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  • Adaptu Wallet: New In the Money Management App Category
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Who couldn’t use a little more money management? The money management app category might seem slightly saturated, but there’s always room for more innovation. Adaptu is a new iOS app that may prove to be more effective than most other money management apps out there – simply because the Adaptu team thinks and creates differently.

How Adaptu Compares to Mint

Mint has become the standard go-to money management app (and site). Since Mint was really the first out of the money management gate, it’s no surprise that this company still reigns supreme. But, there comes a time in every startup’s life when another company sneaks up from those darkened shadows and claims that gold standard prize – such is the case with Adaptu. This app wants to not only teach people how to manage money, but also how to adapt to spending habits and cash flow (hence the name, “Adaptu”).

Those who download the free Adaptu app can snap photos of membership cards in order to increase wallet space, will be notified when a bank charges a fee, and can view how much money exists in a current account. Adaptu will also let users know when a spending limit can is reached, and this app even tells users whether or not they can afford that new pair of shoes or some other frivolous item. In order to use Adaptu, you will have to provide the app with a lot of account details, and this brings up the question of security. So, how secure is the Adaptu app?

Adaptu Security Concerns Answered

Adaptu claims that this app is backed by top-notch security -- the same security, in fact, that banks use to keep your information safe. This means that all of your passwords and account numbers are encrypted, and every bit of information that you provide Adaptu with should be safe from prying eyes. Just to make sure that the app is extra secure, though, the Adaptu team also requires that all users enter a four-digit pin number prior to accessing the app.

Creating Real Financial Plans For Real People

The goal of the Adaptu app is to help people plan for the future by explaining money saving tactics, creating budgets, and really teaching people what financial planning is. Adaptu automatically updates with every purchase or dollar take from your account, and the app comes with warnings and other messages that will prevent you from spending too much or going overboard. For those who want to go that extra mile, Adaptu also provides some tax form summaries (401K and IRA).

If you are searching for an app that will help you with your budget, Adaptu might be the next Mint – or it might prove to be better or just the same as Mint, since Mint will probably step up its app game after reading about Adaptu’s offerings (if it hasn’t already). As mentioned, this app is available right now from the App Store, it’s free, and it’s a great way to keep track of your funds.