of a Raid Array. The array was 3.2TB with 1.2TB of data. The data is arial mapping and backups were several days old.
The problem was that the NTFS file system got corrupted. It was being displayed as RAW.
Other applications that I tried would not allow recovery of any disks larger than 1TB.
R-Studio did! I was able to recover 100% of the data on the 3.2TB array.
Feb 23 2005, Patrick G. Bramlett (GigaParts, Inc.)
I just updated my OS from Windows XP Pro to Windows XP x64 (the beta 1433 build). Windows failed to see the raid-0 after the rebuild. Since I was testing, I elected to recover the data rather than use the backup. First I tried a high level format, then deleted the partition and a second high level format, but Windows x64 kept seeing the full raid plus one of the drives in the raid separately. Finally, I deleted the raid in the bios raid utility and recreated it, then a second low level and a third high level format. All the the high level formats were "full" not "quick."
After all of this, R-studio was able to recover most of my data. OF course, this isn't the "saved my life and my business" kind of story, but it does illustrate the capabilities of your software.
Feb 19 2005, Verlon Smith
R-Studio has just saved our company data after a RAID failure. For $79 is absolutely priceless. Well done and thanks again.
Andy Stylianou, MD, TIS Group Limited, UK.
Jan 25 2005, Andy Stylianou (TIS Limited)
Dear RTT,
Just another letter to thank you for an excellent product.
I thought I had lost everything on my back up external hard drive.
I purchased a new primary hard drive, hooked it up, and thought i was correctly formatting it.
I had unfortunately left my external back up hard drive connected. After I finished, reformatting, I didn't think there would be any problems. Then I found out the hard way that my back up was reformatted also.
Everything was gone.
I researched the internet for programs that could un-reformat and trusted yours. Well, after a few stomach turning hours worrying if my data would be restored, there if appeared. Unfortunately,
about 2 -3 % was lost mainly due to the fact that the info was probably scattered all over the hard drive. But that is a far cry from losing it all. Once again, thanks!
Jan 09 2005, Kenneth Marinelli
Just wanted to thank you for your inexpensive and miraculous software! I had a 250-gig external drive that did not seem to be physically damaged but that suddenly had stopped being recognized by any computer as readable. (The Windows XP error message was "disk not formatted"). After much panicking, I downloaded the demo and then the professional version of Studio-R and it successfully recovered ALL of my files -- most of which were ENORMOUS (3G and above mpgs, isos, and other video files). You've made my year!
Jan 03 2005, Paula Napolitano
Thanks to rtt I have saved months of work and over $150 in service fees which I have now spent on a backup drive. You guys rule. Keep up the good work
Jan 03 2005, Stephen Wallbank (3DL Design)
I Have decided not to buy your product because of Licensing policies i am a single user with serveral computers
Dec 17 2004, Gene Taylor (TSP)
I have found your R-Studio software to be very difficualt to use. Help files with the software giove almost no instructions on how to use the softwqare. I have not been able to recover any files. Actually I don't know if I have been able to because the software does not seem to be able to tell me what is going on. After doing a complete hard drive scan using R-Studio, I attepted to recover some of the data (one single entry in the list) after which I was not even able to get back to my scan results with out shutting down and restarting the proramme. I have been up all night waiting for the scan to fininsh and attempt to reocover files (it is 6:00 am in Singapore right now) and as far as I can make out I have to restart the whole process. So far your prodcut does not appear to have any utility at all. My feelings could change if there was a decent user manual somewhere. In summary I feel I have wasted my dough (which, whilst a PITA I can get over), have completely wasted my time trying to use you prodcut and still have no data. Thanks.
Nov 29 2004, Bill Jaensch
During a recent upgrade, our computer crashed and we lost all of our files. They were gone and nothing was to be salvaged, that is what was told to us a by a computer technician.
Not being satisfied, and the fear of losing critical information that had not been backed up, I turned to the search engines for help. After typing in datarecovery software, your site came up. After trying the demo version just to see if it could find any files, to our amazement it found all files. A few clicks later and all our files were back.
Your 70.00 product saved us thousands and thousands of dollars. Thank you for all your help and for creating a product that was and will be needed by all who have made mistakes like me.
Nov 13 2004, D.J. Enns (Black Bear Island Lodge)
I'm writing to tell you how much I appreciate your product, "R Studio". On the afternoon of October 31st, I returned a freshly dead boot drive to the shop I bought it from 5 months earlier. I walked out with a replacement and went right home to install it. I considered pulling the power cord from my other hard drive (my DATA drive), but figured there would be no probelm, I had done this thing a hundred times before, for family and friends. The next thing I know, I'm deleting the partition on my data drive. It had shown up as C: in WinXP installation, and my new Boot drive had shown up as I:. I was not exactly sure at the time that I had done what I thought I had, but I turned off the power and pulled the cable WITHOUT doing a format or creating a new partition. I then turned it back on and re-started the windows installation. When it was done, my new drive had the OS on it, but my DATA drive was registering as unformatted. I took it to the shop, and the tech on duty hooked it up to a couple of different machines before he got a positive result. He told me they should be able to get data off of it, but it would not be looked at til Wednesday the 3rd. I left it with them, and worried for three days. Finally, I called them, and they told me they'd tried, but could NOT get any data. I didn't question them, I just let it go. Thursday night I did a web-search for "Data Recovery", and got the phone-book. I called a company who guaranteed results, but their price for an 80 gig drive was $500-$2700, depending on the severity of the problem. Being simply a home computer drive, and having no critical financial or business data on it, I decided quickly against them. Then I found a link to your web-site. I read your info on "R-Studio", and figured, "It's cheap enough, why not?". I figured if it didn't work, I was only out a couple of hours worth of pay, and you had a delivery of 5 days promised. After I made the purchase, I then noticed the link to download the product!! Either this was not mentioned, or I missed it. I went ahead and downloaded it, and put in my registration code, then had to wait til the next day to pick up my drive. I got it in the early evening and began playing with "R-Studio". I left it scanning while I went to work, and began looking at it seriously Saturday morning. In no time at all, I'd found the data I needed !!!!! I marked a few files, and hit the "Recover" command. I was told the files were recovered, but honestly, I had no confidence that they would actually be intact and usable. I loaded the program to access them, and was delighted, shocked, amazed, and surprised to discover that over 400 hours worth of files were intact. As perfect as the day they were saved. I then went to work trying to recover more. Sirs, I have ALL my data back. I never dreamed that anything short of a DOD level program could recover data like "R-Studio" does. It is, in short, the most useful and phenomenal tool I have ever found for a computer. I have installed it on both of my hard drives. That way, if one loses data, I can bring up "R-Studio" on the other, and work from that drive. I dont see any info on your site about yours being a publicly traded company. If you ever go public, let me know, I will be waiting to invest. You guys are heroes in my book!!! Thanks, CKB.
