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  • Angry Birds Flies Over to Google Chrome
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If you’ve become an Angry Bird addict, you’ll be happy to know that Angry Birds is now available through the Google Chrome store. This version of Angry Birds can be used in any browser (including Safari). Angry Birds for the web is a lot like the mobile version of the game. The main difference is the way that the birds are slung.

When playing Angry Birds on your browser, you’ll need to use your mouse in place of your mobile phone’s touch screen. If you have a touchpad mouse, transitioning from your phone to your browser won’t be much of a stretch (replacing tapping with sliding). If you have a regular mouse, a bit of an adjustment period may be involved.

A Multi-Tasking Miracle

The problem with a lot of web games is that they tend to cause system slowdown. When this happens, doing anything other than playing a particular game on your computer becomes impossible. Angry Birds for Chrome isn’t one of these games. Thankfully, this game does not slowdown your system or cause anything to crash.

In fact, Angry Birds is the perfect game to play at the office. You can switch back and forth from one task to the next while flinging birds as you please. The game conveniently pauses while you work on other projects, and those birds will be waiting for you when you return. There’s no need to pause or stop a game when you have to work on, well, actual work (or when you need to pretend to be working).

Quickly Gaining in Popularity

In case you didn’t know, Angry Birds is immensely popular. It is so popular that it is one of the best-selling video game apps of all time. With the release of Angry Birds for Chrome, this game has exploded all across the world. Office workers who can’t use their phones at work now have some way to stay in-touch with the Angry Birds world.

Since Google has made Angry Birds for the web accessible to everyone, this game is becoming even more popular than it once was. This version of the game is simple to use, and you’ll adapt to the web version quickly. Even better, Angry Birds for the web features some very nice graphics that all gamers will enjoy.

Stand Up Graphics

Angry Birds for the web features some great graphics. In fact, you may not notice much of a difference from the app version of the game to the web version. Unlike the various Angry Bird apps, Google Chrome only offers two versions of Angry Birds. The first version is similar to other platform versions.

The second features a number of Google Chrome symbols, since this version was made particularly for Google Chrome. Both versions are a lot of fun, and both will allow you to take out all of your aggression on those silly angry birds. If procrastination away from your cell phone is what you’re seeking, Angry Birds for the web will work wonders.