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  • Is AMD Working on a Hybrid Tablet?
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AMD is usually associated with graphics. And great graphics cards are what this company is all about. But, every once in awhile, AMD comes out with a device or object that isn’t a graphics card. That time is now. Today, AMD staff posted an interesting video on the company’s main website. This teaser video hinted at something that “wasn’t a laptop,” but looked a heck of a lot like a hybrid. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to those who have been keeping up with tech news lately. Hybrids seem to be the newest thing.

AMD’s posted video states that the company will reveal its big secret on October 9th via YouTube. Until then, there are some great guesses circulating as to what AMD might be working on. Based on the video alone, the tech world estimates that the new AMD hybrid will have a lower power chip. This seems highly likely due to the fact that AMD is actually working on a power chip at the moment. The new AMD Hondo APU is set for a release within the next few months. So, the new AMD hybrid may have the Hondo APU inside of it. What else is AMD hinting at? It’s hard to tell from the video, but laptops are certainly headed in the hybrid direction.

Hybrids Galore

Throughout the past few months, various manufacturers have released hybrids. HP, Samsung and Dell are just some of the companies creating hybrids these days. The hybrid competition is so fierce, in fact, that it’s difficult to narrow down the hybrid selection. It’s also tough to tell whether or not hybrids are all they’re cracked up to be. AMD might be putting its hat in the hybrid ring, but I’m not going to be so quick to judge this time around. This reviewer is betting that AMD is releasing a new graphics card or processor. AMD entering into the hybrid market? This seems something unlikely.

After all, companies like Dell and HP haven’t found a ton of market success with their respective hybrid lineups. Most consumers today are searching for either a laptop or tablet, but those hybrids that keep piling up aren’t exactly selling. AMD might just be willing to take this leap, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense once you really hash out those numbers. Still, it’s clear that AMD will be releasing something big on October 9. So, if you happen to be an AMD fan, you might want to check out the company’s YouTube channel on October 9th just to see what’s happening. Even if it is a new graphics card or processor, you can bet that AMD won’t disappoint (and Nvidia will be ready and waiting).

If you are in the market for a hybrid, HP and Dell both offer hybrids that are reasonably priced (under $1000). Hybrids present an interesting combination of a laptop and tablet, but these devices aren’t for everyone. I urge you to test out a hybrid before you buy one. Even though a laptop might seem too big and a tablet may be too small, a hybrid might not be a good option either. You may, in fact, be better off with a smaller laptop. When AMD does come out with that hybrid (or other) news on October 9th, make sure to check back for full coverage.