Nov 08 2004, Charles K. Ballard
Need additional documentation info for system restoration functions. I don't want to experiment to get these answers.
Most users who have reached the point of buying backup software have already given about a quart of blood to their machine. Inclusion of answersto the following in your help section would be nice:
1. For system backup, do I want "sector-by-sector" or "useful data"? I'm not sure what you consider "useful data" on a system backup.
2. I have multiple partitions on my primary "0" drive. During a system restore from A, with the limited screen info, how will the space be allocated? I am referring to restoring only the system partition and not disturbing the other partitions on the drive.
3. What is the chance of increased errors when using compression on any backup? Is compression recommended on the backup of a system partition? If so, how much?
4. (trivial) How many floppies should be on hand when creating floppy start-up disks?
Your GUI and instruction sections are done nicely, but you know how it is, the things are never really finished.
Hope this feedback helps.
Nov 01 2004, Jerry Eberle
Recovered accidentally deleted fies from external hard drive. Pictures were same quality after recovery. Low price for outstanding program. Great costumer service.
Oct 23 2004, Anatoliy Gontar
I purchased R-Studio Standard several years ago, and with the proliferation of NTFS, decided almost right away to upgrade to R-Studio NTFS. Since then I have used R-Studio NTFS only maybe half a dozen times, but it is undeniably the most useful program I own. As a computer consultant, it is invaluable to be able to recover files for my clients that they were SURE was lost for good. It's like magic to them, and it makes me feel wonderful to be able to help them out. I'm just doing another recovery right now, and I wanted to take the time to thank you for writing this software, and making it available for such a reasonable price! Thank you!
Sep 22 2004, Telfer Maynard (Canadian Computer Consulting Corp.)
I was a bit skeptical at first, but R-Studio allowed me to easily recover 93Gb of data from my RAID setup on my PC. I will highly recommend the product to any of my clients looking to recover lost data.
Aug 30 2004, David Gerst (DMG Development & Consulting)
I have bought and am using 5 copies of your R-wipe&clean product for some customers. On the positive side I like the scheduling options but on the other side I noticed that the program does not work as expected for files under 1KB. With a program called FileScavenger from QueTek consulting I have been able to recover files under 1KB also after many passes. Since I have many files under 1KB this is a big problem for me (and I suppose also for you). Please let me know. Regards. Michele
Aug 25 2004, Michele
Thank you for a great product! I recently had a hard drive partition become corrupted and didn't have a backup. (I know, I know...backup your files!) I downloaded the trial version of your software to see if it could see the data in question. It did! I then purchased the R-Studio NTFS version (most of my files were a LOT larger than 64K in size) and it took care of my problem! Thanks again for saving my data (and my butt...)!
Aug 20 2004, Paul Emory (New Data Systems, Inc.)
I purchased R-Studio standard after the hard drive partition was blown while installing an Adaptec 1200A RAID controller. Your software recovered over 105,00 files and directories perfectly. VERY GOOD SOFTWARE!!
Aug 11 2004, Tom Alstadt (Alstadt Computer Services, LLC)
R-studio in precise meaning saved my life... 5 years of digital photoes were vanished after accidentally partitioning/formating and clean installing Windows XP...
Then discovered the disaster, tried ez-recovery but it let me down. Then i searched through the net, found info on R-tt, downloaded the demo... i was desperate to give it a try, and then the miracle. That was it, on 3:00 am in the morning, purchased it online, and everything came alive as if nothing has ever happened.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
Jul 26 2004, Yannis Fragakis (Individual)
What a great product. Tried several other (more expensive) solutions which failed to recover my files. R-Studio NTFS delivered, almost all my lost files were recovered even after I had formatted and re-installed my OS !!!! This is a gem product that I will add to my list of favorite utilities !!!
Many Thanks
Jul 23 2004, Cam Gilbert (Arrow Transportation)
I just wanted to thank you for providing a great product that recovered the files I needed from a bad drive and saved me uncounted hours of rework. Buying R-Studio was the best deal I've made in years.
Jul 08 2004, Henry Kerr (Kerr Systems)
A year ago or so, I bougth a copy of R-Studio. But it turned out that the harddisk failure I tried to fix was a missing power-connector. "Well, that's another few bucks out the window", was my initial reaction.
I just let it sit in my "Downloads" folder, and didn't really need it. Untill this weekend, that is.
I was reinstalling Windows, when the installer decided to corrupt the partition tables on two drives, including the one that contained my backup. I don't know how or why it happened, but it was probably my mistake. It usually is. You know, "ID10T"-errors and so on.
Remembering the first rules of data recovery, I started doing things right again. First of all, I didn't panic. I knew I had the right tool for the job. I bougth a new harddrive for the restore operation and installed R-studio on it.
R-Studio recovered everything, including some stuff I didn't know I had. Your product really saved the day!
Jul 06 2004, Vegard Riseng
Hello good folk
I am very happy with the product and will now happily sell it over other products particularly a common one with a white sheet over its head boo boo.
I have one item however that would be a wish/nice to have.
When cloning my laptop as a test I proceeded to restore the image. As with most laptops there is no floppy. So !!
I tried booting from a usb floppy. not supported
I tried booting frome a cd. Fine but when the startup disk is removed the image cd cannot be read.
I understand it would require a remount of the cdrom for this to work under the linux kernel you are using. BUT it would make restoring the laptop images much much easier.
In fact the only way I can restore the image is to boot from cd and then load the image from a usb HDD with the images. the USB support is great but having to go this far is not pretty.
Also I havn't checked but can the image be written direct to CD from the startup disk
Apart from that Great product.
Jun 01 2004, Peter Darton (Nutmeg Networks)
Thankyou! Thankyou! Thanks to R-Studio I have recovered all the data I needed from my damaged hard disk, it is absolutely the best $50 I have ever spent. The drive had overheated and was littered with bad sectors, it took 22 hours to create the drive image but it was amazing to see what R-Studio recovered after scanning it. I have no idea what I would have done without R-Studio and would recommend it to anyone.
May 26 2004, John Allen (JRA Software Solutions)
GREAT product!!!!! Absolutely better than anything else for retrieving deleted files on a Zip 250 disk!!! A real lifesaver!!!
