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  • It’s All About Amazon’s New Kindles
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Recently, the world went Amazon crazy. The Amazon Kindle Fire (Amazon’s tablet offering) gained the most press, but in the Fire’s massive shadow three other Kindles were introduced. The Kindle, Kindle Touch, and Kindle 3D are worth some attention. Amazon clearly put a lot of thought into the development of the company’s new lineup, and consumers are going crazy over the affordability of these devices.

The Kindle will retail for $79, the Kindle Touch for $99, and the Kindle 3D for $139. If you’re thinking “hey, these prices are actually reasonable!” you’re not alone. In fact, Amazon targeted the Kindle market perfectly when pricing these new Kindles. Cost aside, here’s what each one of Amazon’s new Kindles can do.

The Basic Kindle ($79)

The basic Kindle doesn’t have a touchscreen or a keyboard and it isn’t 3D capable. But, it is faster and lighter than previous Kindle versions. If you want to turn pages quicker, have an easier time carrying your Kindle around, or purchase a Kindle that you can slip into any bag, this Kindle is for you.

Did I mention that the price is just $79? At that price, you can buy a basic Kindle for everyone on your holiday list – ok, maybe not everyone, but it will certainly make a great stocking stuffer for one special person!

The Kindle Touch ($99) and the Kindle 3D ($139)

As you climb a big higher on the Kindle ladder, you’ll come across the Kindle Touch. This Kindle is still priced to please at just $99, but it comes with a touchscreen. Is a touchscreen important? If you’re used to a touchscreen smartphone, then you’ll probably want to flip through book pages by flicking your finger across the screen.

Just like the previous Kindle Touch, this version will allow you to search, take notes, and shop, though it is a bit smaller and faster. You won’t find any buttons on the Kind Touch, but, hey, who needs buttons when you have a touchscreen?

The Kindle 3D is just like the Kindle Touch, but, as the name suggests, it is 3D capable. For that 3D capability you’ll pay $40 extra. Is that $40 worth the expense? That depends on whether or not 3D is important to you.

From Stocking Stuffer to Present

You can probably tell that Amazon has priced all of the new Kindles for different budgets. The Kindles range, if you will, from “stocking stuffer” pricing (at $79) to “present” pricing at $139. Most consumers will probably settle for the mid-range Kindle at $99. The other option is the Amazon Kindle Fire, which is quite a bit different from the Kindle Touch, Touch 3D, and basic Kindle. If you’re looking for more than an e-reader, you’ll want to check out the Fire.

Amazon will give competitors some tough competition this holiday season. All of Amazon’s newest releases are price pleasing, fully packed with features, and ready to whip the competition.

Oh yeah, all of these devices also come backed by everything that Amazon has to offer. It’s hard to compete with a company that offers so many book titles, games, music, and, well, everything else that a person could want.