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  • Amazon Won't Sell Apple or Google Anymore
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Amazon made an announcement today that may upset some people. The company will no longer sell Apple TV, Google Chromecast, or Nexus Player. In a statement, the company simply said that Amazon wants to sell streaming options that are more compatible with the company’s Prime Video, and that means that Apple and Google are no longer an option when purchasing a streaming box through Amazon.

It’s Just Business

While it may come as a shock that Amazon will no longer sell Apple and Google products, it all makes perfect sense if you take business into account. Amazon, Apple, and Google are all competitors, so why would Amazon sell anything that competes with Prime Video? But Amazon isn’t scrapping every streaming option from its online store. You can still purchase Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and Roku devices from Amazon. Why are these okay?

For one, these options work with Prime Video, so Amazon doesn’t lose out. For another reason, Apple, Google and Amazon are the fiercest of competitors. So while Amazon won’t sell options that are created by its toughest competitors, the company will sell streaming options from companies that don’t butt heads quite as much with Amazon.

New Apple TV Coming

Another reason why Amazon is cutting Apple TV from its online streaming options is that Apple is coming out with a new version of Apple TV soon. Apple has just made the announcement, and the Apple TV that will soon debut has everything that Fire TV has - and more. Would a company like Amazon really undercut the competition by not offering the new Apple TV through the Amazon website?

Amazon definitely has a lot of pull in the retail world. The company is easily one of the most popular online options when it comes to shopping, and millions of people use Amazon every day to buy items. So if Amazon doesn’t do something (like take PayPal or sell Apple TVs), the companies that are cut out of the loop by Amazon will suffer somewhat - or will they?

A Workable Strategy?

Is it really possible that Amazon can undercut the competition simply by not offering Apple TVs and Google options through the Amazon website? While not being able to purchase a new Apple TV online through Amazon will upset some people (especially Prime users), it’s not likely to deter people wanting the new Apple TV from buying one. Instead, those people will likely just find somewhere else to buy an Apple TV.

Even though that Apple TV might not arrive the next day, most will still find a way to get the new box. So, it may not matter at all that Amazon is going through such lengths to prevent the sale of Apple TVs on the Amazon website. Still, you can’t buy an Apple TV or anything from Google’s streaming options through the Amazon website anymore. What you can buy are streaming options that work with (and not against) Amazon’s own Prime Video as upsetting as that may be to some.