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  • Is An Amazon Fire Smartphone In the Works?
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Take a moment to remember what it was like when Amazon first announced the Kindle Fire. Do you remember how excited people were and how tech blogs blew up? Now, fast-forward to today. The Kindle Fire is still on the top of many holiday lists, though the e-reader has gained a fair amount of criticism too – after all, it’s not a tablet. In an attempt to blow the minds of the tech0-savvy crowd once again, Amazon may have another top-secret device in the works.

According to those in the know, Amazon is presently working on a smartphone. That’s right, an Amazon smartphone may be hitting store shelves very soon. Rumour has it that Amazon is in talks with FoxConn (the manufacturer of the iPhone). Amazon has never before stepped into smartphone territory, though some predict that the new Amazon smartphone may become a bestseller quickly.

For Amazon, It’s All About Pricing

Amazon is great at reaching a seemingly unreachable crowd: those who like technology, but can’t afford to spend more than $200 on a tablet or smartphone. As such, the Amazon smartphone will likely be priced in the very reasonable to absurdly reasonable range. More likely than not, this smartphone will be built using the Android platform. Amazon already has a massive collection of books, music, and other downloadable bits to offer clients, so the company is all set up as far as downloads go.

As mentioned, talk of an Amazon smartphone is just a rumour right now, though some claim that this phone will include a few key features. Some of the features that the Amazon smartphone may come with include an OMAP 4 processor (the same processor that’s currently inside of the Fire), and enough additional features to compete with the iPhone.

If you’re wondering when you’ll get your hands on the new Amazon smartphone (or at least catch a glimpse), you will have to wait until 2012. Right now, Amazon hasn’t made any announcements related to the launch of a smartphone.

Will Amazon Take Over?

After the release of the Fire, many thought that Amazon would quickly dominate the tablet market. Sure, the Fire isn’t a real tablet, per se, but it is a good enough device that other tablet makers are currently withdrawing from the tablet market altogether. Also, consider the Nook, which is actually a decent reader and is one of Amazon’s top competitors at the moment. It sure looks like Amazon is poised to take over the tablet work, but how about the smartphone world?

Right now, Android and iPhone still rule the smartphone space. However, Windows phones are quickly picking up speed and popularity. Some believe that Windows phones may even take over Android phones within the near future. In short, there’s plenty of room for another Android smartphone, and Amazon is certainly set up to please clients of all kinds.

As mentioned, you’ll have to wait for an official announcement from Amazon, though it’s clear that the book giant is up to something behind closed doors. If you want to purchase a phone this winter, hold off on all of those holiday sales – you just may find that an Amazon announcement sometime in 2012 is worth the wait.