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Why’s Android so great? Mostly because it’s not an iPhone. Now that smartphone users have an option that isn’t Apple-related, Android has taken the phone world by storm. Android phones can do most things that iPhones can do. Including helping users manage multiple Twitter accounts.

A handful of Twitter apps for Android exist. A small percentage of these are worth downloading. In search of a Twitter client for your Android phone? Check out these appealing options.


There’s just something about that wise old owl that HootSuite fans can’t get enough of. HootSuite for Android makes keep up with Twitter streams simple. Users can access multiple accounts, create scheduled tweets, and track Twitter stats. Of course, in order to do all of this you’ll have to purchase the full HootSuite Android app ($2.99), but it is worth every penny.

Unfortunately, HootSuite for Android doesn’t come with any geotagging option. Seemingly, this option would be a no-brainer, since almost all apps are geotag-capable. But, we’ll let this small oversight slide, since HootSuite is an all-around excellent Twitter client for professional Tweeters and amateurs alike.


Swift was surrounded by a lot of hype when it came out. This Twitter app claimed to be faster and lighter, which is the number one reason why users selected Swift. The main problem with Swift is its overall interface. In order to switch from one timeline to the next, users have to tap on the blue tab at the top of the Swift screen. This is not only time-consuming, it’s also a nuisance.

One very strong word of caution about Swift: it’s safe to say that this Android app has been forgotten. No updates or new developments are likely. Swift’s developer is now working for HootSuite. If you’re going to choose Swift, get used to the way that things are now, since they aren’t likely to change anytime soon.


TweetCaster is simply cool. This Android Twitter platform includes a lot of excellent features, and the interface just makes sense. Shaking one’s Android phone will update feeds while replying and retweeting is a cinch. TweetCaster is a new platform, and this has caused a good deal of mistrust. However, this reviewer urges you to give TweetCaster a try. You will have to pay around $5 to get rid of the ads that come with the original version of TweetCaster, but this isn’t necessary.

The Original Twitter Client

Of course, no Android Twitter Client list would be complete without mentioning Twitter itself. Android’s Twitter client will work just fine for people who casually Tweet. For those who make a living out of Tweeting for others, the Twitter client just won’t work. The main reason is that this app is too clumsy.

The Twitter app takes some getting used to, but this learning curve can be mastered. The one that that’s very hard to adapt to is the welcome screen that you’ll face every time you open the Twitter app. Instead of seeing your feeds directly, you’ll have to navigate from the Twitter screen (and all of its promotions) to your personal accounts.