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  • AllThis: What’s Your Time Worth?
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Mashable (www.mashable.com), recently ran an article about a website called AllThis. The article immediately caught the attention of thousands of readers across the globe. Why? Simply put, AllThis is unlike any other website you’ve come across. AllThis is a site that allows users to connect with other users all over the globe. But, instead of connecting in a social media-like fashion, users buy the time of other users.

For example, let’s say that you want to connect with a psychologist or medical doctor. If you find one of these people on AllThis, you can buy that person’s time. Purchasing details are more involved that linking your AllThis account with your PayPal account, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Essentially, the idea of this site is to allow you to connect with anyone in the world for a given period of time. Incidentally, people can connect with you too.

Signing Up for an AllThis Account

If you head to the AllThis website, you will find a quick signup sheet. If you decide to sign up, you will be asked to connect to AllThis through a social media account like Facebook, Twitter, or another option (you have to have at least one account to log in). After you’ve connected, you will be asked to enter some basic information about yourself such as your occupation, what you’re good at, and other details.

Once connected, AllThis will let you know who you can connect with. When I signed up, I was told that billions of people were at my disposal. If I chose to, I could buy ten minutes with one of these people using AllThis’ time credits (not actual currency). If you choose to buy someone’s token, you can pitch an idea to that person, talk to the person, and ask that person any question within a ten minute timeframe.

AllThis provides each user with a certain number of credits. These credits can be used to buy people’s tokens. AllThis also claims that you can go through a list of billions of people, and choose anyone you want to talk to – even if that person is not on AllThis at the moment.

After one token is used to connect with one person, that person’s token price goes up. So, the next person in line has to pay a higher price to connect. Tokens can then be used in the form of cash donations that can be given to a number of different charities.

Why Sign Up?

Social media is great, but social media isn’t always social (as the AllThis logo states). You can’t connect with people who you don’t already know through Twitter or Facebook. If you want to talk to a celebrity, for example, you can try to connect through Twitter or LinkedIn, but you’ll probably wind up talking to that person’s assistant. AllThis makes sure that your ten purchased minutes are valuable, and you can connect with anyone in the world, theoretically.

Once you sing up for an AllThis account, you will have to pledge to speak with someone for ten minutes. So, make sure that you’re willing to be asked on a date, give up some job advice, or get to know someone who thinks your interesting before you sign up for an AllThis account. Will this site work? Only time will tell, but it’s certainly an interesting way of looking at social media!