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  • Pay For Your Next Item With A Tweet
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American Express is teaming up with Twitter to make buying items easier. By linking an American Express account with a Twitter account Amex users can buy any product or service with just one tweet. The program is called Amex Sync, and is designed to encourage American Express purchases. Starting today, Amex users can begin paying for items with Tweets.

How Amex Sync Works

American Express has devised a hashtag system that’s easy to use. First, you have to follow American Express on Twitter. When you see an Amex offer that you like, simply tweet the offer with the correct tag to your Amex Sync account. From there, your American Express card will be charged for the item. At that point, the item can either be delivered or you can pick it up in store. American Express claims that this whole process is simpler than actually purchasing items through a store or through a website.

Currently, the Amex Sync program works with a number of retailers including Amazon. American Express is also offering a limited time gift card offer to first time Amex Sync users. For $15 you can purchase a $25 gift card using the Amex Sync program. This offer is limited, so get it while you can if you want a gift card. Amex Sync rolls out just in time for Valentine’s Day. If you are too busy to shop, just look for those American Express tags, Tweet, and order any item you like.

Is Amex Sync a Good or Bad Idea?

If you like the idea of Tweeting to purchase items (and you use Twitter regularly anyway), Amex Sync is a good idea. Right now, though, the purchases that are available are somewhat limited. If the Amex Sync service works out as well as American Express thinks it will, those offers will likely expand quickly. There’s no doubt that Tweeting to purchase an item is interesting and useful, but it’s not a new idea either.

American Express implemented a similar program last year. The previous program allowed Amex users to obtain special discounts by Tweeting certain tags. This year’s program simply brings the concept one step further along. Again, in order to use the program you will have to follow American Express and sign up for Amex Sync through the American Express website.

Needless to say, you also have to have an American Express account to take advantage of this program. As with any other credit card offer, it’s important that you only use credit cards if you have the money. Otherwise, it’s best to skip using a card, no matter how great an offer seems. To find out more about this offer, make sure to visit the American Express website.

Commerce has definitely been moving towards the social scene lately with sites like Twitter and Facebook. The question is, will this trend last? Further, will consumers like the idea of paying for items with a Tweet? American Express is putting a lot of time into this new initiative, and consumers are watching the new pay-per-tweet program with extreme interest.