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  • Gradware vs. JourneyEd vs. Academic SuperStore: Affiliate Programs Compared
Technology Articles > Software > Education > Gradware vs. JourneyEd vs. Academic SuperStore: Affiliate Programs Compared

Academic software is big business—students, teachers and educators represent a large portion of the market share when it comes to industry leading software such as Adobe CS5, Microsoft Office, Final Cut, FileMaker, Pro Tools and others. Each of these titles can cost hundreds of dollars—but just like books and computers, this expensive software is absolutely necessary for a proper education.

As an affiliate marketer, you can help students and teachers save money on essential software for education while sharing in some of the revenue. For example, Adobe Creative Suite 5 costs $1,899 of the shelf at a retail store. But by buying Adobe software online with an educator discount, students pay only $450. Meanwhile, for helping students and teachers find this software, you can enjoy a cut of the profits. Here are three of the top academic software distributors who offer affiliate programs.


Gradware has been serving the academic sector since 1983, and they’ve kept pace with the evolving nature of software and the web. Gradware allows you to sign up for their affiliate program for free. You earn 3% commission on every sale that results from one of your referrals. Furthermore, users have a 45 day cookie duration. That means that if someone visits Gradware via your referral link, but doesn’t make a purchase until later, you still get commission. Gradware carries software from Adobe, Corel, FileMaker, Microsoft, Quark, SPSS, Wacom and others. You must have an AvantLink.com to apply.

Academic SuperStore

Academic SuperStore was founded in 1998. They carry software as well as computer products, games, electronics, music and audio, books, videos and DVDs and bags and backpacks. Academic SuperStore also has a cookie duration of 45 days, but they offer 4% commission on all sales. You can also get bonuses for reaching certain thresholds. For example, if your total sales exceed $250, you get a $5 bonus. If you sell over $5,000 worth of merchandise, you get a $50 discount. You must have a Commission Junction account to apply.


JourneyEd was founded in 1990 and offers academic software, books bags and hardware. JourneyEd has the highest commission at 5%. JourneyEd has a 45 day cookie duration, but does not offer any bonuses at this time. JourneyEd is somewhat rigorous in its review process and only approves applicants who have high quality websites that appeal to teachers and students. You must have a Commission Junction account to apply.

Of the three affiliate programs listed above, JourneyEd has the highest commission rate, but Gradware is the easiest program to get approve for. Academic SuperStore is somewhere in the middle—it’s bonuses make it lucrative for highly effective affiliates, however.