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  • The X-Box "Always On" Issue
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Gamers aren't happy with rumours surrounding an "always on" Xbox. Word on the street is that the next Xbox will be always connected to the Internet. If not connected, the console won't work. This is what sources close to Microsoft are saying. But, this is a problem for most gamers.

A connection that's always on means keeping things going at all times. Even when Internet connections are knocked down. Or, when a game suddenly goes offline. Not too long ago, many SimsCity players were caught in a lurch when the game went offline, and was unable to be played. Games were lots and gamers were less than thrilled. Now, Microsoft faces an additional situation.

Comments Upset the Masses

Twitter is a powerful tool. When sending out a tweet, you have to remember who can read that tweet. Unfortunately, this advice was not heeded by Microsoft Studios Creative Director Adam Orth. Orth sent out this tweet to followers: "Sorry, I don't get the drama of having an "always on" console. Every device now is "always on." He went on to add a #dealwithit hashtag to his tweet.

Orth also compared a console that's always on with a vacuum cleaner. He stated that the electricity might go out making it impossible to use a vacuum cleaner, but that it doesn't mean not purchasing a vacuum cleaner. "It's the world we live in," he said. It might be the world that we live in, but his comments definitely didn't help matters.

Is It the World We Live In?

It's still possible to use your phone even if your network is down. It's also possible to watch a movie if your cable or Internet isn't working. As far as games go, too, it's really vital that gamers be able to save a game should the Internet shut down momentarily. But, it appears as though Microsoft isn't considering this problem, or taking it too seriously.

The new Xbox is not out yet, and the details of the console haven't actually been officially released. However, the rumours seem to be true, and the tweet that was heard around the gaming world seems to back up these rumours. What will happen if Microsoft puts out an Xbox that has to constantly be connected? A lot of gamers might shun the console completely.

A Bad Move?

Is it not possible for Microsoft to create an offline mode for the console? What about people who live in rural areas? The fact is that a lot of people in the world don't have a solid Internet connection. Some might say that these people aren't Microsoft's target market, but I beg to differ.

Gamers all across the nation like to buy consoles and games, and, before this, having a solid Internet connection was never a real issue. Now, those consumers will be penalized, and some won't even be able to buy the new console. Microsoft will really narrow their target market with this new console if the rumours are true, and the console must always stay connected.