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  • Deal: Amazon Offering Free Halloween Apps
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Here’s a deal that you shouldn’t pass up. In honor of the Halloween holiday, Amazon is offering seven free – free – Halloween apps. These apps will be available from now until October 31st. Each day, Amazon will release a new app. Amazon has already alerted press as to the proposed app lineup, and now you can see what’s in store for the next few days. Most of the apps listed below are available for both iOS and Android, and some of the apps will work with Windows too. What apps is Amazon offering? Here’s a quick rundown:

Witches Brew: Halloween Potion Making Fun

If this sounds like an app for your kids, well, it is. Or, it could be an app for you if you enjoy making potions. Players must help a witch gather all the ingredients for her magic potions. During gameplay, it’s also important to watch out for spooky things like voodoo dolls and tainted mushrooms. The game is fun – and it will keep your little goblins entertained for hours.

Slashing Pumpkins

Got some anger? Can’t afford anger management sessions? How about slashing some pumpkins instead? This game is as it sounds. Players must slash as many pumpkins as possible while racing against a clock. There’s just one catch: a bomb is stashed somewhere in the background. If you accidentally slash the bomb, you will lose. Good luck!

The Haunt

Love haunted houses? Not sure if you actually want to go to one? The Haunt is all about haunted house fun. This game is best suited for adults, since it involves all kinds of hard to solve puzzles, adventures, and curious things. Players will go through a haunted house looking for items and trying to solve various mind benders. The graphics in this game are great.

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

This is the biggest free app of them all. Amazon will offer It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown for free on All Hallows Eve. The game takes players through the book, has lots of fun things for store, and includes plenty of excellent kid-friendly adventures.

Face Frenzy

Help the main characters in this game get dressed for Halloween. Players will have to apply makeup, help with costumes, and cover up any blemishes. Face Frenzy is perfect for anyone who likes to play dress up. If you have a little girl who can’t get enough of makeup and costumes, Face Frenzy is the game to choose.

Additional Apps

Amazon is offering a few additional free gaming apps too. Just keep in mind that you will have to visit the Amazon App Store every day to see what the new game of the day is. If you’re into collecting free apps, entertaining your kids with free stuff, or are just really in the holiday mood, Amazon’s App Store is the place to be. Most of the apps listed here typically retail anywhere from $99 to $3.99, so this really is a great way to check out some apps that you’d otherwise have to pay for.