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  • Aerb Wireless Bluetooth Mouse: It's a Speaker and a Mouse!
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A mouse is just a mouse, right? Well, not if your mouse doubles as a speaker phone and portable speaker. The 'Aerb Wireless Bluetooth Mouse' is everything that you ever hoped your mouse would be - and lots more. Why would you want a mouse that's also a speaker and speaker phone? Well, here are some reasons why that configuration might work out.

Better Than Your Current Sound Setup

Unless you have a great portable speaker system set up to work with your laptop, I'm betting that the sound coming from your system is lacking in a big way. Even though the best option for great sound is to purchase those smaller speakers, a mouse that is capable of doubling as a speaker is a great alternative.

Even though the 'Aerb Wireless Bluetooth Mouse' isn't the best audio that you can buy, it is a mouse that does more than just produce sound - but that's an added bonus. It's possible to hook this mouse up to an iPhone or iPad for continuous sound. You can also use this mouse as a regular old Bluetooth mouse, or you can use it make calls.

The Speaker Phone Side of the Aerb Mouse

The Aerb Wireless Bluetooth Mouse comes with a mic, which means that you can make this mouse the speaker phone of your dreams. Alright, maybe not the speaker phone of your dream, but a speaker phone all the same.

How's the sound coming from the 'Aerb Wireless Bluetooth Mouse'? This mouse sounds, surprisingly, decent (for a small Bluetooth mouse, that is). It's not the same sound you would get from an actual speaker phone unit, but it's not too shabby either. Did I mention the best part of this mouse? No? Here it is: the Aerb Wireless Bluetooth Mouse is available in a bunch of really great colors.

Availability and Details

If you want to spruce up your workspace, the many colors that this mouse comes in will do the trick. The Aerb Wireless Bluetooth Mouse is available in orange, red, purple, black, and green. The design of the mouse is ergonomic, and it has received great ratings from all around.

Let's get real, though, no mouse is going to provide speaker phone or speaker sound like a dedicated device, so don't go selling your current phone or speakers to purchase this mouse. What the Aerb Wireless Bluetooth Mouse will do for you is provide you with a comfortable, colorful, mouse that's reliable and come with both speakers and a mic function.

Sure, the Aerb Wireless Bluetooth Mouse is novelty on some levels, but it's also a mouse that is really worth checking out if you are into that kind of novelty (or just need a really great mouse that has other functions). You can purchase the Aerb Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for 44.99 from Amazon right now.

Since you'll likely pay around that much for a regular Bluetooth mouse, it doesn't seem overly crazy to fork over $45 for a mouse that comes with a lot of other features, right? Check it out now on Amazon.