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  • Is A 128GB Apple iPad In The Works?
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This morning, Apple rumors about a 128GB iPad are circulating. Certain sources have confirmed that Apple is working on a 128GB upgrade to the current iPad. iPad fans have been asking for an iPad with more memory, and it looks like Apple is responding to that request. Currently, a 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB version of the iPad exist. While most sources this morning are behind the rumor stating that a new iPad makes a good deal of sense, I’m not so certain that this is actually the case.

If Apple wants to further upset customers who did not like the recent upgrade from the iPad 3 to the iPad 4 (which was, really, just an upgrade), the company will release an even better iPad. Then there’s the matter of keeping with the Apple trend. Apple has always released three versions of most devices. Releasing a fourth version of the iPad would be out of character. What would make sense, on the other hand, is a completely new iPad – not an upgrade.

A New iPad Is Logical

People who just bought the recent iPad 4 will likely be upset when a better upgrade comes along. An upgrade means, essentially, the same device only better and with a higher price tag. The problem with upgrades is that older models tend to be phased out quickly, and this is especially upsetting if you just bought an iPad in November. Would Apple really make a move to upset a large portion of the company’s customers? This seems unlikely. Would Apple release a brand new iPad that’s nothing like the last one? This seems like a much more logical move.

It’s an even more logical move if you consider the fact that Apple doesn’t usually increase storage size on existing devices. The company does have a history of increasing storage size when creating new devices, but that’s not the same thing. Are these rumors accurate? Not unless the powers that be over at Apple have decided to veer completely off of the Steve Jobs course. If Apple is working on a brand new device, how much would that new iPad cost?

The Expense of a 128GB iPad

A new 128GB iPad will likely cost consumers around $829 for a Wi-Fi plus cell model. A basic Wi-Fi model would likely run about $699. These price estimates are based on current Apple product prices and are rough estimates. Apple hasn’t made any official announcements concerning a new iPad. In true Apple style, even if the company were working on a new iPad, details about this device would not likely surface until Apple is ready to make a big announcement. Apple’s announcements always come in the form of press conferences, so I’ll keep you updated on any news from Apple.

Apple’s iPad prices are already higher than what most consumers want to pay. Would you fork over $829 for an iPad with a 128GB memory? If you are like most people, this price is way out of your budget. Then again, it all depends on what Apple sinks into the new device. Will this device be an upgrade? It’s not likely.