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  • You Can Now buy iPhone MP3s From Amazon
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Apple has a strict “Apple Only” policy when it comes to music. Other than iTunes, it’s pretty hard to get a music app past Apple. So, what does a company like Amazon do? Go around Apple, of course! Amazon has just announced a new service for iPhone users. Now, iPhone users can purchase MP3 tracks directly from Amazon. Amazon has been working on this plan for a while, and now the whole thing has come to fruition. If you have an iPod or iPhone, you’ll want to read this. How does it all work? Take a look below.

Purchasing Tracks from Amazon

Since Amazon’s tracks can’t be accessed through an app, you’ll have to visit Amazon’s MP3 store using Safari (you must use Safari). Once you reach Amazon’s store, you can then select from more than 30 million different songs. Most of the singles listed in Amazon’s store can be purchased for around $0.69 per track, and whole albums can be purchased for around $9. Browsing through tracks is easy thanks to Amazon’s great search feature, and there’s really nothing you can’t find on Amazon’s site.

Storing Music on Amazon’s Cloud

Music that is purchased from Amazon will automatically be stored to Amazon’s Cloud Player if you have the Cloud Player app. This service comes in handy when it’s time to store all of those tunes virtually. Once downloaded to Amazon’s Cloud, kept music can be played instantly from an Apple device or from other devices like the Kindle Fire. iPhone users have been requesting access to Amazon’s library for some time now, but the company first had to figure out how to get around Apple’s rigid app standards.

Already Launched

Amazon’s music library is currently available for use with certain Apple devices including the iPhone and iPod. The prices for tunes from Amazon are comparable with Apple’s rates, but Amazon has a lot more music selections available. Apple won’t like what Amazon has done here, but the company can’t prevent users from visiting the Amazon website. If you currently have an iPhone or iPod, it’s definitely worth looking into all the music that Amazon has to offer.

Even the biggest iTunes fans can’t argue with the selection that Amazon has. After all, Amazon is, well, Amazon. It’s hard to compete with the biggest content provider on the Internet! When browsing through Amazon’s tracks, every song that I searched for was found. I also found it simple to use Safari to go through Amazon’s tracks, and I’m not entirely sure that an app would have been better – although faster.

Amazon has no chance of creating a music app for Apple devices unless the two companies can learn to play nicely together. So far, Amazon and Apple view each other as competitors, so don’t cross your fingers for an Amazon app anytime soon. What you can look forward to are more music choices thanks to Amazon’s sneaky ways. In Amazon’s defense, though, Apple shouldn’t block any app that users have been asking for. Otherwise, the company risks losing some iPhone fans.