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  • Android Gets a Google Maps Update
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There are other navigation maps out there, but none are as good as Google Maps. Google has cornered the map market since the first Google Map was invented, and the company hasn't looked back since. Even companies as large and as powerful as Apple weren't successful when trying to alter the map space.

Now, Google Maps has been updated for Android. What's the big deal? The new Google Maps is better, faster, and prettier. So, yeah, it's kind of a big deal. Sorry, iPhone users, this map isn't for you - yet. Here's the scoop.

The New Google Maps for Android

The new Google Android Maps got a completely different look. With the new interface, users have a lot more control over what is seen. Here are some ways that the new Google Maps for Android just rocks.

1. Destination specifics. When you look at a destination on a Google Map, you can now slide your finger up from the name of that destination to reveal more information about the spot you are going to. Street views, ratings, reviews, share, and save buttons are all available too. Map pins - be gone!

2. The traffic and satellite layers are now part of the main menu. This makes it easier to tap on the menu to reveal desired layers.

3. Instead of seeing a 'local' feature, you will now see an 'explore' option. Tapping on this option reveals various options like eat, drink, play, and other fun stuff.

4. Tapping on the silhouette button at the side of the search bar reveals quick map access data. Reviews, saved addresses, offers, and bookmarked maps are all available here.

Plus, the interface is cleaner and all-around better. Basically, Google has made the new maps more intelligent, so that you can better navigate your way around a neighborhood or find a way to any destination.

Features I Love

It's always great to be able to pull up reviews of places that you see on a map. It's also great that Google lets you read about a destination before you get there, and stuff like phones numbers and addresses are included. It's also hard to ignore the fact that Google has gotten rid of those tiny pins, so you can pull up data faster.

This Android Google Maps revamp was more than necessary, and it's a fantastic way to make sure that you get where you're going without a fuss. If you don't use Google Maps now, you really should. If you already use Google Maps, you will find the new version immensely different - in a good way. There are probably a ton of extra shortcuts out there involving the new Google Maps too, the ones that I've noticed are listed above.

Have you noticed any cool new features or shortcuts with the new Google Maps? Does this version of Maps appeal to you? Let me know below what you think of Google's latest update. You can say what you want about Google (good or bad), but it's hard to argue that this company doesn't keep its products up to date!