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  • Amazon Just Released a New Tablet for Kids
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In addition to two new Fire HD tablets, Amazon has just announced a new Fire HD Kids edition tablet.

While there are kid tablets already on the market, Amazon but this one on the notion that kids aren’t looking for a toy tablet, so Amazon made a real tablet that’s not a toy but is just for kids. What makes a tablet real and not a toy? Here are the details.

The Fire HD Kids Tablet

There are two Fire HD Kids tablets available including a 6-inch and a 7-inch tablet. Inside of both sits a a HD display and quad-core processor, but there’s something that’s also very familiar about the new Fire HD Kids tablet - it’s a lot like Amazon’s existing FreeTime app. In fact, parents can access FreeTime for one year with the new tablets.

FreeTime includes access to more than 5,000 TV shows, books, movies, games, educational apps, and a lot of other content that’s kid-friendly. With FreeTime, kids can’t access anything that parents don’t want them to see without a specific password, so that makes doing anything that’s not allowed impossible. Kids will also get a front and rear-facing camera, Dolby Digital Audio, and a HD display with the new Fire HD tablets.

The Two Year Guarantee

Amazon is also making it easy for parents to replace a broken tablet (because we all know that will happen!) with the two-year worry-free guarantee. The company states that a tablet can be quickly replaced if it breaks, no questions asked, and that’s a positive thing for parents looking for a kid-friendly tablet that can be replaced quickly.

Amazon has also developed a kid-proof case that looks a lot like an Otterbox or other heavy-duty case. The company claims that the case will protect the tablet to the extent that it can be dropped or tossed, and the tablet won’t break - but if it does, you have that guarantee.

The good thing about FreeTime is that parents can set time limits, include only age-appropriate content, and include various educational goals. So, kids can only play with this tablet for as long as is permitted, and a password is needed to play or use the tablet longer. In some ways, this tablet can also help with learning, since parents can set those educational goals using Amazon game and other learning content.

The Hook

Amazon is obviously pushing its FreeTime program on kids and parents in order to get both hooked on Amazon products, but this tablet is a great alternative to regular tablets that don’t have any kind of age appropriate content, or don’t come with a program like FreeTime. Then again, it is possible to download the FreeTime app in order to get access to the kid-friendly content and restrictions. But, this tablet is also kid-proof, and I’m betting that’s a big deal for most parents.

The Kid-friendly Fire tablet comes in various colors, and it will retail for $149. That might be a high price to pay, but this tablet would make a fun holiday toy.