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  • Acer’s New Aspire S7 Comes With a High Price Tag
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News of Acer’s Aspire S7 has been circulating for a few months now. Recently, Acer announced pricing for the S7. Acer has decided to price this laptop at $1199. For some, this price is justified. For others, there are laptops on the market that easily compare to what Acer is offering. Only those that compare also come with a lower price tag.

Inside the Acer Aspire S7 (What’s It All About?)

What constitutes at price that’s over $1,000? Acer has packed the S7 with a 1080p IPS touchscreen display, Core i7 and i5 processors, 256GB SSD, and 4GB of RAM. If you’re looking at this lineup and thinking: “so, why is this computer worth $1k?” you aren’t alone. Seemingly, the touchscreen display is what it’s all about. Acer is betting on that touchscreen display to entice lots of consumers. But, there’s just one thing that might hold some consumers back from the touchscreen (well, a few things, really).

First, Acer’s S7 comes with two screen sizes: 11.6 and 13.3. Neither one of these screen sizes will make watching movies or viewing anything else on screen all that interesting. Second, most consumers aren’t enticed by the promise of a touchscreen. Touchscreens are where 3D TVs were years ago. In some ways, a touchscreen is novel and interesting. In other ways, a touchscreen is really just another gimmick. Until touchscreens really hit the market in a big way (and prove to be worth those extra bucks), this reviewer isn’t so convinced that many consumers will fork over extra cash for the promise of a touchscreen. That said, the S7 is a nice laptop to look at.

Details and Design: Appealing and Well Thought Out

Acer has put a lot of thought into the S7 design. This laptop is slick and smooth with a metallic cover. The S7 is also thin and light – some are even comparing this laptop to the MacBook Air. The S7 is not a laptop that you’ll be embarrassed to show off, even if it does come from Acer (a company that once had a reputation for creating cheap laptops).

Acer’s S7 will run Windows 8, making it one of the first to run Microsoft’s new operating system. Seemingly, Windows 8 works better with a touchscreen, which is why Acer went in the touchscreen direction. But, some reviewers, including this one, are still wary about that touchscreen promise. Regardless, when the S7 hits shelves in late October (exact launch date is unknown at this time), Acer’s newest laptop is bound to make quite a splash.

If you happen to be looking for a touchscreen option, the Acer S7 might be worth looking it. There’s no doubt that Acer has put a lot of time and effort into the design of this laptop, and that the system will be interesting all-around. However, if you aren’t searching for a touchscreen and want a laptop that includes everything Acer has put into the S7, there are other comparable options on the market.