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  • 10 most annoying things that can happen to your computer
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Computers are a wonderful invention that has allowed society to develop in countless ways - but that doesn't mean that they can't frustrate us to the point of insanity sometimes.
This article presents 10 of the most annoying things problems that can happens to computers.
1. Slow internet connection
This problem recently finished ninth in The Guardian's top 100 most annoying things. This can be fixed by switching internet companies, using a more powerful router or accessing the internet during off-peak hours.
2. Crashing
This is most annoying when you've been typing a report for the last three hours and have forgotten to press save. Your computer will do its best to recover any lost work and in extreme circumstances IT support professionals may be able to restore items lost due to crashing.
3. Spam emails
Spam emails are not only a hassle to delete but could also contain harmful malware waiting to infect your computer. Join an email provider with a decent spam filter to minimise this annoyance.
4. Pop-up web pages
Internet surfing can be cruelly interrupted by masses of unwanted pop-ups appearing on a screen. Thankfully, there is now lots of pop-up blocking software which users can download for free.
5. Computer viruses
Viruses can infect a computer causing it to lose valuable data, share personal information or completely malfunction. Users should contact IT support professionals who may have to completely wipe all data from the computer. IT support staff can help protect against viruses using {{http://www.kaseya.co.uk/features/remote-access.aspx|remote IT support software}}.

6. Hackers
There are many cyber-criminals out there using a variety of tactics to steal personal information for their own gain. Invest in IT management systems to help prevent this from happening to your business.
7. Buffering
Even if enjoying a super-fast connection to the internet, some video content seems to insist on buffering for a ridiculously long time before allowing users to watch. Although there is software to speed up video-loading times, there is often little users can do here other than be patient.
8. Laptop runs out of batteries
Laptops have proved to be a highly popular and useful modification of desktop PCs but there is little more annoying than having a laptop's battery run out whilst on the go. To avoid this, ensure you take your charger with you as often as you can.
9. Dropping a laptop
As useful, comfortable and enjoyable as it can be to enjoy a PC in any location you choose, transporting laptops can lead to nasty accidents such as droppages which can prove to be an expensive error. Make sure a laptop is insured against such mishaps.
10. Dead pixels
There might hundreds of thousands of pixels which can fit on a screen these days but if one dies that it can still prove to be frustratingly distracting. Fortunately, some clever LCD software has managed to fix this annoying problem.
Yes, computers can annoy us at times but those who are prepared against these sort of incidents can manage to avoid them completely for the majority of their computers lifespan.