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  • Best Cases and Covers for Your Amazon Kindle eReader
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The Kindle eReader from Amazon is revolutionizing the way we read books. Rather than lugging around a suitcase full of hardbacks and paperbacks, the Kindle allows you to carry a vast library of literature, newspapers, magazines, graphic novels and other reading material in a slim, portable device. Perhaps the biggest downside of carrying a Kindle rather than paperback is that you have to be much more careful with your Kindle than a book. While it’s no great loss if the cover of your paperback novel gets scuffed, dropped or smashed, damaging your Kindle could mean the loss of a significant investment. For eBook readers who want to keep their Kindle safe and secure, we’ve wrangled up a selection of some of the top Kindle covers that will protect your eReader from harm.

Amazon Kindle Leather Cover - $12.99

When outfitting your prized gadget with a protective case, it makes sense to go with the one that the manufacturer endorses and recommends. In this case, it’s the official Amazon Kindle Leather Cover. Made from a soft, elegant leather, the Amazon Kindle Leather Cover is perfectly formfitting to your eReader. The case folds with a special hinge that keeps the buttons and screen safe while allowing you convenient access to your reader on the go. With additional padding and a soft lining on the front and back, the Amazon Kindle Leather Cover protects your Kindle from scratches and dings from minor falls.

M-Edge Leather Kindle Cover - $35.00

Pricier than the Amazon Kindle Leather Cover, but a bit thicker and sturdier with more options for designs and colors. Like the official Amazon Kindle Cover, the M-Edge Leather Kindle Cover has a book-like hinge action that still allows you plenty of room for accessing ports and slots on the Kindle. This is handy, since it lets you charge and update your Kindle without removing it from the Kindle Case.

MGG Clear White Silicone Sleeve Skin Cover Case for Kindle DX - $6.50

Cheaper and more lightweight than the leather hinged Kindle covers, the MGG Clear White Silicon Sleeve for Kindle is in an entirely different class. Rather than hiding the Kindle’s distinctive look and feel away in an enclosed case, this clear case slips over the Kindle allowing you to use it almost as if it weren’t wearing a case at all. The drawback is that it offers less protection than other cases which cover the Kindle completely. But if you’d rather opt for something lightweight and virtually invisible, this case will work for you.

These are just a few of the cases that you can find for the Kindle. As you can see, they come in a variety of price ranges and styles. Choosing the best one for you is a matter of balancing out the level of protection you want with the design and aesthetics that speak to your personality. Also be sure to keep an eye out for the latest designs and updates to the top Kindle covers, as the Kindle improves and evolves, so too will the cases and covers.