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  • Adobe's New Scan App Lets You Scan and Edit PDFs
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Adobe has just released a free app called Scan that lets users take photos of physical documents and convert those into PDFs in seconds. This technology isn’t new (there are a variety of apps that do the same thing), but Adobe has upped the ante slightly.

Scan uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which makes it possible to edit, highlight, and add signatures to converted PDFs.

How Adobe Is Killing the Competition

It is beyond frustrating when you have to send a PDF of a document, scan that document, and then realize that you need to edit the document. In order to do so, you have to use some kind of PDF editor, which can be time-consuming. Now that Adobe’s Scan is available for download, you can just edit your PDF in the app - no mucking around necessary.

Even better, documents scanned with Scan don’t include a watermark either, so you don’t need to worry about those details. In fact, Scan is absolutely free to use. The only thing you will have to do is sign up for an Adobe Cloud account and Install Reader, but both of those services are free to use as well.

Reeling It Back In

When other companies started to create scanning apps that convert physical documents to PDFs, Adobe lost some of the company’s potential users. Now that Adobe has come out with an app that scans documents and lets you mark up those documents, users are likely to go back to the trusted brand.

Using the App

Adobe’s Scan app is relatively simple to use. Once you sign up for an Adobe Cloud account and a Reader account, you can download the Scan app. After opening the app, just scan any physical document that you have. The app will then store the document in the Adobe Document Cloud. From there, you can edit the document using your phone or via desktop.

Editing capabilities include highlighting, editing, signing, and sharing. Adobe has also stated that the company will allow multiple document scanning soon, so you should be able to scan numerous physical documents as well. All of this is great news for anyone that was ever tasked with turning physical documents into digital PDFs - and then editing those documents.

Where to Find It

Adobe’s Scan is available now for download with iOS and Android. If you’re looking for other PDF scanning options, there are a myriad of those in both the Android and Apple stores as well. But since most people know the Adobe name, the company stands to gain a lot of new users with the scan app.

There hasn’t been that much news from Adobe in recent months, so this new app is a boost for the company. Adobe plans on scooping up some new users with the Scan app - and, of course, picking up some new cloud users that have to sign up in order to use the Scan app.

Even if you sign up for Adobe’s cloud service (you have to in order to use Scan, remember), rest assured that it’s a company you can trust.