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  • Amazon Prime Members Now Get Free Content on JetBlue Flights
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Amazon and JetBlue have teamed up to offer Prime members streaming options while in flight on JetBlue planes. Prime members that take JetBlue flights will now be able to access Amazon in order to stream video while in the air for free.

Non-Prime members can also access Amazon content for a fee. This is big news in the airline and streaming industry, and Amazon and JetBlue are the first to team up in this way.

The Deal

The Amazon library will include the usual television and original Amazon program that can be accessed on the ground. Prime members will also have access to Amazon’s music store for free. You can currently access Wi-Fi on JetBlue flights, but this costs passengers around $9 per hour to use the WiFi option. Amazon’s offering would be free to Prime members, so those people could access JetBlue WiFi for free while also accessing Prime options.

Those passengers that aren’t Prime members can pay to download TV and movie tracks through Amazon. So while you will still have to pay for anything that you download if you aren’t a Prime member, you don’t have to stick with what JetBlue offers. Since Amazon is one of the largest content providers on the planet, the options offered through Amazon are extensive.

How it Works

You do have to have the Amazon app installed before you take off, so make sure to do this via your tablet or on your phone before you set foot on the plane. Once that’s installed, you can simply access the app if you are Prime member and download any content for free. If you aren’t a Prime member, you can download content per selection. Either way, it’s a lot better than the option that you’d get if you used JetBlue Internet.

Amazon and JetBlue are the first to offer Amazon content while in flight, but other airlines do offer WiFi and free streaming content. Air Canada’s Rouge line allows passengers to download an app and to access all content through Air Canada (TV shows, movies, etc) for free. But this is the first time that Amazon has joined forces with an airline. Will it be the last?

More to Come?

If the deal between Amazon and JetBlue works out, this isn’t the last time that you’ll hear of a deal through an airline and between Amazon. The content company wants very much to enter airspace in order to expand its Prime membership database. So you may see Amazon on a number of different flights in the near future. It all makes good sense too, since Amazon has all the content that people want, and now many different airlines are offering various WiFi options.

Obviously, it will pay to be a Prime member if you want to take a JetBlue flight and access free Amazon content. Prime memberships are around $100 per year. If you do have a Prime membership and you are looking into taking a JetBlue flight, it’s worth downloading that app to avoid the high JetBlue WiFi costs.