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  • Amazon Creates Own Private Label
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According to some reports by the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is branching out in a big way. Reportedly, the company is about to launch its own private labels; but not just any private labels. Amazon is directly targeting moms, it seems. Here’s the scoop as it has been reported so far.

New Lines for Moms

I’m going to go ahead and assume that Amazon has done its market research. Given that bit of assumption, the company has found that moms are a major market when it comes to purchases and spending. As such, Amazon plans (allegedly) to start selling private labels like ‘Mama Bear,’ ‘Wickedly Prime,’ and ‘Happy Belly.’

The products behind these brands will be diapers, certain food items (spices, nuts, coffee, teas), baby food, and vitamins.

Prime Members Only

According to the report cited, Amazon will start selling these items to Prime members only as early as this June. Amazon is certainly no stranger to items such as these, but it is the first time that the company puts its own label on items. This all aligns very well with the company’s latest transportation purchases and set up.

Amazon has purchased planes and will start shipping its own products soon as well. So the fact that the company is now creating its own product lines makes good sense. Plus, Amazon is the place to go for great prices on items like diapers, so creating its own brand of diapers just makes sense, since the company can likely sell its own brands for much less.

Always Innovating

Apple has been criticized lately for a lack of innovation, and Amazon is a stark contrast to Apple. Amazon innovates regularly and constantly finds a way to grow the company. From becoming a content powerhouse to shipping its own items and now creating private labels, Amazon is unstoppable. Well, they are unstoppable if the private labels sell, that is.

But will the new items sell? Amazon is known as the marketplace to go to to purchase items such as the ones listed above, but Amazon hasn’t created these items before. So while Amazon does have brand trust because of the name that the company built for itself, only time will tell if moms (and other consumers) will trust the brands that Amazon is putting out.

Quality or Not

Right now, there’s no word on where Amazon plans to make its products or how these products will be made, but I’m betting these are quality products that have been created to build the Amazon goods brand. If you happen to be a Prime member, you can check out these products as soon as they are released. If you aren’t a Prime member, you will have to wait or maybe have to sign up to check them out.

Presumably we’ll be hearing more about these products. Amazon hasn’t made an official announcement yet, though. I’m guessing that announcement will happen with the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more details about Amazon’s new private labels - coming to Amazon near you!