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  • Amazon Has a Bluetooth Speaker That's Not Half Bad
Technology Articles > Entertainment > Music > Amazon Has a $30 Bluetooth Speaker That's Not Half Bad

Amazon has created a Bluetooth speaker that’s not only affordable, it’s also compact and easy enough to carry anywhere you want to go. The new AmazonBasics Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker BTV2 speaker costs just $30, comes in an array of colors, and will play music through your Bluetooth connection simply.

What more could you want in a compact and budget-friendly speaker option? Here’s what you’ll get in the box.

Design and Style

The BTV2 speaker is small and shaped kind of like a cube. It’s not something that you need to worry about transporting, and it will easily fit in any backpack or other bag. As far as colors go, it’s available in purple, red, black, blue, and grey, so you can pretty much pick up any color that you want.

On the top of the speaker sits a few buttons that make pairing this speaker with your phone or tablet simple, and next to that button are a few different volume control buttons as well. On the side you’ll find a panel that lets you recharge the battery along with a portal that lets you plug in an auxiliary jack. Oddly, Amazon hasn’t included a cable in the box with this speaker, so if you want to play music through a source that isn’t wireless you’ll have to purchase your own cable (this keeps the cost of the speaker down).

Why Buy It?

This little portable speaker has a three-watt speaker inside of the box that makes it possible to hear sound coming from both directions. Plus, you’ll get 10 hours of play (according to Amazon), which is longer than what most other companies offer in a Bluetooth speaker option. This speaker also looks better than other speakers in its class.

There are a few round options, but the cube style is much sleeker than the other speakers of the same price range and size. Plus, you can hear music from either side of the speaker, which can be optimal if you turn the speaker one way or another, or just want a kind of surround effect.

Sound Quality

You can’t expect to get amazing sound from a speaker that only has 3-watts, but if you keep this in mind (along with the price that you will pay for the quality that you will get) you will be happy with this little compact Bluetooth option. This is a great speaker to bring with you wherever you go, and it’s ideal for any kind of summer party. Will it replace your home stereo option? Not at all. Will it become one of the best speakers to set up during a party? Probably.

Hook up your speaker, connect to Spotify, and let the music roll. You can order this speaker right now through Amazon. Just look for the name of the speaker, and you should get the $30 option. There is a larger version of this Bluetooth speaker through Amazon as well, but that one retails for $50 (still not a bad deal).