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  • Amazon’s New Shipping Policy: You Have to Read This!
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What’s the worst thing about ordering a product or device online? Go ahead and think about it, I’ll give you a few minutes. Got it? Did you come up with something like: “waiting for that product to be processed, ship, and finally arrive?” If you did, you are not alone, not by a long shot. In fact, you are so not alone that the massive content company known as Amazon has changed its shipping policy (or is in the midst of changing it), so that you don’t have to wait for that order.

Amazon has announced that the company is working on, and rolling out soon, same day shipping within the U.S – sorry, Canada, you lose out for now. Same day shipping means, quite literally, that when you order a number of products from Amazon, you will get those products the same exact day that you order them. How amazing is this new shipping policy? So amazing that Amazon is sure to blow competition right out of the water with this idea.

How Same Day Shipping Will Work

Amazon has lots and lots of warehouses all over the U.S. and in other countries (though those countries are not important at the moment). When someone places an Amazon order, that order is processed at one of the Amazon warehouses, and then that order is shipped to your home or business. But, what if Amazon gets rid of that pesky 24-hour processing period? With today’s technology, processing an order really shouldn’t take so long to complete, and this is exactly the kind of logic that Amazon is banking on.

When, and if, Amazon completes this new shipping policy, certain items will arrive on your doorstep mere hours after you placed that order. In some ways, order stuff on Amazon will be better, faster, easier, and cheaper than actually going to a store to buy something that you want right now. Amazon’s new shipping policy makes a great deal of sense, since today’s consumers want instant gratification, and while Amazon can’t send something in an instant, a few hours isn’t that long to wait – especially if you need a new laptop for tomorrow’s presentation or some other urgent item.

When Will This New Policy Begin?

Amazon has already opened up processing plants and warehouses in New Jersey and Texas in order to accommodate same day shipping – this also means more work for more Americans, and it’s a definite step forward as far as keeping work in the U.S. is concerned. Sources say that Amazon is working on similar warehouses in California and Virginia as well.

Amazon-size warehouses will bring a definite boost to certain state jobless rates, and consumers in those states will also have the advantage of getting a product right away. Now, if we could only urge companies like Amazon to buy more homegrown products, this economy might get back on track sooner rather than later…but I digress.
For now, the Amazon same day service isn’t widely available, but space has been purchased and contracts have been signed, which means that Amazon will be offering same day service sooner rather than later.