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  • New Game From Rovio: Amazing Alex!
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From a business standpoint, the great thing about Rovio (the developers behind the Angry Birds hit) is that this company hasn’t ruined its name by developing additional games that weren’t as popular as Angry Birds. Instead, Rovio hung on to the Angry Birds Empire and stretched those fling-able birds for all they were worth. This is why it comes as such a surprise that Rovio would consider developing a new game that has absolutely nothing to do with Angry Birds.

Rovio announced recently that the company is working on a new game that will be called “Amazing Alex.” From the small amount that Rovio has said about the game, it appears as though Amazing Alex will use the same basic physics-based gameplay that Angry Birds currently uses, though this game will have some significant differences – including an educational factor that’s quite interesting. It also seems like Amazing Alex will be geared towards a younger crowd.

It All Began With a Purchase

Rovio has recently purchased a game called “Casey’s Contraptions.” This game features a small boy who goes through a lot of crazy adventures of the experimental sort. From the video that’s been circulating on the web, the main character, Alex, creates all kinds of science experiments. Players would then have to make these experiments work by balancing and throwing certain objects. Rovio has also stated that the game will features various educational benefits that have yet to be clarified. Other than these bits of information, Rovio hasn’t said much about the upcoming game.

Angry Birds fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Amazing Alex. Although, some fans are worried that Rovio won’t put as much effort into Amazing Alex as was originally put into Angry Birds. It should be pointed out, however, that Rovio has everything to loose by not making Amazing Alex as, well, amazing as it can possibly be. If the company were to put out a game that becomes an instant flop, the gaming public would lose interest in Angry Birds (and all other Rovio games) quickly – much in the way that Atari did back in the 1980s.

The Release Date of the Upcoming Game

The actual release date of Amazing Alex hasn’t been announced yet, but you can expect to see this game very soon. Seemingly, Rovio will want to ride on the coattails of Angry Birds Space and entice all of those new Rovio fans by putting out another excellent game. Might Rovio be able to take Amazing Alex to the level of Angry Birds? This reviewer doesn’t believe that Rovio will be able to make the magic happen twice, but one never really knows what mobile gamers will latch onto next.

One thing is for certain though, Rovio should be very, very, careful about the quality and simplicity of Amazing Alex. The company might also want to consider a game that appeals to all age levels, much like Angry Birds. If Amazing Alex is too kid-centric, Rovio might just lose all of those adults who have made Angry Birds such a smash hit.