May 06 2004, Chris Guidi
I have only just started recovering a damaged harddrive using rtt's NTFS recovery software and I have just got to thank you right away. Your software is easy to use, quick and miraculous, so please buy yourselves a round of drinks on me!
May 02 2004, Michael Kranz
on your drive image product, unless I have an outdated version, you need to have the image files split into DVD sizes too. Not just zip disk and CDR.
Apr 28 2004, Craig Mercer (Avchem, Inc.)
I have a suggestion to improve R-STUDIO. During a restore operation, I notice that the status bar as well as the pane that displays the files in the selected directory, are updated after the restoration of EACH file. I would like the option to perform a "quiet" restore operation - one that does not update the window after every file - as this would SIGNIFICANTLY increase the speed of the restore operation. I have a 120 GB hard drive that is about 75% full, and a complete restore operation takes approximately six hours. It could be accomplished in a fraction of that time if the I/O updates to the screen are eliminated.
Apr 22 2004, William Hubbard
I have to say that I am very impressed with your product. Stupid mistake, I failed to save a word document on an NT4 W/station computer. Having worked in computers for 25 years I should have known better. I had been working on it for 5 hours and it was a legal submission and quite complex. Your product has saved me hours and hours of reconstruction. The file was only 32kb but it had taken 5 hours to write. I am very very pleased with the product. It took me less time to recover the file than to download the sotware (5 minutes) to find, restore and recover.
Thanks again
Apr 03 2004, Andrew Mitchell (Moonlight Head, Australia)
Thank you very much. You're software recovered all my data. One use and it's paid for it's self!
Mar 25 2004, Beren Marley
A catastrophic crash and unintentional but necessary reformat of a hard drive, resulted in a complete loss of extremely critical documents, emails, photographs, and two particular legal briefs and a PowerPoint presentation that could not possibly have been reproduced in sufficient time and, even if they could, it would have required an extraordinary utilization of human and finacial resources. I immediately contacted several well-known data recovery services and recieved preliminary estimates ranging from $1,200 to over $3,000. This course of action would have required me to forward the hard drive to an out-of-state laboratory who would first analyze the drive at a non-refundable cost of $100, and then provide a final quote to be paid before attempting to recover the data, with no assurances that the data could be recovered. There are servicies with a policy of " No recovery- no charge," but their charges were quite high. A few minutes of research disclosed several data recovery software products, including your R-Studio product. Based upon the reviews, user opinions, and the fact that R-Studio did not write to the drive during recovery efforts, I decided to try your product and, if it succeeded in recovering the data, the cost-to-benefit ratio would have been astounding. Indeed, the cost of your product was less than the analyzation fee charged by a recovery laboratory. If the product did not succeed, I still had the option of utilizing a data recovery service that I would have had to pay had I not tried your product. The very reasonable price of your product and the possibility of immediately recovering the critical data, made the decision an easy one. On a separate computer, I purchased and downloaded a copy of R-Studio and installed it to a separate drive on the computer with the reformatted drive and ran the program. The results were phenomenal. Everything was recovered intact without a single file or folder being corrupted. I felt compelled to submit this feedback in hopes that others may benefit from your product. I can assure you that for future utility software needs, I will first look to R-TT for help.
Many thanks and Regards,
J C Davie
Mar 12 2004, J C Davie (Law Office of J. Clayton Davie, Jr.)
R-Studio saved my life!!!!
I have a System with 2 HDs, one 6 GB System and one 60 GB Disk (IBM) with about 40 GB of Data+SOftware. And unfortunately not all of it backed up. One week ago, the system failed to boot: the Data disk had bad sectors. The OS was unable to mount the disk. IBM's DFT 3.2 (Drive Fitness Test) diagnosis sounded really bad: excessive schock. After about a week of nerve wrecking sessions with different tools & OSes (even tried linux' dd, and intended to modify it, so that bad sectors would be read only n times, and started to look around for data recovery companies and the cheapest rates as the last way to recover some of the data) I came across R-Studio. This really saved my life, and almost all the data on the disk! The price is absolutely unbeatable, the simple yet powerful user interface is just what I needed (especially being able to specify how often a bad sector has to be re-read). After inserting a new Disk in the system, copying the directories+files R-Studio found on the broken disk was as simple as using a filemanager. I can safely recommend this tool to anyone having similar problems!
Please feel free to publish this in the news.
Thanks for a great piece of software!
Mar 03 2004, Dr. Karim Sidi Baba
Hi! The one question exists - you've got a good remote agent which allows to mount remote hard drive over network.BUT your host program don't allows to assign a DRIVE LETTER to it (with a good filesystem, of course)... What about making a competitive product similar to Winternals Remote Recover? I do need to mount such remote drives in order to repair dead installation. I've got a self-made WinPE disk to do such things, but I have to visit a dead workstation in order to use it.Your small host program utilizing your emergency remote agent will be quite useful.
Mar 01 2004, Divack Eugene
First off I my wife and I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your excellent product.
We were hit with the MYDOOM virus yesterday which deleted all of our Word and Excel files. At first we thought it was just a big inconvenience, we used other words but it was edited for children. We then realized today that one of the Excel files it deleted had all of the information about our 4 year old son. His height and weight chart, the things he has said and done over the last 3 years.
At this point I searched the internet for data recovery software and saw that yours said it could recover files deleted by a virus/trojan. So I called Comp USA, Best Buy, and PC Club, all of which said if it was delted it was gone!!!! Needles to say, we weren't very happy after that, but I have worked on computers for years and know that most of the time I know more than their tech departments.
So I decided to download your free trial to see what it would come up with, and to our surprise and joy it listed all of the files that had been deleted, but more importantly the one about our son.
It was too large to recover with the trial version so I paid with my credit card online and within 1 minute we had our information about our son, and then all of the other files that had been deleted too!!!!!
Needless to say I can not express in words how happy we are with the results of using R-Undelete.
Sorry for carrying on so long but maybe it will help stress the importance of that file we needed to recover, and at the point we were at, price wouldn't have mattered. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has suffered a similar fate.
Feb 28 2004, Brian Bonham
I've found a small bug in R-Studio. When there are two identical drives in the system, one damaged and one good, and the user tries to recover files from the damaged drive to the good one, R-Studio pops up a message box saying "recovering to the same drive may cause damage". This can be a bit confusing.
Feb 20 2004, Rui del-Negro
Your web page needs some sales work. I have thought about upgrading my R-Studio just to stay current. When I visit your web page I can find no information on what improvements have been made, if any. Another problem is that I have switched to windows XP and none of your product descriptions say a word about XP, so which one is the one I need?
