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  • New Updates to the Kindle Fire
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When Research In Motion first released the PlayBook tablet, many reviewers and consumers alike felt that this tablet was incomplete. RIM didn’t provide the tablet with basic functions such as a calendar and email support. Amazon has done something similar with the Kindle Fire, though Amazon took a different (and better) approach to sending out a product that wasn’t quite complete.

Throughout the past few months, Amazon has been quietly and slowly releasing Kindle Fire updates. All of these updates have added to the general improvement of the Fire. While the device was never poorly put-together to begin with, the Fire is now a well-oiled machine. Now, Amazon has released a new free update for the Fire that all Fire users should really look into. As with previous updates, this one will make the Fire better all-around.

The Free Update

The biggest Fire change will be the addition of the Amazon Silk browser in full-screen. In addition to the Silk change, the new update includes an option to manually set up an email application. The Fire now also includes some password-encrypted parental controls that are an ideal addition considering the fact that many parents are purchasing the Fire device for children.

If you own a Kindle Fire, your Fire should indicate that an update is available. However, automatic update notifications don’t always happen (as iTunes users have discovered), so Amazon has also created the option to download the new updates through the Amazon site. Sometimes updates are not really worth mentioning, but the key changes that Amazon has now made are worth the few minutes it will take to update your device.

More Updates to Come?

Will Amazon announce new Fire updates in addition to this last one? More likely than not, Amazon will keep sending out Fire updates until the device is near perfect. While this may seem like a pain for some users (constant updates can get tiring, just check out your smartphone apps), in this case the updates will be worth it. Amazon was originally criticized for not releasing a device that was up to par with similar devices. But, Amazon was, and still is, banking on its massive library of content.

It is nice to see, however, the Amazon is listening to consumer criticism. The Fire is already selling very well, and Amazon can expect more Fire devices to sell throughout the next few months as more and more consumers learn that Amazon really stands behind this product. If you’re considering purchasing a Fire, you’ll be happy to know that Amazon really is making every effort to perfect this device. In addition, Amazon has compiled a very impressive library of content (it is Amazon, after all) for users to select from (in addition to monthly free content and rentals).

As much as 2012 will be the year of the mobile apps, it appears that this year will also be the year of the e-reader. Not only has Amazon jumped into the e-reader market, but other companies (such as Apple) are on the retail giant’s heels as well.