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  • What to Do With a 3D Printer
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M3D unveiled a new 3D printer today. The newest 3D printer, the Micro, is designed to bring 3D printing to everyone. But, do you need a 3D printer? What can you actually do with a 3D printer? Here’s what you can do with a $250 3D printer like the Micro ($800 pre-production).

What to Do With a 3D Printer

You can make any basic item with a 3D printer like a cup, a guitar pick, or some handy kitchen utensils. You can also make some office items like plastic paperclips and other odds and ends. If you are a designer, the 3D printer has a whole different purpose, of course. Making 3D models using a 3D printer is a great way to show prospective clients what you have in mind with any design. But, do any of these things justify a $250 expense?

It all depends on the industry that you’re in, and whether or not you’re just buying this type of printer as novelty. Let’s take a closer look at what M3D has come up with. Remember, this new printer was designed for the masses, so it has to have an appeal that makes sense to everyone.

The M3D Printer

M3D started out with a Kickstarter campaign. Shortly after the company posted the project to the crowdfunding site, M3D managed to gain $50,000 in funding. That’s not bad for a printer that may or may not have a wide spanning market. The thing that sets the M3D printer apart is that it’s simple to use. You really only have to plug in the printer, tap the ‘print’ button, and you’re ready to roll. Most 3D printers on the market don’t make printing things quite so simple.

Perhaps that’s why M3D gained massive amounts of funding so quickly. This 3D printer is also the size of a small cube, is more power efficient than any other 3D printer on the market, and can sit on top of your desk. M3D wants everyone to have a 3D printer, though the price tag is still tough to swallow if you don’t have an immediate need for one.

Other 3D Printers On the Market

There are a ton of other 3D printers available. It’s no longer hard to find a printer of this type whereas a couple of years ago, a 3D printer were just a concept. This also happens to be one of the cheapest models on the market, and it’s definitely one of the smallest.

That all adds up to the great possibility of everyone purchasing and using 3D printers very soon. You do still have to buy the filament to use these printers, but M3D has designed this printer to work with any filament (you can purchase the company’s option or use another option).

Are 3D printers useful? Absolutely. Do you need one? Maybe. You have to weigh the cost of the printer compared to the cost of the things that you would buy outright if you can’t print them - unless, of course, you’re just interested in the novelty of it all. Are you?