I really do love your R-Studio, and it has worked great for me. I would hate to see you lose sales because of some simple oversights.
Feb 17 2004, Siam (Siam)
Your product is incredible! Thank you! I was able to save 45Gig of irreplaceable data from two NTFS drives that would not boot. Your product turned a complete disaster into something manageable. Thank you again!
Feb 16 2004, Cijoy Olickal
Thankyou for a great product - R-Undelete. I accidentally wiped photos of an important milestone event in my child's life. I enquired everywhere for help - from the digital camera shot where I purchased my camera to all the computer service stores in our town - to find the only suggestion was to have my little camera disc sent up to Sydney (we are in Melbourne Australia)to a specialised data recovery place. Good grief! Your product made our lives a lot simpler.
Thankyou - it has worked brilliantly and immediately.
Fiona Douglas
Feb 16 2004, Fiona Douglas (Inkling)
I started using R-Drive Image a couple of months ago and am very pleased with its features. I also have two questions.
First, do you plan on adding SATA hard drive support?
Second, can R-Drive Image be run using command line arguments? I would like to be able to schedule regular images that would run at night.
Jan 22 2004, Greg Steward (Arapahoe Acres Nursery, Inc.)
We would like to thank you for offering such incredible product at very affordable price.
Using R-Studio NTFS helped us to recover very important data from customer's hard drive.
Once again, thank you very much and keep up the great work.
Sincerely, MicroXperts
Jan 22 2004, Vladimir Vitlin (MicroXperts)
Just want to let you know that i _VERY_ pleased with R-Studio, it have saved me a lot of time !
Jan 15 2004, Steen Rabol
Your program R-Drive Image has a shortcoming when copying from drive to drive - your software will copy directly and set the partition size of the 120GB identical to the 40GB - I do not like that behaviour.
this is what I would like to do - I have a 40GB HD, and I have a 120GB HD - I would like to make a clone of the 40GB on the 120GB except that the 120GB Partion size is 120GB - I do not wish to be required to resize the partition afterward.
Jan 05 2004, Ken
I am writing to say a big "thank you" for your product.
I had all of my company data on an Windows 7(software) RAID-ed hard disk. When the primary disk went down I was horrified to find that the secondary mirror wouldnt boo't and valuable data could be lost.
I had scoured the web for four hours trying suitable solutions or workarounds, but was getting no luck. Then I came across this product. It handled an Win 7 software-RAIDed NTFS dynamic disk without any problems. No DOS boot disks or complex setups. I just put the "bad" hard disk in a second computer and recovered all the files from within Windows.
This product saved me a lot of valuable data and also a few grey hairs!
Thank you once again, it was well worth the dollars.
Jan 03 2004, Andrew Potts
Today I purchased and used R-Studio for the first time. I used to use PowerQuest's Lost & Found, which is no longer available. I used R-Studio to recover test results from an automated test station and was able to recover every file I lost within ten minutes. The last time I used Lost & Found, it took 9 days and correctly recovered about 30 percent of the data. This program is worth it's weight in gold!
Jan 02 2004, Raymond Siminas (Raytheon)
Once again my entire hard drive has been saved by this fantastic software. Nothing else would even touch it [the drive] or show me that anything was on it after a failed partition move.
If I was given the option to save just *one* piece of software from everything that I've puchased over the years - the rest to be burnt - then this would be it.
I can't count the number of times that it's dragged files back from the dark depths of a corrupted hard drive.
Many thanks,
Chris Barber.
Director of Development
Blue Canoe Ltd.
Dec 14 2003, Chris Barber (Blue Canoe Limited)
you are great
Dec 13 2003, FRANCIS A. (COMPU - TECH)
Having appreciated r-studio, I have also bought r-Drive-Image to replace my aging Ghost 2002.
I must say I was not expecting something perfect since it is your version 1.
But I beleive that as it is now, it is unusable:
- During an image creation from drive C: (XP-NTFS/basic) to an h: (external USB/NTFS/dynamic) I got 3 times a message saying the image was created successfuly when only 20% or so had actualy been processed.
- trying to do disk to disk with dynamic partitions (we all use dynamic today!) is not supported
Anyway, I know you can fix theese bugs and I like you products because we can get then off the web WHEN WE NEED THEM.
It would be a nice thing if we could have access to a partition manager (delete existing and create new) from the disquette boot and the windows interfaces.
from TNT Services Informatiques inc.
Dec 03 2003, Thomas Tessier (TNT Services Informatiques inc.)
The unexpected loss of my 30Gb Western Digital HD in early October left me stranded on my main home PC. This crashed to the point of not booting up at all! I was about to make a CD backup of 3 months worth of digital photos. Also, many, many other files were on there that had no backup for many moons. So now what? I bought a new drive - Seagate this time - and started hunting for a solution. The old drive virtually hung Scandisk and would not even browse in Windows, but dismount itself from the drives list if access was attempted! I found your site and downloaded the demo. It ran for a long while and recovered tons of small stuff. I could see this product really works, and the price was not an arm and a leg, so I paid up and a very, very long weekend later, I have what looks like almost every single file off that WD disk. From here its Seagate only and regular backups for me!!! The WD disk will be going for an "appreciation session" at the rifle range...
Dec 02 2003, Jan Kaluza (n/a)
Obligated to tell you "R-Studio" saved me! Recovered 10 years worth of Quicken Data after an accidental format and backup disk failure. I wasted almost 3 days trying "ALL" the other programs on the net (none worked) until I purchased the R-Studio Edition. Great product even though at $79.95 the price is just a bit high, but still a good investment for future mistakes. I did place similair comments for you on ZD Net, "C-Net Download Rating Comments" today. Thanks again.
Nov 24 2003, Joseph Cooper (CCCC)
I just started using R-Undelete and it seems like a great program. The concept of Windows based file recovery onto a different disk is very attractive in comparison with the normal "Boot Disk" approach. My preliminary experience has been very positive. I also like your website, price and the ease in which I completed the online transaction. I compared the product to several others and I think yours was clearly superior, especially fo rthe price. THANKS.
