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Find out what your future holds, predict major disasters, or simply dabble in daily horoscopes with astrology software. While only a necessity for a few, astrology software can be a lot of fun. If you take all things astrological seriously, this type of software will help you understand what’s happening in your world.

Some software displays intricate star and sun charts while other software calculates numerology. There are many excellent astrology programs on the market, and most of these programs can be purchased for less than $50. Free astrology software is also abundant.

Kundali Match – Free
Kundali Match is based on Vedic astrology. Thus, it helps to know a bit about Vedic astrology before trying to use Kundali Match. Aside from this slight learning curve, Kundali Match is easy to navigate with a clean interface. Kundali Match provides love information, lucky date details, and many other bits of information that most will find useful. Upon downloading this program, users are asked to enter some birth information. Once these details have been entered, Kundali Match devises a thorough astrological readout. Kundali Match is a free program that’s worth downloading if you want a wealth of astrological information without a great deal of hassle.

MB Love Test – Free
Those searching for information about love and lust will enjoy what MB Love Test has to offer. This program is free, but it is also free of spyware (which is always a good thing). Users are prompted to enter some basic information following download. Once this information has been computed, MB Love Test generates a number of reports related to love. The one drawback to this program is that MB Love Test does install desktop icons, but these can be easily erased. MB Love Test does not cause system slowdown, which is always a bonus with any program.

Book of Meanings – Free
This is one of the few astrology programs that could be used for professional purposes. Book of Meanings is a virtual book that lists the various ways to predict astrological charts. This software also comes with short descriptions of astrological meanings, and users will learn about runes, tarot, crystals, and star signs. Since Book of Meanings is also a free program, this is a highly recommended program for those who want to learn the ins and outs of basic astrology.

VeBest Numerology -- $6
VeBest Numerology is a numerology calculator that comes packed with a variety of useful tools. Predict pet numerology, love compatibility, and ask the “oracle” questions. VeBest Numerology uses the Pythagorean numerology system in order to predict answers to questions and to provide numerology information. VeBest Numerology is one of the most popular numerological tools both for its easy to use interface and for its low price tag.

StarScopes -- $20+
StarScopes (developed by SoftTech Design) is one of the few astrology programs that can be used by all types of people. Professional astrologers will find StarScopes helpful and useful while amateurs will enjoy dabbling in star charts. Read natal, daily, and compatibility horoscopes while exploring planet and star charts. StarScopes has a simple interface that’s simple enough to understand and to navigate.