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  • Is 1Password the Ultimate Password Solution?
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News streams have been filled with stories of hacks and password leaks lately, and that is causing most of us to look at other ways of creating and storing passwords.

The problem with a password manager, though, is that you still have to create your own passwords, and it’s more likely than not that those passwords aren’t exactly hack-proof. But there might be a really good solution to that problem called 1Password.

Unique Passwords for Them All

1Password is a program that you can download to your phone or other device. This password manager creates unique (we’re talking jumbled letters and numbers and other things that make no real sense) passwords for every account that you have. The app creates these individual and unique passwords for everything from your Gmail account to your Instagram account, and then locks the passwords into a virtual folder.

In order to access this folder, you have to create a password that you can remember. Thus, you have one password for all of your other passwords.

1Password is also integrated into your browser, so all you have to do is click on the 1Password app at the top of your browser, enter your master password, and the program will sign you into the site that you are trying to access - simple. 1Password will also create passwords for any new site that you want to sign up for, and the next time you want to access your account through that site, you just have to access the 1Password app, and the app will log you in and create your password without any real trouble on your part.

Other Safekeeping Options

1Password also keeps other information secure and safe within the app. You can input things like credit card numbers and top-secret details about a project you’re working on, and the app will store all of those things requiring just one password to access everything you’ve stored. The company claims that the app is secure, and that it’s impossible to crack into any account through the 1Password app.

The other really great thing about the 1Password app is that it syncs automatically with all of the devices that you own, so you can take this app and your passwords with you wherever you go. 1Password claims that it is the only password app that you will ever need, and the alphanumeric passwords generated by the app are unique.

So it seems like 1Password can solve all of your password problems whether you’re a celebrity hoping to protect nude photos or whether you’re just a regular person looking to keep your accounts secure.

A Recent Rise

Over the past few months, 1Password has seen a rise in the number of people that use the app, and that’s no surprise given the fact that there have been more hacks than usual happening to all kinds of people. It seems like 1Password could be the solution to the hacking and password problem, so you may want to give this app a try if you have password remembrance or hacking issues.