Nov 23 2003, Richard Brummel (Brummel Computer Services)
I think that it would be great if you mixing R-Studio Em. Agent and Drive Image together, so Drive Image can be used for restore the OS's of any kind, not only Windows and Linux :)
Oct 21 2003, Andrew (home)
Wonderful product you saved me from a loss of 10 Gigabytes of a customers data. The software is easy to use and it really, really works. While installing Windows XP Professional the installation program reassigned a USB external Hard Drive the drive letter C. Before I realized it I had deleted the partition on a 115 GB drive. Your product retrieved all of my customers data. I also used it to recover about 150 pictures from a Compact Disk from a digital camera. Thanks guys
P.S. You have a customer for life.
Oct 15 2003, Michael Strange (FireFox Computer Services)
I am sorry to say I am very unhappy with the performance of R-Studio I bought.
Even though the software claimed to see all of the unerased files. It was unable to recover any file completely. I could not open any Microsoft application file recovered (Word,Excell,Powerpoint.ETC.)
I am aware of 100 reasons why it could fail, but we tried a test in the lab and found the same results.
The PC in questions was processed an released into service early this month.
A refund would be nice, shoot, I'll send you back the file. My management will not pay me for the code, so I guess I get to eat the cost. Don't worry about re-using bad software we won't.
Oct 14 2003, jim wyant (skylight systems)
Your data recovery product works great unless you are trying to recover video files. In every case, most other files were recovered without incident. The video files were recovered but were corrupt and unplayable. This was true for AVI and MPG files regardless of codec and size.
Oct 07 2003, Leonard Downing (Mane Web Solutions)
Thank you! With R-Studio I had back my data from a hard drive that crashed and was unaccessible by any other recovery software. All that for less than $ 80.00!!! Excellent software!
Sep 11 2003, Enrico Bruschi (Farmacia Ponte Dattaro)
Having been in the IT industry for 25 years I have never before provided feedback on any SW products I have procured, however, my experienve with R-Studio has moved me to break the trend. After a rather disastrous loss of both data and backup I have tried 3 different and so-called highly rated packages without any success. Resigned to the loss I then ran a disk optimiser, obviously further reshuffling the disk content, and continued life. Against my better judgment and as last resort I downloaded R-Studio and to my surprise it reconstructed my lost data to the last byte.
Needless to say you have gained a promoter for your product which, in my view, contributes to making this planet a nicer place.
Jul 29 2003, Eddie Theart (Sincrowave)
I'm a very computer savvy person and when one of my hard drives crashed that contained master files for several of my clients, I knew I was in trouble. I tried Norton's and McAfee's products and they were a waste of money. I tried R-Studio FAT and was able to recover everything from my deleted partition. Excellent product! I definately recommend this to anyone who has lost their data.
Jun 23 2003, Digant C Kasundra (DiggyK Inc)
I just wanted to tell you how happy I was with your product. I had approximately 40 Gigs of Data (hours and hours of work) on an Iomega External Drive that killed the Master Boot Record. I called their tech support and they had no help. They recommended me to send the drive in for data recovery services to extract the data from the actual plates of the drive. The cost would average about $1000. They told me NOT to use any software to recover the files because it can do more damage to the data. Boy, am I glad that I did not listen. For the price of your product, it was the best $80. I have ever spent. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
P.S. I told my wife that I HAVE to send you my comments. Keep up the good work.
Apr 17 2003, Ed (GSCGNY)
your representative said I should evaluate your software for the problem I was having with one of my drives. During the course of the evaluation, your software indicated that aditional software was needed to complete the operation (something like "size limt encountered, download software to continue). I had no intentioins of purchasing your software if the evaluation could not succeed with the restore I needed.
Mar 24 2003, nic ventura (floating rock consulting, inc.)
I just want to tell you that we are really lucky to own one of your products.R-Studio is the best recovery tool I've ever used.
Thanks a lot.
Mar 21 2003, Michael Fabricicus
I bought your R-Studio Network edition, and I have recovered a lot of data 60GB that was accidently deleted whilst studying my MCSE course ... RIS Install and the script automatically deletes all partitions from the first logical drive :(
Anyways, what im asking for is there a way that I can download the latest full build of the program, I know there is a download for updates to the program, but ... instead of having two files stored on the drive both being 1.79MB, id rather just have one, and not have to worry about installing updates etc.
Oh, how about a mailing list so that we can see when newer version released.
Mar 16 2003, Stephen Day
Thank you, Your program R-Studio saved me years of hard work.
Mar 10 2003, Erling Fryde (Malmoe Sweden)
I just wanted to say thanks for a great, and in terms of usability, unique product. You've saved hours of sweating and frustration, and for that alone, it's been great to know your application got the job done when we needed it the most.
Many thanks
-Ivan Tefalco
Mar 05 2003, Ivan Tefalco (BPS Teleperformance)
Awesome site, and absolutely the best product on the market. I am very impressed and hope your company is thriving and succeeding in all areas. I was pleased with the software R-Studio NTFS and the price point was very fair, which only added to my enjoyment. I had a 40gig hard drive with a corrupt master file table. I searched for utilities to fix this, I imagined it could be repaired from my experience with older FAT file systems and utilities like Rescue, and Norton Disk Doctor. Nothing I had would touch NTFS though. I searched google and R-Studio did not come up right away, I tried 2 other programs that came up, Magic and Runtime Systems Getdataback NTFS, the demos did not work as well as I hoped so I kept looking. Finally, I found R-Studio, tried the demo and knew it was going to work, so I bought it online and got the code and recovered the few gigs of data I had not yet backed up. Keep up the good work, I will tell everyone about your site and products. Thanks again,
Mar 02 2003, Kevin O'Hara (Datadawg)
I was excited to have found your software on the web, because we had an immediate need to recover an Outlook .pst file that had been deleted. R-Studio was installed on separate disk media (as instructed). No other software was installed, nor were any files saved after our .pst Outlook file was mistakenly deleted. In other words, the mistakenly deleted .pst file could NOT have been overwritten in any way. After installing R-Studio, I did a 'recover' on the file, and it "appeared" to work. BUT, when trying to import the .pst file into Outlook, Outlook claimed it was not a valid .pst file.
We thought you would like to know this information. Because R-Studio did not perform as we hoped it would (it did not fulfill the reason for which we purchased it), we would like to ask for reimbursement.
Feb 28 2003, Tom Winsor (4M Mortgage, Inc.)
Dear R-tt.com
I just wanted to let you know how very very pleased I was to discover your software. Despite good back-up when one finally does experience a hard disk failure there is always something not backed up; in my case it was my email which contained a contact for a job overseas. Having discussed my problem with professional disk recovery services you can imagine just how pleased I was to extract all the data I needed from my failed SCSI drive. The drive had a NTFS.SYS fault. With a some information from the Microsoft website to get the drive running without crashing the machine - the dreaded blue screen of death - and your easy to use software everthing was saved. I really am grateful.
