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  • The Deal With Kindle Unlimited
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The Deal With Kindle Unlimited

Amazon spies recently announced something called “Kindle Unlimited” that’s kind of like a Netflix service for e-books. A document that was created by Amazon has been leaked, and that document detailed access to more than 600,000 digital books for one monthly price – the same structuring that Netflix currently has. Plus, Kindle Unlimited subscribers will have access to thousands of audio books. All of this sounds really great, but will Amazon succeed when it comes to the concept of unlimited books?

The Obvious Issue

Amazon doesn’t get along that well with publishers already, and most publishers are really unlikely to go along with an unlimited book subscription kind of deal. Without publishers, Amazon’s new idea can’t take flight. So, why would Amazon even bother trying to create such a thing? It certainly seems like this deal is well into its final stages, and the leaked document claims that Amazon will provide readers with access to thousands of books. Well, Amazon might just have a market in a very small niche of readers that will want to pay a low monthly fee to read as many books as possible.

It’s possible that Amazon may not make deals with any of the big publishers either. Maybe Amazon is going the other route, the route that consists of self-published people. After all, there are a lot of great writers out there that would love to publish a book or two, but very few of those writers will get book deals with a major publisher. On the flip side, publishers may be able to push unknown authors through this kind of setup. Most readers would be more willing to read a book by an author they’ve never heard of if the book were free. So, you see, there are two sides to this coin.

Availability and Other Details

Since the document mentioned above is simply a leaked document that Amazon hasn’t confirmed yet (though some publishers have confirmed that they aren’t part of the deal), there’s no real release date available. But, it’s rumored that the Kindle Unlimited service will see the light of day within the next few months, and I’m going to put a stamp on a pre-holiday announcement. Amazon does have to settle some publisher disputes, but that’s a small bump in the road for a massive company like Amazon.

The other problem here is that Netflix has an audience because most people watch hours and hours of television daily. The opposite isn’t true when it comes to books (sadly), and Amazon’s market on this one is very small indeed. Who knows, maybe Amazon can entice people to read again, but it’s going to be hard to get most people to buy into the new service, even if it’s an “all you can read” kind of monthly deal.

Would you sign up for this kind of service? How many hours per day do you read? Let me know what you think of this deal on our social media accounts, or log in to show me what you think right here – I’ll get back to you!