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  • 84-inch LG TV

How big is your TV? If you have a 50-inch TV, you’re now in the minor leagues. LG has recently announced a brand new 84-inch TV that has decent sound and images. That’s right, 84-inches of pure television bliss. Before you scan this article for availability details, consider whether or not you have enough wall space for an 84-inch TV. Not only do you need enough wall space, but I’m guessing your couch will have to be far enough away from that TV not to give yourself a major headache. Alright, practicality aside, LG is gaining a lot of press from the new 84-inch announcement.

If you have enough room in your home and you want an 84-inch TV, you’ll be happy to know that LG has thought this plan through thoroughly. Did I mention that this is a 3D TV too? LG isn’t making any compromises when it comes to life on the big screen. In addition to 3D capabilities and a screen so big you’ll never leave home, here’s what you can expect when this television finally hits store shelves (well, maybe not shelves, since a shelf could hardly support this massive television!).

The Details

First, I’ll tell you that LG has only showcased the 84-inch monstrosity at tech seminar in Las Vegas, so the TV won’t be available for public sale quite yet. Availability aside, this television comes with “ultra definition.” What is ultra definition? Well, technically, it’s a term that LG came up with to represent 4K resolution. What is 4K resolution? Essentially, this television has four times the resolution of a regular HD TV – that’s a lot of resolution power. But, LG hasn’t stopped at an enormous screen and 4K resolution. This TV will also come with Smart TV capabilities.

Now, you may be familiar with smartphones and other “smart” devices, but what the heck is a Smart TV? As you might have guessed, a Smart TV is a TV that comes with thousands of apps, ways to stream all kinds of stuff, and basically everything that your smartphone can do. If this sounds crazy, well, you’re right. However, it seems to be a craze that television manufacturers all across the world are trying to gain notoriety for.

Other Competitors

You may recall a few other large TVs that have debuted over the past few months. Toshiba made a 55-inch TV, Sharp created a 6o-inch monster, and now LG has fashioned the biggest TV available yet. Amazingly, as other devices across the board become smaller and thinner, televisions become larger and larger. W

hile seemingly bizarre, there must be a consumer demand for very large televisions. Or, perhaps, this is just a popularity contest between manufacturers. Whatever the case may be, it seems like LG is going to win this race for the time being (until another company creates a 90-inch TV, that is). No pricing details have been revealed yet, but if 50-inch TVs are going for around $1200, you can bet that an 84-inch TV will not retail for less than $5000.