John Cherrey
Feb 23 2003, John Cherrey (Cherrey Architects)
Recently I had occasion to use the demo version of your software. I was hoping to restore a hard drive that I had inadvertently formatted. When using your demo version, it listed the loss files on the hard drive. It would not, however, restore them stating that they were too large to repair with the demo version. Based on the demo version I decided to purchase the retail version of your software with my Visa card. The retail version the again listed the missing files, and then went on to restore them, or at least it appeared that way until I went to open a file. The contents of the restored files did not match their names! All your software seems to have done is arbitrarily attach pieces of other files to the file names listed. Not one single file was restored to the condition that it was in before the mistake.
Your demo version was misleading in that it showed the files that were missing while stating that the only reason that they were not being restored is because they were larger than the demo version size limit. That was not the case however. Neither version of your software is capable of correctly restoring the files.
Because the software cannot perform as promised I am requesting a refund of the purchase price. I anticipate after reading your stated, online refund policy that you will be resistant to issuing a refund. Please be advised that I will stop payment through Visa if you do not voluntarily refund my money.
Brian McAllister
Feb 14 2003, Brian McAllister
Ultra cool tool. Tried two restore utilities and yours worked really nice and smooth! Congrats on a very nice utility, my data was saved!
Feb 13 2003, Thomas Hilbert Madsen (Jubii A/S)
congratulations to r-studio!
works excelent!
today i tried the virtual raid tool, very fine!
some suggestions for improvement:
- auto save scan informations
- if an hardware error occurs during scanning i can't see if i use two identical hard discs which is effected (maybe you should write: "prim slave or sec master, ..."
- the freebsd boot disc crashes while booting (tried on three different computers ...)
- total size of a directories/subdirectory
- the stop button sometimes doesnt work
- support for ext3, hfs, hfs+ ? *gg*
thank you.
Feb 08 2003, Nicolas Ehrschwendner (Attingo)
Thanks, for your product! A controller problem destroyed the index of a 140gb dynamic disc. R-studio NTFS restored all files in few hours without any error. Many thanks!
Jan 22 2003, J. Verhoeks (Waterlandziekenhuis)
Hello R-TT.com,
Thank you so much for your product, R-Studio. It saved my bacon BIG-TIME today. Yesterday night, I decided to install a clean version of Microsoft XP Professional. Everything went well during the install -- with the exception of disk-partition phase where the install utility shows you your hard drives and allows you to create/delete/select the root partition? Although the application showed that I had three partitions available to me, I could SWEAR that I only had two since I had just placed two fresh drives in my box. I just chalked the problem up to the install program not recogizing the size of one of my drives (60GB) and decided to delete partitions on all three drives before continuing the install.
That seemed to do the trick and install went fine. Imagine my horror, however, when I started the new OS, entered the Disk Management Console and realized that the third drive was my external USB drive on which I back up all copies of my online software along with business letters, invoices, certification projects -- and even mail! The 'third drive' displayed to me by the operating system was my USB drive. It didn't even occur to me that XP would detect this during the install phase. I was both impressed and utterly appalled :-)
Anyway, I remained calm because I knew I had purchased R-Studio sometime back. I had made a backup of it on one of my CD's so everything was alright in that department. But would I be able to find the key for the application? It was possible because I knew I had backed up my email onto CD sometime back. However, I also knew that I had grown accustomed to backing up my email onto the USB drive. So if I didn't have a copy of the key on CD, I was in trouble.
As it turns out, I did have a backup and restoration is going along beautifully. Happy new year everyone and thanks again!
Dec 31 2002, Darryl A. J. Staflund (924607 Alberta Ltd.)
Hi There,
I purchased R-Studio a little over a week ago, and just wanted to commend you on your excellent product. It REALLY came through in a pinch!
I was especially pleased with the price to performance ratio (after researching alternatives).
Keep up the great work, and although I appreciate your product, I hope to never have to use it again! ;-)
Nov 10 2002, Brittnell Anderson (brittnell.com)
R-Studio rocks. I used it to recover some film editing files I had accidentally erased. You saved me at least 30 hours of work.
Nov 10 2002, Jon Feldman
Hi, I purchased R-T Studio Fat about a week ago , I would like to congratulate you on a superlative piece of software , I was able to recover 40 Gb of vital data from a hard disk which had dropped a partition which had then been overwritten. None of your competitors products was able to even recognise the partition but R-T studio actually recognised four deleted partitions and successfully recovered all the folders and files from the selected partition.I am both delighted and extremely impressed , thank you once again.
Oct 30 2002, Mike Hallesy (RMH)
I already sent a message to this effect earlier to your technical support. So disregard this if you've already seen it. I'm really frustrated. Not all your fault but lots of things I'll call errors at your end haven't helped. To start with I mistakenly formated a logical drive thinking it was a different drive. It was the one with important recent data not backed up. Yep - I broke Rule 1.
Then I searched for an Unformat utility and found R Studio among others. Zdnet prices it at $49.90. Tucows have it priced at $50. But neither can do more than give me an entirely useless demo version. I don'y know why you bother or they bother or I bother because your 64k limit for file recovery renders the 2mb down load a waste of time and money.
So I elected to buy a copy. However both sites refer to your download site which snaffled a payment of nearly $80 from my credit card. (If supermarkets try that stuff they find themselves in the newspapers).
Then, because I'm trying not to write anything to my disk, I used opera (because its smaller) to try the download from your site. No good. (Incompatibilities?). Had to intall IE.
But of course, once IE is installed I cant get back to the download on your site, can I? Not without going through the credit card gateway again and being belted for another $80. (Sorry - but this is very hosile site design).
So! Refer to the email that you sent confirming the transaction. It is also badly designed. It has a line (for example) that says "The Registration Key for your product is:
Just copy and paste it in corresponding field at the moment of installation."
(I cut and pasted that text from your email). I know the Registration Key is missing ... now you do too.
It gets worse:
The next lines of the email say: "Please use the following link to download R-STUDIO distributive file:
The link expires after 48 hours or three attempts."
Now I have never seen the term "distributive file" before so I ask myself "is this the registration key?" I download it. After downloading 1.9 mb I am now the owner of a file that windows cannot open? Is it a zip file? Nope. Is it an exe file? Nope. Is it a text file? Nope. So maybe its a corrupt download. So I try again. Twice. Now here's a funny thing each file download arrives with a differentfile name. None will open. I've now downloaded near 6mb of useless data.
