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  • What Kind of 3D Glasses to Choose
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Whether you’ve already made the purchase or are considering buying a 3D TV, you’ll need a pair of 3D glasses. Many manufacturers include a pair of glasses with a 3D TV purchase, though these aren’t always the best option. As the world continues to go 3D crazy, new glasses are hitting the market at an alarming rate.

Selecting the right pair of 3D glasses is a matter of understanding the different offerings. While all of these frames are similar, some are more stylish or lighter than others. 3D TV seems like a trend that’s here to stay, which has prompted many fashion designers to pay attention to the 3D TV market. Most 3D glasses must correspond with the type of 3D TV that you currently have. Yet, there are some alternate options available.

Price Matters

Price is certainly important when choosing 3D glasses. Some of these glasses can cost more than $500. The verdict is still out on what the true standards are for 3D glasses. Thus, the difference between a $500 pair of glasses and a $40 pair of glasses is in the details.

Typically, expensive glasses tend to look stylish. As with any other pair of glasses, some are at home on designer shelves while others are big and bulky. A comfortable fit matters, but don’t buy into any expensive hype. When it comes down to details, all 3D glasses offer the same basics.

Weight Concerns

Most movies have a runtime of approximately two hours. Wearing heavy glasses for two hours can be very uncomfortable. If there’s one thing to seriously consider when buying 3D glasses, its weight. Take the time to try on every pair of 3D glasses that you find. You’ll quickly discover that some are much lighter than others.

Generally, the design of a pair of glasses will determine the overall weight. Slim and trim glasses tend to be much lighter than standard bulky glasses. Of course, if your TV comes with a pair of glasses, it’s best to keep these until they break (this has been known to happen).

Scratch Resistance

3D glasses are expensive. Therefore, it’s wise to choose a scratch-proof pair. Most glasses on the market are relatively scratch-proof, though some hold up better than others. The only way to find out if a pair of frames is scratch-proof is to read manufacturer specifications.

Designer 3D Glasses

Certain retail and fashion designers have begun to tap into the 3D market. For those who are looking for stylish frames at any price, Marchon 3D Eyewear will soon hit the market. This company designs glasses for large brands such as Fendi and Michael Kors. Ever since Marchon Eyewear took an interest in designing for the 3D elite, consumers have begun to take notice.

Interestingly, Marchon 3D glasses are rumored to be very affordable. While not on the market yet, these glasses are expected to retail for around $40. If you come across a pair of Marchon 3D glasses that you like, these frames will work with passive 3D TVs, in theaters, and with any 3D laptop.