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  • Addappt for iPhone: Contact Updates Make Easy
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Updating your contact list can be tedious. When someone moves or changes contact information, making sure everything is up to date takes time. Or, if you are like most people, you will simply forget to update existing details (resulting in lost information). A new Silicon Valley startup has created an iPhone app called Addappt that aims to make updating contact details seamless.

How Addappt Works

In order to use Addappt effectively, others on your contact list must also use this app, so make sure to share the app with friends and family members. Once you have connected with others who use this app, all contact details will be automatically updated whenever information has been changed.

For example, if I were to update my phone or address details using Addappt, anyone who’s part of my Addappt contact list will automatically receive my updated details. The app takes all the hassle out of letting people you connect with know what your new number or address is. In short, Addappt makes staying in touch with your contacts simple.

Some Shortcomings

Whenever a product or app comes from a new startup, you can expect some shortcomings, that’s just the nature of the beast. Addappt is no exception to this rule. Some things to keep in mind include the fact that your contacts have to use this app in order for Addappt to work; Addappt only works with iPhones (the developers behind this app are working on an Android version); there is a bit of a wait when signing up for the app. These are small drawbacks, however, and the app does work well when in use.

Addappt is a free app for iPhone users, which may be one way to convince people on your contact list to install and use the app. It’s also worth pointing out that Addappt (and the company behind the app) is a relatively new app to the Apple app scene, so give the app some time before it is completely flawless. Keeping these things in mind, Addappt is a great app to use if you know someone who constantly updates their address or contact information, you update your details regularly, or you are just tired of manually changing contact information when it comes to keeping up with people in your life.

Availability and Android Availability

As mentioned, the developers behind the Addappt app are working on an Android version of this app. The Android version should hit markets sometime this spring, and the Android app will also be free to use. Presumably, you will be able to connect with contacts who use different platforms (both iOS and Android). There is no word whether or not the company will create apps for other platforms.

If you love the idea of an automatically updated address book and contact list, make sure to check out the Addappt app in the Apple Store. Currently, this app is completely free to use. Just remember that you’ll have to invite your contacts to use the app before you can share or update information.