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  • MySpace Is Officially Back In Business
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You might have heard a while ago that Justin Timberlake took the reigns over at MySpace. Today, the all-new MySpace officially launched. The social network is all about music still but comes with lots of graphics. Of course, Timberlake is front and center on the new site, but that’s to be expected. If you were a MySpace fan back in the day, there are a few interesting things happening on the site today.

Signing Up

The MySpace profile process is painless. You will have to enter your email address, add a photo, and create a small bio before your profile goes public. You will also have to create a username and password. From there, the site gets a bit tricky thanks to a lot of different options.

Using MySpace

After signing up, you will have to explore the site a bit. The fist and best place to begin is with the “Discover” button. Clicking on this button will bring you to music news (mostly Justin Timberlake related right now). The idea is to learn about new artists and listen to some of the tunes created by new artists. If you click on a news article about a new artist, a clip of a song by that artist will appear.

You can also click on the “People” option to the right of the screen to discover people profiles. Clicking on those profiles will bring you to that person’s MySpace profile page. Categories can also be split into different searches including Music, Film, Mixes, and Radio. Timberlake and the MySpace team may have really hit on something when creating this new site. Showing people how to discover new music (and providing a forum to discover that music) is something that’s lacking from the current social media scene.

Fun To Use

MySpace can now be used as radio, music, and film site. All active content is listed at the bottom of the screen and it’s really easy to tune into any radio station or discover and listen to any new band that exists on MySpace. The social aspect of MySpace comes into play when you connect with a person, band, or artist who inspires you. The more music and other mediums that you watch or listen to, the stronger your profile will get (as you go along and like a clip or two).

Eventually, your profile will include mixes of songs that you’ve listened to and things that you’ve explored on MySpace. After that, when someone lands on your page, they can view everything about you including what you like to listen to and what your profile says about you. The concept behind the new MySpace is a really interesting one, and the site is completely different from all other social networks available. While it seems as though Facebook and Twitter rule the social airwaves, there might be room for a new network after all. MySpace is currently open to the public, signing up takes just a few minutes, and the network is definitely worth a look around.