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  • How to Get Amazon Streaming Music
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If you are already an Amazon Prime member, you now have a free streaming music service option. Amazon has put its hat into the streaming music ring, but the company is treating its service a bit differently from all the rest. Here’s how to get Amazon Prime Music.

Amazon Plays a Different Tune

Most streaming music services require users to sign up for the service. Amazon has made the company’s new streaming service free to any Prime subscribers. So, if you have Prime, you’ll already have access to Amazon’s huge storage of music. Thus far, the company hasn’t placed any restrictions on the amount of music you can listen to, and there are no advertisements either.

Amazon’s new Prime Music will work on a number of devices too including Android, iOS, PC, and Mac devices. Of course, you can play music on your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet too. Amazon also makes it possible for users to download songs for offline listening as well, so it’s really hard to not use this service (or not want to) if you already subscribe to Prime. The biggest question here is, how many songs does Amazon currently offer?

The Song List

At the time of this writing, Amazon has only signed contracts with Sony Music and Warner Music Group. Universal Music is still negotiating with Amazon, which means that Universal is waiting for better terms to happen. It doesn’t seem likely that Amazon won’t work things out with Universal, since the company is somewhat integral to the whole streaming scene. Plus, Amazon has already created various playlists for subscribers.

If you already subscribe to Prime’s $99 per year membership, you’ll get everything that comes with that price plus the new streaming option. That’s not a bad deal if you use Prime anyway. Should you sign up for Prime just to get Amazon’s new streaming service? It depends on how much you use Amazon. If you think that Prime will be worth the overall price, it makes sense. Otherwise, there are other streaming services that offer much lower rates.


The one drawback to the new Amazon Music service is that it’s only offered in the U.S. So, you can’t get streaming music from Amazon if you live elsewhere, like Canada. For those people living in the U.S., though, you can start using Amazon’s new streaming service now. Just log into your Prime account, and check out the music options. Right now, the company offers around one million songs to select from, and that number will increase as Amazon works out other deals with distributors.

It makes sense for Amazon to offer its music service to Prime subscribers. After all, Prime is an expensive service, and if Amazon can get more people to sign up for Prime, that’s a good thing for the company. One million songs isn’t a lot in comparison to other streaming music options, but this is Amazon’s first crack at the streaming music scene. We’ll see if additional songs are added, and how many people sign up for Prime now that Amazon’s got music.