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  • Android’s Iris Now Has an Activity Tracker
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Siri can tell you what’s about to happen or where you want to go. Iris, Android’s Siri competitor, also has a knack for letting you know about things that are about to happen. Now, the developer behind the Iris app, Dexetra, is combining the popular app with another app called Friday. In case you aren’t familiar with the Friday app, this app lets users know what happened in the past. Combining Friday with Iris now means that you can ask Iris what happened in weeks or months past. Why would you want such a feature?

Why Friday and Iris Is a Good Idea

Say, for example, you want to remember what you did last Friday because you loved the sushi restaurant that you ate at that night (but can’t remember the name of the place). With the new Iris app, you can ask Iris: “what did I do last Friday evening?” Iris will then respond with past information. Of course, Iris can still tell you what will happen in the future (and provide you with all kinds of information about future events), but Iris is now well rounded.

So well rounded, in fact, that Iris now beats Siri. Siri, after all, can only tell you about things that you want to do in the future (like “call my friend Matt”). Iris can now tell you what you did with Matt last week, so that you’re ready to call Matt and tell him how much you loved what you did last week. How does the Friday app remember what you did last week or last month?

How the Friday App Works

The Friday app records all of your communications whether phone, text, photos, or emails. This app also notes any significant changes to your phone or phone data. If you were to enter some details into your phone last month, Iris can now tell you what changes were made. By gathering all of this data, Friday and Iris work together to bring Android users the complete package. Friday is such a great all that it can even let you know what you did on your favorite social networks last week or last month.

Friday (and now Iris) records any activity that took place on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare. Needless to say, combining Friday with Iris will bring Android users a much needed, and used, app. The developers behind both apps are currently looking for additional apps to add to the mix. Future apps may record where users traveled, what users ate for dinner, and other interesting and useful details. If you currently have an Android phone, you can check out the new Iris app by heading to the Google Play Store. Iris is a free app that’s already being enjoyed by thousands of Android users around the world.

Rumor has it that Apple is also working on some tracking apps. If you currently have an iPhone and have Iris envy, don’t worry, Apple may come up with a similar app within the near future. Right now, though, Android users have the upper hand with Iris.