So, hours later here I am still screwing around. In the meantime I find other products claiming to unformat NTFS partitions but none more than $30 .. Is this going to be worth it I'm asking myself?
I hope the foregoing is helpful feedback. By definition your customers are going to be pissed off about something before they even find you. If they agree to pay $80, then you betcha, they must be REALLY pissed off.
And if you guys then throw this kind of treatment at them ... well its like red rag to a wounded bull. Do you see?
Oct 14 2002, Chris
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
Last week we got into serious trouble when two drives simultaniously failed in a 307 GByte hardware RAID 5 system.
Our backup was quite o.k. but the backup of the approx. 10 GByte large MS Exchange 2000 informationsstore was corrupt. We contacted a company offering professional data recovery services (OnTrack) but their offer (35.000 EUR) exceeded our limited budget.
When we discovered your tool R-Studio NTFS via Google search engine we immediately decided: "Lets give it a try".
And - what shall we say - we finally made it with R-Studio! Congratulations to such a powerfull peace of software!!! We where able to access nearly the whole RAID system and especially the lost databases. You can be shure that we will recommend you to other departements of the University of Karlsruhe.
Best regards
-Pascal Haeussler
CAE/OPtimization & Head of IT
Aug 12 2002, Pascal Haeussler (Institute of Machine Design, Univ. of Karlsruhe)
Today is July 4th, my son's first birthday. While taking pictures with our DC650 digital camera, my wife tried to delete a picture and deleted all 40 of the pictures off the camera. I went to the Kodak site and it said there is no way to recover deleted picture. Boy, were they wrong! I found your software on the internet, purchased it, and was able to recover every picture she deleted from the flash card! I think it is great to be able to demo a piece of software, then purchase and use it immediately.
Jul 04 2002, Edwin Weston
Hi Everyone at R-TT.com,
I had deleted a few files by mistake and was literally stranded without those files, which when i found your site and your product Undelete (a superb product) which came to my rescue.
Thanks a million for saving my efforts.
R-TT.com , U R only the second person i thanked after i got my files recovered
The First person was indeed GOD.
Jul 04 2002, George (Anlon)
Last night I downloaded your demo of r-studio from download.com, 30 minutes later I purchased a licence. A windows xp reinstall had completly messed up one of my 60 gig back up drives (full drive 55 gigs of very important data)Norton Utilities wouldn't work, nor would any other software I tried. Today, after several hours of work (easy work actually) I have all of my files 100%. Thank you so very very much. I Highly reccomend this software for anyone who needs data recovered! It was well worth the cost. Keep up the good work.
Jun 20 2002, Christine Lindorfer (White Knight Services)
Thank you for developping R-studio. You saved my life!
No other recovery programm found quite-all files like r-studio. It's able to recovery files from an old fat16, deleted, created a new fat32 and formatted.
May 25 2002, Marco Pagliai (Studio associato MMM)
I purchased your R-Studio software several weeks ago and have successfully recovered most of the important data I need. I have also recommended your product(s) to the Computer Support staff here at the Health Science Center.
My only qualm is that your instructions are somewhat lacking in regards to the color coding of file directories after a drive is scanned. Specifically, what exactly does red and orange mean? Recoverable or don't bother?
Thanks. john
May 16 2002, John Forist (Univ of Texas)
I think R-STUDIO is great. One thing, could we get rid of the ugly checkmarks? Thanks.
May 14 2002, Alexi (mojeaix Netwok Solutions)
You really got me out of a jam tonight. I accidently deleted timeclock files which I thought I had a copy of on another computer - I did not. The backup tape wasn't catching that directory either. I used your network version to help make sure I did not over-write the files and within 20 minutes of downloading R-Studio I had the files back. GREAT PROGRAM!
May 11 2002, Douglas Klaassen (Glad Enterprises Corp)
Congratulations on your products! I have search HIGH AND LOW for a small utility like this that would do just what it does! There's only ONE thing I wish it could do also. Firstly, I get so much mail that needs to be caterized and SAVED to CD disks and not All to my Outlook Express program; I like that much NEEDED choice that you used in your program RMail. The one thing MORE that I wish it could do is to be able to search the Backup file ALSO by TEXT in messages that I save to CD DISK of BACKUP. You don't know how much that ability is needed for myself and for my business associates.
Please let me know if you can add this to the RMail program as I want to purchase it soon.
Thanks again for having the smarts to develop exactly what I needed. Nothing else I tried could recover my 12,000 lost emails, but yours does! Even Outlook Express 6 in Internet Explorer 6 updated program and MSN Explorer has blooked being able to go back and import from the other programs except for OE 5 OR OE6 only! So all that mail in-between was supposedly lost. THANK YOU, bet you had the same need too and caught the little shinaghans and developed this MUCH NEEEDED AND AND GREATLY APPRECIATED program.
God Bless and thanks,
Keep up the good work,
PS, could this same exact util be developed to recover .ged files with a txt and jpg search ability we really need this for genealogy.
Please let me know.
Thank you.
May 01 2002, Tiffany Shoop (Tiffany's Intl Web Designs, Inc)
Fantastic software. Bravo..
Apr 17 2002, Daren Marsh (M&C Saatchi Ltd)
This is really the best program ever seen!! Great !!
O. Goullon
Apr 01 2002, Goullon (Goullon EDV Services)
After installing a new Win98 partition on my drive I discovered it had rendered my Win2k NTFS Data partition unusable! I would have lost months of over 6GB of data I could never have reproduced. I was literally about to lose my mind when I found you on Google.com. In 5 minutes I downloaded your demo of R-Studio and verified my data still existed. In another 10 minutes I purchased and downloaded R-Studio and started recovering my data. I think I've recovered all of my data and I'm actually going to be able to sleep tonight. No data recovery service firm could have given me my data and peace of mind immediately as you did. Thank God for your company and R-Studio!
Mar 06 2002, Too Embarrased
First, the problem: I had 2 hard drives, and used the second as a back-up. I decided to F-disk and reformat my C: drive before loading Windows XP, so I backed up important files to the D: drive. When running F-disk from a bootable floppy, OOPS! I DELETED THE PARTITIONS ON MY D: DRIVE. Cannot remember if I also repartitioned. I did NOT reformat. Since the most important data were documents for my wife's work, I was in deep water!
