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  • AgLocal Software Connects Chefs to Farmers
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Where does your food come from? Most people do not know the answer to this question. But, new software called AgLocal is going to change that. This software puts chefs directly in touch with farmers. You see, most restaurants do not buy their food from farmers. Instead, chefs usually order food from massive companies like Sysco.

Where meat comes from and where animals were raised is largely a mystery. Chefs do their best to order quality meat, but small details are often lost – and technology hardly ever plays a part. AgLocal has developed a software product that brings meat purchasing to the 21st century with a spin on local food. Using this technology, chefs and farmers can speak with one another, learn from each other, and form lasting business relationships.

New Meat Technology

AgLocal provides farmers with a LinkedIn-type profile page. This page includes plenty of blank space that can be used to fill in farming details. Details like where animals were raised, how they were raised, and how a farm is run.

Chefs can then look over farm profiles, view specific details, and see whether or not they want to form a relationship with certain farmers. When relationships of these types are formed, farmers and chefs can then work together for a very long time. More importantly, where meat comes from and what meat is made from is no longer a mystery.

Not only does AgLocal connect farmers to chefs, it also lets consumers know where meat has come from. In addition, AgLocal will cut out huge food distributors like Sysco. It’s no wonder that AgLocal has already received over one million dollars in funding.

In addition, 20 top chefs in the NYC area have signed on to work with AgLocal and local farmers. I have a feeling that these twenty chefs won’t be the first or the last to sign up for AgLocal.

Moving In Future Directions

AgLocal will soon be adding onto its technology. Within the near future, the company will expand to offer all kinds of local to chef ventures. For example, chefs may soon be able to find products like honey and maple syrup through AgLocal farmers.

This software is user-friendly and provides a simple and easy way for farmers to connect with chefs of all kinds. Now that the world is moving away from food that comes from unknown sources, a company like AgLocal is indispensible.

If you currently own a farm and want to gain more information about the AgLocal software, make sure to check out the company’s main website. AgLocal can be found {{http://www.aglocal.com/|here}}. If you are a chef who wants to connect with a local farmer, you can find out more information about the company on the main site as well.

AgLocal is relatively new to the software and food world, so give the company some time before connectivity is available in your area. All the same, I’d love to know what your thoughts on this topic are. Care to leave a note? I’ll be sure and get back to you with any information that you need!