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Are you still sporting parachute pants and a jean jacket? The AirCassette app for iPhone may be just the thing you’re looking for to complete your look. This app ($1.99) will turn your iPhone into a device resembling a cassette (remember those?). Why would you want your iPhone to look like a cassette? The cool factor, of course. And who can turn something retro into something very cool? A Finnish company called Majasalmi, of course.

The AirCassette app does much more than turn your iPhone screen into a virtual cassette, though this is a sight to behold. If you have $1.00 to spare, you can see for yourself what the AirCassette app can do. Of course, you can also read about the app here, but it’s something entirely unique to see if for yourself. You’ll even be happy to know that you can create a mixtape with this app too.

Mixtapes and More

When you download the AirCassette app, you will be asked to select a tune or two from your iTunes line-up. Once selected and played, the screen of your iPhone will turn into a cassette – spinning reels and all. You can even select different colored cassette designs. Amazingly, these designs really do look like the real thing. It’s also slightly hypnotic to stare at the spinning virtual reels for a long period of time.

As promised, this app can also help you make a mixtape. Who says that you can’t combine a bunch of love songs and send those songs to your significant other? AirCassette makes creating a special mixtape for your loved one easy (I’m not saying that your loved one will appreciate your efforts, but it’s possible all the same). Once created, you can send this list to anyone of your choosing. Or, you can just make mixtapes for yourself – workout tape, anyone?

AirPlay Meets Walkman

The AirCassette is completely AirPlay compatible, so you can create mixtapes to your heart’s content no matter where you go. All you have to do is hook up with your iTunes account to find songs, download tunes, and create any combination of music that you’re craving – I won’t tell if you look up that Rocky Theme now. Not a fan of cassette tapes? Have no idea what a Walkman or a cassette tape even looks like?

Well, you aren’t alone. The point of the AirCassette app is to bring the cassette tape back to life. If everything else from the 1980s can resurface (tights and ripped jeans come to mind), why not the cassette tape? Plus, AirCassette just make familiarize people with the word “Walkman,” which may help out Sony in the near future, since the company plans on reviving the term “Walkman” in the form of a modern music player (do some research, you’ll see what I’m talking about).

For now, do you need the AirCassette app? Not really. But, it’s rare that you will ever really need any app – after all, you won’t die if you don’t have Angry Birds, but that’s what apps are all about. If you’re feeling nostalgic or if you just want to find out what the heck a cassette tape is, check out the AirCassette app. Sure, this app will cost you $1.99, but how else are you going to relive those former cassette moments of glory?