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  • DoubleTwist for Android
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Listening to music while you work or play is a great way to zone our and unwind. Downloading your favorite songs onto your smartphone is another story. In a world filled with wireless technology, it’s a wonder why a solution to the download problem hasn’t come along sooner. Alas, DoubleTwist is now here. Sadly, this clever app is only available for those who have Android phones.

Why all the fuss about the new and exciting DoubleTwist? Not only is this app intelligent, it’s also one of the fastest ways to download and listen to the tunes you love – did I mention that DoubleTwist doesn’t require any kind of wires? That’s right, you can download music from your PC to your phone without the need to connect anything.

DoubleTwist Explained

So, what, exactly, is DoubleTwist? Other than being an Android app, DoubleTwist is a way for you to connect the music on your PC to your Android phone without worrying about any wires. You can synch music, videos, podcasts, and anything else that’s on your PC (works with MAC too) to your phone in a flash.

DoubleTwist also allows you to sort through songs according to genre, artist, album, playlist, or title. The ability to categorize your music makes downloading and add any kind of media to your phone a cinch, and that’s always something worth recognizing, since the usual method of downloading can be a tired and cumbersome task.

How Does It Work?

DoubleTwist reviews are mixed thus far. Some people love this app and now can’t live without it. Other people have found that DoubleTwist doesn’t always work as advertised. Presumably, the app is still in its early stage, which means that some glitches will likely appear. As time marches on, DoubleTwist is bound to become an app of perfection.

Even if some downloads are met with crashes and confusion, the fact that you can simply synch music and other media from your PC or Mac to your phone is brilliant. If you’ve ever scrambled to find the right wire needed to download your tunes, you know what I’m talking about. So, where can you find DoubleTwist and how much will this very cool app cost you?

The Details

You can download DoubleTwist from the Android marketplace right now. Or, you can download the app from the DoubleTwist website. Either method will cause the app to appear on your smartphone in the blink of an eye. The developers behind DoubleTwist want this to be an app that all the world can use, which is why DoubleTwist is currently available for free. It will remain free for a “period of time,” though just how long this period of time will be remains to be seen.

When the DoubleTwist developers do decide to add a price tag to the app, you’ll have to pay to synch your music to your phone, so it’s best to download the app now. The price that will be attached to the app has yet to be announced.