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  • New on Android: Skype Video Chat
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Application developers have begun paying a lot of attention to Android. At first, the Android app market was quiet. Then, developers began to realize that Android wasn’t just a fad. The whole Android empire took off seemingly overnight, and now many people throughout the world own Android phones.

To keep up with these thousands of users, app developers have been creating specialized Android apps. Or, apps that are comparable to the apps available through Apple, at least. The latest company to develop an up-to-date app for Android is Skype. Skype is used by millions of people around the world daily. While a Skype for Android app always existed, Skype has now made video calling through the Skype Android app possible.

Video: Skype’s Lifeline

On a regular basis, it is estimated that 500,000 video chats are happening through Skype at the same time. In fact, video chatting is largely what the company was built upon. Users can see each other while talking all at a very low price. Prior to this week, the Skype for Android app did not include video chatting.

Now, Android users can chat with other Android users (and iPhone users who have Skype for iPhone) using the Skype app. What’s more, these chatters can now see each other by talking into their respective phones. This new app invention has made Android users around the globe very happy. But Skype wasn’t quite done with the new Android app when they made video chatting possible.

Skype for Android Additions

The previous Skype for Android app was a bit confusing. Users complained of a complex interface that was far from the large and simple Internet version of Skype. So, Skype listened to these complaints, and redesigned the Skype app. Now, Skype for Android is easier to use.

Not only does the new Skype app have a cleaner interface, it also has a quick way to tell people how you’re feeling. A simple box at the top of the app allows users to change moods and update statuses quickly. This is a great addition for people who like to let others know what’s happening. Skype has made updating one’s status simple through the web, so why not with the Android app?

A Slight Skype Problem

Video chatting and new additions aside, there’s a small problem with the new Skype for Android app. Skype says that the video portion of this app is only available with a few select phones. These phones include the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro, the HTC Desire S, the Google Nexus S, and the Sony Ericsson Xperia.

For those who don’t have one of the phones mentioned above, Skype promises to fix this problem soon. How soon? Only time will tell, but one can assume it will be within the next year or so. For now, you’ll just have to hang onto that old Skype app. The new Skype app far surpasses the old one, but the old one will allow you to call people via Skype for the time being.