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  • Acer Steps Up Its Laptop Game
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Acer has long been known as the cheap laptop company. Those seeking to purchase a laptop that’s affordable tend to seek out Acer systems. Acer never really made any press, since there was nothing overly spectacular about Acer systems to report. Acer laptops are relatively solid, uniform, and average in every manner.

So average, in fact, that it seemed (for awhile) like Acer might be forgotten about altogether. Now, Acer aims to step up its laptop game by introducing light and impressive laptops such as the new Acer Aspire. While not an Apple competitor or up to Vaio status, the Aspire is a good laptop for a very reasonable price.

Who Can Benefit From the Aspire

The Acer Aspire is not for those who pound keyboards daily. This is not a laptop that was meant to work long hours. However, it is a laptop that’s ideal for people who want to take notes, need to travel with a laptop for casual purposes, or work part-time from home. Why is the Aspire not a workhorse?

Acer didn’t equip the newest Aspire with a comfortable keyboard. As anyone who works on a laptop daily knows, a comfortable and efficient keyboard is more than half of the work battle. The Acer Aspire keyboard is somewhat crammed, which will make typing for many hours difficult. Yet, the Aspire keyboard will work perfectly for those who are looking to peck-type for a few moments at a time.

What About Pricing and Styling?

Acer laptops have never been expensive. As mentioned, these laptops are often considered some of the cheapest on the market. The new Acer Aspires (722-BZ608 version) are slightly better than the older models. So, Acer has decided to raise the price point a bit. But don’t worry, at around $300, the Acer Aspire is still quite affordable.

Laptops these days have come a long way from the original black and white options. Albeit, most stores don’t keep a number of colors in stock, but colorful laptops are available all the same. In order to keep up with this trend, Acer has made the new Aspire line colorful. Inspired by cold summer treats (presumably), the new Acer lineup includes colors such as “Strawberry Yogurt” and “Blueberry Shake.” If color is what you’re after, the new Aspires won’t disappoint.

Should You Buy An Acer Aspire?

The one thing that the new Aspire lineup doesn’t have is decent sound. If sound is important to you, seek another laptop. Then again, most laptops don’t come with great sound -- unless, of course, you buy independent speakers, but I digress. Sound aside, the new Aspire is a solid laptop for anyone looking for a casual system.

Other considerations might include any one of the new tablets available. Tablets are quickly taking over the smaller laptop/netbook category, and you may find a tablet is more your speed than the Acer Aspire. As always, I recommend that you head to your nearest store (Walmart carries the Acer Aspire line in the United States), and spend some time with an Aspire. Remember to pay careful attention to the Aspire’s keyboard!