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Is Amazon aiming for comic giants like Marvel and DC? It sure seems that way. Amazon continues to expand its comic book publishing limits this week. The company has officially created a new comic book publishing division called 'Jet City Comics.'

Already, Amazon has signed Neil Stephenson (with a series called 'Symposium') and will be working with George R.R.Martin later this year ('Game of Thrones' creator). Martin's novel 'Wool' will be turned into a graphic novel series later this year. Why is Amazon suddenly interested in the graphic novel and comic book market? There are some really interesting answers to that question.

Why Amazon Is Going Graphic

There's a lot of money in comics. Just look at what Marvel and DC have done. Some of the biggest grossing movies are of the superhero sort. Amazon wants a piece of that pie, but, further, Amazon wants to corner every possible publishing market.

The stories that Amazon will soon be publishing will be available on the Kindle too, so that will help to boost revenue. It's also tough to break into the comic market right now. Really, Marvel and DC have the market cornered with characters that have been around since the early 1950s. Trying to catch that crowd with some new comics and serial graphic novels is going to be tough. Then again, if anyone can do it, it's Amazon.

The Jet City Brand

Jet City Comics isn't the first publishing division to come from Amazon. The company has publishing arms in romance, fiction, science fiction, and various other types of genres. Really, Amazon is trying to capture all possible readers by setting up every type of publishing chapter available. The comic book chapter is just the company's latest attempt to snag some new customers.

There's something else at play here too. Right now, Amazon is starting off the Jet City label with established writers, but there is room and potential for other comic book and graphic novel writers too. In fact, Amazon might be, in a way, making room for writers in the publishing world once again. Granted, some of those writers are bound to be self-published, but some really great and original works of art may come from Amazon's new publishing divisions too.

The Future of Amazon's Comic Division

Will you soon see superhero movies on the big screen backed by Amazon? Possibly; but that won't come any time soon. What will happen right now is that Amazon will open up its comic division with some great original work, and the division may or may not grow from there. You will have access to great graphic novels by the likes of Martin and others if you check out Jet City soon.

Amazon wants to be where readers are - any kind of readers, and it's also easy to see that this company might just knock kings like DC and Marvel off of their thrones. Time will tell, but Amazon is certainly stepping in the right direction. What do you think of the new Jet City brand?