Second, the Solution: Several computer specialists told me my data was lost. I decided to search the web, (C-NET and GEEK) for "Data Recovery" and found several products, including "R-Studio". Several looked good, but R-Studio looked both good and affordable. Since another product was sevearal hundred dollars and one specialist offerred consultation at $65 per hour, I thought $79 was worth a shot. The process started off easy enough. I could understand the help file and the options and managed to Scan my lost hard drive (since no files were found before scan). (I have no formal computer training -I am a pediatrician-, but I tinker some; I do not program and have very modest tinker experience in the BIOS area and with DOS (otherwise, I would have not made the dumb mistake of F-disking and deleting my D:drive - - duh!))
I did have a little trouble remembering to look at the legend, and wasted some time searching "RED" scanned files, before scrolling down to the bottom of the list and finding the "ORANGE" scanned files.
Lost Partition - Friday evening
Found Files - Sunday evening
= 48 hours
Edward Hoffman
(yes, you may quote me - eh)
Feb 11 2002, Edward Hoffman, MD (Special Care Pediatrics, P.A.)
Cool software. R-Studio 2.0 is a real lifesaver. I thought I had lost 30 Gigs of precious family photos and musical projects and a multitude of data that I have collected over the years. The backup software that I had used before the disk failure somehow required me to provide a password that I don't remember ever gave it, besides it totally missed a large part of an important directory during the backup. An expensive recovery software from a pretty well established disk management company failed to find any files on my corrupted compressed NTFS partition. Talking about panic attacks time. But I'm glad your software did it. Thanks for coming up with such a fine piece of software. Keep up the good work.
Jan 25 2002, Nghi Nguyen
I was able to retrieve 95% of my files from a damaged disk!! I can't thank you enough for such an excellent package. The emergency agent (FreeBSD cool stuff) made it a snap to access my laptop remotely. I was then able to perform an image to disk and SCAN to get most of my files back. As the owner of a small business my life revolves around my Laptop. So when my disk died, I realized that my last backup was a month old, "all hell broke loose"!! Anyway, I have my files back and life is back to normal. How about a backup and restore package?
-Andre Fraser
President and CEO
(R Studio Biggest FAN)
NUmberOne Technologies, LLC
My only suggestion is the the UI be a little more user friendly.
Jan 17 2002, Andre Fraser (NumberOne Technologies)
I just recently purchased your software and feel compelled to communicate my vast disappointment. Your software appears robust and easy to use, but I have found it to be riddled with errors to the tune of "unexpected problem encountered". It successfully recovers only a small fraction of the files it claims are recoverable, and you can't trust the retrieved files even when it boasts "files successfully recovered".
Dec 29 2001, Ryan Sutherland
I'm not one to write a thank you note to anyone but, this program was a blessing...
Long story short: 1st mistake I made was Installing windows xp... windows xp screwed up when I tried to use the dell upgrade. it said there was an activation problem thing or something like that missing. anyway I called dell and that was my 2nd mistake.. the guy at dell just told me to run dbug,, then gave me a bunch of commands to enter then told me to run fdisk.. well, I'm not the most computer literate guy in the world.. I can barely tread water.. but, anyway.. I ran fdisk then he told me to format the drive... "DELL!! I thought an upgrade version was to upgrade!!!"
anyway as you can see I was screwed... the computer had a year and a half worth of buisness material on it "MOST not backed up" that was my 3rd huge mistake... anyway.. I formated the drive then installed win me and then the upgrade to xp figuring I would have to somehow over the next few months work a hell of a lot of overtime...
a friend told me that some of the meterial may still be recoverable so I went online trying to find a data recovery place and ran across many of this type of program.. well, None worked ,, at least I could'nt get them to work and they were expensive some around 400 bucks...
then I came across this one.. tried it and the first thing was That it actually found stuff on my hard drive then I tried to unerase stuff.. (BLINDLY) and it looked like chinese or something.. but then I looked further through the meterial on the screen and found actual files that I had fdisked and formatted over.. well,, guess what It worked!!!!! I spent the $50 bucks and got back well, not 100 percent (I think I copied over alot of stuff when I put the new OS on there) but maybe 70 or 80 percent... life is good again
(by the way I recieved the demo from Cnet.com and also posted my opinion on there,, hope it helps)
thanks again R-studio
mark bellavance
Dec 15 2001, mark bellavance
Following a junior member of staff's attempt to rectify a horrible mistake I purchased R-Studio. I spent 27 hours scanning and "recovering" datafiles from a 20Gb disk. Whilst the recovery process appeared to be successful only 16 files out of a total some 4000 were useable. I sought advice from you 24hr Tech Support group. There contribution was disappointing to say the least. They gave me instructions based on an older version of your software where the Drive dropdown menu is different. Their final advice was to do what I had alredy done. POINT - tech support is supposed to know the software that they support. Is your 24hour support just a group of people that match the client's problem with a checksheet and then send the prescribed "TRY THIS". I spent 2 hours using Ontrack's Easy Recovery Pro. I have successfully recoved 2394 files. Different algorithms maybe. Your software looks good and has more options for knowledgeable users.
For $80 it would represent a phenomenal value for money if its performance matched its looks.
You might also like to consider providing a user manual in pdf format so that new users can read it off-line.
David F.
ps why doesn't the supplied uninstall program remove the registry entries?
Dec 14 2001, David G. French (David French Unip Ldag)
I am a shareware author and sw engineer myself, so I know what I talk about. Your software is *great*. Although the prize for the network edition is at the upper limit, it is worth it.
What I am missing are agents running under UNIX (e.g. Linux). I think this would be a *much* apprecitated enhancement, because I tend to loose my files not only non Windows boxes :-( .
I would be happy to hear about your future plans.
Regards & Merry Xmas
Markus Pfister
Dec 12 2001, Markus Pfister (as private user)
Thankyou so much for a magnificent piece of software. I am speaking about R-Studio. I have just purchased the full version and was able to recover all my accidently deleted files. It was well worth the price and being as I work within the computer industry, I am sure to recommend this piece of software to our customers and clients.
Again.. thankyou so much.
Stuart :o)
Nov 27 2001, Stuart Wilson
I just purchased a copy of R-Studio NTFS and used it to recover the data on a partition with a corrupted MBR. It worked perfectly and even found files that were missed by applications costing 10 times as much (EasyRecovery Professional). A GREAT PRODUCT AND EXCEPTIONAL VALUE AT $49.99. I certainly will tell all of my computer associates about this product.
Do you have or know of an application that will repair or reconstuct an MBR? My impression is that, with the information collected by R-Studio, you should be able to reconstuct an MBR.
Please email me.
Nov 04 2001, Jerry Ressler (RAI Digital)
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