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  • Adobe Updates Photoshop: A Look Inside
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Adobe’s Photoshop has been around for a long time – a really long time. In that time, Adobe has perfected and added more features to Photoshop than any other photo suite available. In fact, Photoshop pretty much corners the market. There’s just one problem with Photoshop. Those who aren’t professional photographers tend to find this photo-editing program very intimidating. Previous versions of Photoshop have been difficult to use, and this has given the suite a reputation.

But, throughout the years that Adobe has been perfecting Photoshop, the developer has learned something about user-friendliness too. Namely, that not all Photoshop users are professional photographers. So, Adobe’s latest Photoshop is actually easy to use and worth a peek. The price tag might still be high for some, but it’s really hard to beat Photoshop if you’re serious about your photo work. What’s new with this version? Here’s a look inside of Adobe’s latest Photoshop creation.

More Features Equals More Fun

Real vector layers are one feature that designers will love to use. This feature makes it possible to edit and add dashed and dotted lines. Another useful feature is the Snap to Pixel feature, which makes rendering lines a lot easier. If you’ve ever struggled with finding one layer amongst many, the new Layer Search is the only feature you’ll need. This feature allows users to actively search for a layer, which is really quite innovative and useful.

Adobe has also stepped up the blur game by creating the Blur Gallery. Inside of this gallery are three different blur options that are all unique and fun to use. There’s also a new crop tool, a new video creation tool and upgrade, background save feature, wide angle editing options, and plenty of other excellent features to explore. Going back to that user-friendliness dilemma, Adobe has added all of these features and a brand new interface too.

The New Photoshop Interface

There are few things more frustrating than trying to view images on a light background. Much in the way that an art gallery displays paintings, Adobe has decided to make the new interface background very dark. The blackness of the new background will make any photo stand out, so you can really see what you’re working on. Some new quick find design options are also part of the interface change and everything is set up in a nice and clean manner with drop down menus and icons that make sense.

As mentioned above, Adobe really wants you to get into this program, which is why the whole thing from top to bottom has been revamped. Features upon features, video editing tools to the extreme, and a crisp interface with a darkened background still make Photoshop the best editing suite available. Adobe has set up a bunch of videos on the official Adobe website to explain some of the new features, and you can currently purchase Photoshop CS6 from the Adobe site right now. Price-wise, this amazing photo suite that’s packed to the brim with editing options is currently priced at $699 (basic and standard).