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  • MySpace: Alive, Well, and Backed by Justin Timberlake
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Remember MySpace? The social network that existed before the term “social network” existed? Well, MySpace is back. Purchased in 2011 by Specific Media, the team behind MySpace has been actively working on a redesign. The new MySpace design was revealed yesterday by none other than Justin Timberlake – the pop star. Timberlake is a minor MySpace investor with a lot of celebrity pull. Timberlake posted a MySpace video on Twitter yesterday with the words: “This Is MySpace.” Instantly, the video received thousands of hits.

But what good are hits if the site disappoints? Not good at all. In this case, though, the new MySpace interface definitely doesn’t disappoint. From viewing the posted video, it’s clear that MySpace will soon become a top social media contender – if everything goes according to plan, that is. In case you missed the Tweet that shook the social world, here’s what the new MySpace is all about.

A Silky Smooth Interface

MySpace will soon come with a slick new design. This design will feature user profiles that pop. The released MySpace video showcased photos and photo features. Clearly, the new MySpace will be photo heavy – similar to what Pinterest offers, only socially oriented. Accompanying each uploaded user photo is a small blurb about that photo that’s reminiscent of Twitter type. Users will also see real time search results when combing through MySpace. But the real head turner here is graphics.

The sample site shown just looks smooth. Photos are displayed nicely, feeds are crisp, and profile layouts have that stylish simple look. There’s also an interesting feature that displays a user’s interests in correlation with MySpace friends, so you can see who shares your interests. The whole thing really just comes together for MySpace. Well, it comes together in theory, anyway.

Not Quite Ready

Even though the MySpace Twitter video made a splash, the new network isn’t really for the public quite yet. Everything about MySpace looks great, but there’s always room for error once a site goes live. When that date will be is not yet known. Other than the Twitter video, MySpace execs did not release any additional data. It would be surprising if MySpace weren’t ready soon, though, given the video release. Otherwise, the Twittersphere might soon forget all about the revamped social network.

Even though it’s been awhile since MySpace was in the news, this social network did have some loyal followers. With increased advertising on Facebook and the flop that is Google Plus, MySpace may just have an opening. After all, MySpace was once the place to socialize online. Hopefully, the new MySpace interface will live up to the released video. Today’s Internet users aren’t too patient when it comes to sites and products that don’t perform as advertised. Should MySpace go off without a hitch, you could start to see “Share on MySpace” buttons pop up across the web. Will you set up a MySpace account? Stay tuned for the official launch date and new MySpace review complete with setup details.